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  1. My relationships work because we complement each other as men. Very powerful and not confrontational. I do think this more rare and do see the opposites attract effect you refer to. I'm also shocked at the curiosity of "straight" men towards me and the many times they have hit on me. I think men value the connection to another man and under certain circumstances this could be intimate without it being "gay".
  2. So I've been an out gay man for 20 years. I'm a strong alpha male type that is attracted to assertiveness and strength. I'm not attracted to effeminate "weak" pouty bitch types and have consistently partnered with regular guys. I don't seem to be the norm as many of the male/male relationships I know of there seems to be a male/female, aggressive/passive, one likes cars/other likes quilting dynamic. ---------- Post added 12-24-2014 at 08:10 PM ---------- i asked this question because i'm trying to figure out what causes people to be gay i mean it's so bizarre, the whole purpose of life is to reproduce, and gay people can't reproduce are gay men generally more feminine than straight men? Regarding this question, sexual orientation is not a choice... U like dick or you like pussy or you like both...it just is. I do think some men are more in tune with there fem side but might be heterosexual with kids. We are incredibly complex creatures and most men are pigs who would try most anything if society/religion did not guilt them into some sort of conformity.
  3. I did my pre-requisites for nursing school at community college. Took accelerated classes. Saved a TON of money by doing this vs taking the same classes at a university. You get all types at community college so if you're not a "snob" about the setting it's a great way to get to your ultimate goal with small or no school loans debt.
  4. Normal is a word I personally avoid. Life can be joy. Life can be pain. We're dealt a hand at birth, some of which can be enhanced over the years and some of it is simply who we are. Being an introvert in a world that worships extroverts is a bitch. I have learned to define "normal" for me and educate those around me as well as seek out and embrace like-minded souls. I don't know of many people that have not had to deal with pain and hardship...try to focus on the positive and not be defeated by the pain. Great saying I came across..."Life is a grindestone. It's up to you if it polishes you into a diamond or grinds you to dust"
  5. I enjoy the variation of the seasons. I find intense weather stimulating...thunderstorms, blizzards, etc. Summer is personally my least favorite because I'm genetically wired to thrive in Northern Europe. Heat drains me...I got stuck in Florida for work and HATED it.
  6. I have changed jobs over the years and obtained different degrees to achieve elusive career satisfaction only to end up back where I started, frustrated and looking for an out. Being a good INTJ I analyzed the situation and realized there are many things I really liked about every career I have pursued. Consistently what I hated and what ultimately ruined it for me was the reality of people. Well, some people. Enough to make me miserable. What nobody EVER told me is that your abilities, intelligence, talents, etc do not mean crap if you don't play the game and spend a lot of time being liked and kissing ass. What a horrible realization.
  7. I found when I was younger I lived on more of an emotional roller coaster. I found that my life was more calm when I learned the fine art of emotional control. I really don't react like I once did to anything that happens because I choose to filter events through my mind and then determine cognitively how I wish to react. I like a state of calm contentment and live through most life events somewhere in between extreme joy and extreme misery with fluctuations up and down the scale depending on what is going on. I do focus intently on those things that bring me happiness to keep up on the more positive side of this scale. I quickly distance myself from toxic elements/people that pull me down. Life if joy life is pain. We are dealt a lot of crap in life but I simply refuse to let any of it destroy me or my happiness. I will feel sadness but it's not the extreme agony that I once let it become and it lasts a shorter period of time. Emotionally stable is a very nice place to be. I'm far more content in life and really not too easily manipulated by life events or people. A certain power in that which is nice. Regarding empathy. I do think it's programmed into your soul at an early age. I have never felt as altruistic and caring as others. I often have to "fake it" in social situations or at work because of social norms. This is an INTJ trait that I have simply accepted rather than change. I have a male friend who will sit and listen for hours to this woman who just had another 3 month break-up and explore all the tragedy of her pain and agony. My response would of course be...why all the drama over a 3 month relationship?
  8. Individuals exist with legitimate debilitating mental disorders that require treatment by a mental health specialist. A psychiatrist can prescribe which is their primary difference from a therapist. They absolutely do have value. Like any profession, some are better than others and their approaches may differ. Some care some don't. True of all health care providers in my opinion.
  9. Your a virgo...grounded and overanalizing perfectionist, thanks for visiting my page earth boy

  10. I think it depends on the work culture and the type of work. If you work in IT, work for the government, nurse, accountant I don't think the looks matter as much. Sales, fashion, work in a salon, politician...looks matter more. There are professions where what you have to say, what you achieve, your mental brain power and personality are respected more than being hot. Will also say being on the 8-10 side of the scale can be intimidating to people and create problems.
  11. It's usually the 2-ton Sallys in those heels that make the most noise. First your ears are assaulted by the machine gun fire headed your way. Then you look up and get the visual assault of a hippo in stretched "sexy" footwear.
  12. An ex used to hide in the closet to watch me watch porn. Ah the things we do to keep the passion spicy.
  13. High School grades mattered to get into college. Undergrad grades mattered when getting into Masters program. The Degrees dictated salary and opened "job" doors. Job success is always more about how well you play the game vs. your grades or degrees.
  14. When I was your age I was probably closer to looking for 10 physical and 10 intellectual. Forunately, I quickly learned that standard leads means no dates. The majority of the population is 5 and 5. The higher the number you seek, the less chance you have of finding this. That said, if you're going to find it you're in your prime now to get it. If you don't find the "perfect" one don't take too long to move those numbers down.
  15. ..and if you can learn to bottom too you just further advanced your opportunity for fun. Start small...you can do it.