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    "If you can't say something nice, say something clever but devastating."
  1. Aeolian.
  2. I've had ‘standard’ sleep paralysis several times. In my early teens I had it a lot during the summer which seemed to help keep me asleep during my 11-13hr sleep nights. Later teens/adult, sleep paralysis was typically accompanied by the sound of someone (like a burglar) walking around the houses. Another time I felt a hand push against my neck. I did wake up from the one, with a cat’s paw on it. In the last few years I have been having what I call dream-awake hallucinations. Essentially I am partly asleep but my dream world is blending with the real world, and I'm interacting with them both. These include: -Dreaming that my cat was some kind of malevolent beast that was going to try to kill me. --- [I remember actually standing up and yelling at him to get the hell away from me. I tried to swat at him to get him away. That woke me up and I realized he was just a normal cat]. -Dreaming about being trapped in a garbage truck stepping on hot squishy, smelly trash bags trying to feel my way out. --- [Wake up to find myself standing on edge of my bed, pulling at curtains and flags on my ceiling. Light from outside woke me up]. -Dreaming about the wall breaking apart into hundreds of pieces and the universe hurling them at me and then the wall rebuilding itself. The process repeats. --- [I say out loud “I don’t want to die anymore”. I wake up sitting on edge of bed, as my boyfriend is pulling me back into bed]. -Dreaming about being trapped in a glacier crevasse. It is freezing and I am trying to get out. --- [The ice I’m banging against is actually a window of a camper trailer. The light outside wakes me up]. -Dreaming about being in a weird library with rows of shelves holding concrete blocks. An earthquake starts causes the shelves and blocks to tumble. I see a small like in the distance and walk to it. --- [I wake up standing in a weird corner of the bedroom, looking to the opposite side where a sliver of light is coming from the alarm clock]. -I’ve had a bunch more which were more mundane. Usually me sorting through bed sheets or random objects unable to tell what they are. I usually wake up once I can focus my eyes on some light. ^I guess those probably don’t qualify as sleep paralysis, but I’m not sure what to call them.
  3. I'll have my salad and tacos without soap please. It's vile.

  4. :thinking: i just think tastes sort of soapy
  5. When I was a teenager, my mother found a ziplock bag full of random pills on the ground at the end of the street. She told me she really wanted to try them. I told her she was being an idiot, and to toss them in the trash. My neighbor ended up stealing the bag from her. I then found the bag in a drawer in the neighbour's house when I was cleaning her hourse. I threw the bag in the trash. The End.
  6. I've been extremely lucky and have very few injuries and only minor illnesses so far. My most painful injury was probably when I accidently bear-sprayed myself. I immediately struggled to breath and legitimately thought I was going to die. Breathing recovered after a few minutes but my leg which took the direct hit of the spray burned intensely for the rest of the day. Not sure how I would have fared if I got sprayed in the face. My most intense illness was a 24hr stomach virus. It was kind of scary to go from feeling completely fine to non-stop vomiting in such a short period of time. Also, it was my first time living on my own, and didn't have any way to call someone for help. I contemplated crawling to a neighbour's house and calling for an ambulance. I passed out instead for a while, and then felt too weak to make it passed the bathroom.
  7. 14.5K (Canadian) debt from a BSc . No debt incurred during MSc (made money teaching). Paid it off in a year and a half after my MSc, often trying to pay close to a thousand a month with my near minimum wage job (my partner makes a much higher wage to cover food/rent). My required monthly minimum was something low like ~110$/month. I didn't get financial support from parents or large scholarships, but I did almost always have free or very inexpensive accommodations during the undergrad degree. Watching my mother pay off a 50k loan over a fifteen year period was painful and made the prospect having a debt terrifying.
  8. Orange juice.
  9. This is very close to my work schedule (Start work 7am, 10 min away from home). I go to bed at 10-10:30pm and wake up at 6am. Times probably wouldn't change by much if I had to work a little earlier.
  10. The Real Peer Reviewer. Both amusing and frustrating that these are real publications.
  11. I am going on to my third degree now, this time a more professional program. First two degrees weren't poor choices, just poor timing (The economy isn't working well in my favour at the moment). I strongly advise to focus on professional development, not just grades. Ie. Network with professionals in the industry (informational interviews), and try to get co-op placements/relevant work experience.
  12. Yes, I have a little bit. My partner has much more due to excessive brushing (brushing too aggressively). The dentist recommended using an electric toothbrush and soft bristled brush. He has also recently had gum graft surgery. He's in his mid 30s. If you take care of your teeth and brush+floss gently I don't see the point of going to the dentist more than twice a year, unless you have other causes for concern. The dentist should be able to tell you whether your gum recession has worsened since previous visits.
  13. 101. Dementia.
  14. Forcing myself to stay awake while editing a manuscript.