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  1. Diamonds are actually very common, they get their price because its controlled. A company is not going to just dump the metals on the market and crash it, they would sell the metal off slowly over several years. Or it may even be put in a reserve, or be used to back existing currency.
  2. The asteroids contain more gold and platinum than has ever been mined in the history of the world. That is why. Gold is key to electronics, and Platinum is used as a catalyst in cars and the chemical industry. The value of some of the asteroids is close to the entire GDP of the United states. The amount of wealth is absolutely astronomical.
  3. You mean the people who got caught admitting they spent years running fraudulent investigations for political purposes? It would be a hell of a lot easier to believe you people if you didn't lie constantly. Just saying. Nobody is going to believe anything you or they say after what you people did over the last year.
  4. I am in my final year of B.Tech Chemical Engineering  and i am preparing to pursue my higher studies in abroad. Can you people  suggest me  the best country to pursue MS chemical engineering and let me know about the job prospects in various countries.

  5. Going out in the real world and seeing how things worked actually gave me an interest in a lot of mechanical and tech jobs. You would not believe how many companies are handicapped because they dont have enough mechanics or programmers. Seriously, it can take WEEKS to get a mechanic to work on a truck. Trailer mechanics that go out and fix trucks on the road make hundreds of dollars an hour. There is a serious need for ANYTHING technical. People who can program effectively are also in huge demand, not for big projects, but for the little projects companies rely on to function properly. You would be absolutely astonished by how many companies and businesses need mechanical and technical people.
  6. What gets me is that the people who are convinced that CNN and MSNBC are fake news always yell "When did that happen??? Prove it!" about things which were giant front page stories in every major news outlet. The only thing I think both sides should agree on is that people who are completely unwilling to even learn are not in a position to be telling ANYONE what is real or what is fake. Technically its an education issue. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Yep, but dont believe anything by those who dont. Nothing more idiotic than somebody who doesn't even read news who claims that news is fake. How would they even know?
  7. I actually spent years training new employees that often had very low education levels or intelligence. Unless somebody has an obvious behavioral problem, they can be trained to be very trustworthy by themselves. Even if somebody has a behavioral problem, often the one thing they are good at is specifically working alone. When you give somebody a task, giving them a reason helps them understand that it has some importance. Telling somebody to do something "just because" doesnt really work. Ive had to explain things to rebellious employees many many times, and although it ruined our relationship... they were able to be self sufficient for their next manager. For low level work, explanations can be simple. "Make sure to do X, because morning crew will be too busy to do it themselves while prepping for the day". Things of that nature. For a lot of people, this is still too much. Ive had some workers who wont even let me get through a single sentence without running out of patience. Like yesterday I was trying to explain weight distribution to a dock worker, who cut me off after maybe 5 words. Literally. I was trying to explain that you can properly balance a load by placing a single row pallets down the center of a trailer, and then put pallets side by side in the rear to put more weight on the back of the trailers. This is because the back of the truck has more spare weight available due to not having an engine and a cab on that set of wheels. It takes about a third as many words to describe it with the truck in front of you, yet he cuts me off after just a few words.
  8. The problem is that the teachers do not know better. The average US teacher has a below average SAT score. Unlike Korea, where the average teacher has a combined score of 1300 on the old scale, over 300 points higher. We need to stop hiring incompetent people to be teachers. If half of teachers arent even average, they arently going to be able to teach the half of kids who are more intelligent than they are.
  9. My favorite is that I am scapegoating them by pointing out they are scapegoating others. How dare you label somebody for labeling somebody else! Thats the true problem in their eyes.
  10. Urea, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, is injected into the Diesel Particulate Filter, which then captures a whole plethora of contaminants. Not simply NO2. Just because wikipedia says so doesn't make it so. I am literally trained on how the DPF system works and why. Urea is a chemical, and as a chemical it interacts with entire families of compounds. To say it exclusively effects nitrogen shows a complete lack of understanding of basic chemistry. And the reason catalytic converters exist on modern cars is almost exclusively to deal with NO2. Which is exactly why they switched the types of converters required. The other pollutants are a fraction as destructive as NO2. It is literally 300 times worse than CO2.
  11. I see you read the wikipedia article but completely failed to understand it. The incomplete combustion products are often 20-30 times worse than CO2. Otherwise they wouldn't need to be broken down. But SO2 is the main pollutant they attempt to reduce. And funny how you felt the need to desperately try to correct me, but found the original post completely acceptable. Funny how that works.
  12. Catalytic converters are to break down nitrogen oxides, nothing more. In fact, they are so limited that we have to spray Uria into special filters in diesel exhausts in order to remove other contaminants. Different gases have different thermal conductivity, just like all other forms of matter. Increasing the density of CO2 or NO2 or SO2 increases the thermally insulating properties of the atmosphere. And private jets actually get better MPG than many SUVs when you take the number of passengers into effect. Many jets exceed 50mpg when the number of seats is taken into account. And also dont forget, a Jet doesnt have to be followed everywhere by a dozen men in half a dozen Suburbans. Honestly I dont blame you for not knowing this, even most engineers dont know any of this because its simply not something required in almost any field but environmental fields. But in the future, might not want to jump to conclusions. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Ohhhh God yes. Almost 30mpg out of an SUV. Its like a Dodge Dart had a baby with a Grand Cherokee. Definitely going to be looking into getting one.
  13. To somebody who is inept or relies on shallow judgment, this may be the way it appears. And this is exactly the shallow judgment I was talking about. An Extroverts energy to adapt should not be confused with competency. A competent introvert would be proactive and preempt a problem. This is why Steve Jobs was so successful, he predicted and preempted problems, and expected others to take accountability for them. The most major problem with most extroverts and many introverts is that they believe fixing problems is a show of competence. When in fact it's the ultimate show of incompetence. A responsible person fixes something before it has a chance to become a problem, not after its already exploded into a disaster.
  14. Actually, my uncle is going for IT security and they had several government agencies come and inverview them for 6 figure jobs. Some were starting at like $250,000 a year. Just ridiculous. Security is an excellent field to get into, and its something not everybody can do. There is a minimum amount of logic required, so it cuts out a lot of the extroverted assholes who could otherwise use shallow methods to land a job over more qualified people.
  15. I think its more that universal access by the worst members of society invades everyones conversations. We routinely have conversations that would not have even considered when I first joined the forum. The internet devolved substantially over the last 4 years.