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  1. Well, if you had actually read what I wrote instead of responding as arrogantly as possible, you would have already known that steam is already capable of the same thing, and that the department of energy holds patents for even more efficient turbines. I don't have to prove anything, it's already been proven for me.
  2. Steam can also run in an identical closed circuit. In fact, steam turbines control their speed by having a bypass loop that unloads the turbine during sudden reductions in load. This loop functions identically at higher efficiency. Steam water injectors using the same technique are so efficient that it was originally considered a type of perpetual motion machine. Unlike CO2, this allows steam to be self pressuring instead of using mechanical pressurization.
  3. So GE is producing a new turbine that uses CO2 instead of steam, and its supposed to be extremely efficient. Before you read the article, take the following into consideration: CO2 Turbines cost $8 million per MW not including the fuel. Wind turbines are around a $1 million per MW, 8 times less expensive. Super critical CO2 has the density of a liquid with the properties of a gas. Exactly the opposite of what should be desired. Using liquid in turbines is actually extremely efficient, and using a combined phase turbine is theoretically 50% more efficient in just a single stage. The department of energy has several patents on combined phase turbines up to around 70% efficiency. And here is the most important part. Because CO2 behaves like the worst of both gases and liquids, the heat exchanger is required to operate at absolutely retarded levels of pressure. While a combined phase steam powerplant works at standard pressures OR EVEN LOWER. Its meant to work with low pressure "dirty" steam from geothermal. The main advantage of a CO2 turbine? That it doesnt use all of the pressure. You heard that right, the supposed advantage is that it WASTES energy. Steam turbines could do the very same thing by simply pumping the exhaust steam into the boiler water. The only thermodynamic process which is 100% efficient. So even the only supposed advantage to a CO2 turbine cannot compete with steam. All in all, this is a completely idiotic idea. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the differences between steam and CO2.
  4. The main cause of fat is sugar. I switched from red bull to sugar free red bull and started eating tuna twice a day... and have been losing 5 pounds a week. I find that splenda based snacks and drinks satisfy my cravings, so its actually been pretty easy. I havent been avoiding anything but sugar and still lose weight. Ive had chips and other carb heavy snacks, but still losing weight.
  5. Holy shit dude! Good work!
  6. That's actually a second launch. The first launch went over 5 times deeper into space and then survived reentry. This new launch was only a few hundred miles and the model of rocket is unknown.
  7. I believe we had a discussion about this a few months ago and the majority of people thought North Korea was too incompetent to create a working missile. Except, you know, for a certain dog who called this repeatedly. Its not like Koreans suddenly become retarded when they go north of the DMZ. Both are highly intelligent and capable countries. http://www.nbcnews.com/card/north-korean-missile-really-worked-say-u-s-officials-n762146
  8. There is nothing with being stupid. What wrong is when stupid people choose to harm others. Being a good provider means nothing if you help to harm others less fortunate than yourself.
  9. That's the whole problem. A ground effect doesn't actually get within range. It can get within 15-20 miles without peakover the horizon, allowing it to fire a salvo of missiles. At that range a crew would have less than a minute to react. Phalanx also cannot defend against more than a few targets at once.
  10. There is a variety of missiles roughly a magnitude less expensive than the defensive missiles we use. The air defense and long range anti ship missiles are roughly $10-15 million a piece. A GEV can get within about 15-20 miles of a ship, allowing missiles like Exocets to be used. Multiplying firepower 8-12 times per a given amount of money. And a GEV can be vastly more efficient than aircraft, due to aircraft requiring excess power for climb, and a minimum rate of climb. A GEV can technically sail around the world nonstop at over 100knots, which is extremely fast by naval standards. The Rutan voyager did this on just 100hp. A GEV can do the same with a far smaller "wingspan" and at even lower power. A GEV with the twin turbine power plant from an attack helicopter could theoretically match the speed of a helicopter, but have a mass of well over 100 tons. When considering larger turbines, weights in excess of 1000 tons are easily possible. The size of an Aeigis destroyer but with 4-6 times the speed. But since it doesn't require steel construction or many of the immensely heavy components of a destroyer, it could carry out the same mission for half the weight and 4-6 times the speed at very least. The Soviets built a GEV that was somewhere in between, but it was at a time when technology was limited and aircraft still held a considerable advantage. Fitted with modern tech, it would be extremely deadly.
  11. Thats very similar to what I was actually thinking myself. I came across another interesting article with far far more details, and was surprised to see that Im doing far better than I thought when comparing my age and education. https://ofdollarsanddata.com/average-net-worth-by-age-and-education-level-557c3dcfb1f3 It also appears that the top 10% of performers do very poorly until they hit their mid 40s, when their wealth can often increase a magnitude. While only around a 30% increase should be expected after 55. Under 2% annual growth. Absolutely abysmal. That says a lot.
  12. Was reading up on average wealth by age and trying to set myself some new goals since reaching my last goal ahead of time. The problem Im having is that sources vary widely from saying that the average American has under $1000 to other sources saying the average net wealth is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. What makes it even more difficult is that very few of them actually cite much information besides that. Some appear to only count savings accounts, while others count the value of the family home, while debt sites only count debt, and dont count people who have no debt. Throwing the true average off. Anyone have any good sources to tell what that actual average and median net worth is, when taking all debt and worth into account? Most articles on the subject are absolute crap.
  13. Accomplishment does not mean competence or intelligence. Most of the most arrogant leaders also make the biggest mistakes.
  14. All of this is already taken into account. The wage gap is calculated using the same job at the same companies. I can assure you, its real. These types of documentaries and studies are not actually disproving anything, they are meant to reinforce already faulty reasoning. Women choosing different fields has no effect on the wage gap between two people in the very same field and even very same company. In fact, studies show that teams with more women are more likely to be successful, either meaning they contribute more, or men who are more open to hiring women are so much vastly more effective that they make up for the difference. Either way, the team with the women is more effective.
  15. Well, according to the dunning-Kruger effect, overconfidence is generally linked to incompetence. In other words, stupid people are the most over confident and arrogant.