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  1. Where did you go? Come back.

  2. :( :hug: Sorry to hear this news.

  3. I've been playing all around Greece but when I travel from city to city with the app closed I get soft-banned. I have to sit at one pokestop and open and twirl the circle 40 times. Super annoying. But on the plus side, I think it's been easier to find a higher variety of Pokemon this way. No way would I be at 132 caught if i stayed in one place.
  4. I'm at 132 caught and have been stuck here for awhile. There is nothing worse in this game than having your 10km eggs hatch into a lower potential rare-ish Pokemon than you already possess. The stardust and candy are somewhat nice, I guess. A friend sent me a link for an "L" throwing technique that actually works. http://thenextweb.com/apps/2016/08/15/tutorial-this-slick-pokemon-go-throwing-technique-will-help-you-catch-em-all/#gref
  5. I had a great day yesterday. I spent the day by the sea catching magikarps and got my Gyarados then walked away and my egg hatched into Kangaskahan. Wut is lyfe. ---------- Post added 08-12-2016 at 12:02 AM ----------
  6. These are so gorgeous. I want to go sit in the rock opening and read, or play some kind of game with children. XD

  7. I made a list of all of the Pokemon I had and would not catch evolved Pokemon. I saved up a bunch of pidgeys, caterpies, etc. and then activated a Lucky Egg and evolved 40 Pokemon at once, adding a bunch of new ones to my Pokédex and gained mega XP.
  8. Never before in my life had I given a flying f about Pokemon, but now less than a week in, I'm at Level 21 and I've caught 93 fuckers. This is highly addictive. And yes, I've had major escape issues lately. There is no logic to it either; a 100 CP will escape a perfect throw with a raspberry and a great ball, but I can catch a 400 CP 2 seconds later with a normal pokeball. To me it should be easier to catch lower CP Pokemon the higher your XP, but that is the opposite of my experience.
  9. Thanks ness, you always have the nicest comments.

  10. All lovely, especially you and your grandpa, and you looking out, sunglasses on, over the water. I'm glad I came on and saw them.