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  1. <Raises Hand> I've recently gotten back into Yu-Gi-Oh after stopping for 4-5 years.
  2. I don't like the feeling of being timed to read something. Nonetheless, I got 3/3, 610 words/min at 144% faster than the national average.
  3. The strongest emotional reaction I've had in recent years was at the end of Toy Story 3. No tears though.
  4. Male: 6'3" (~190.5cm) and ~85-90kg. I'd say I'm a trapezoid, my shoulders are too wide to be a rectangle.
  5. When in the company of friends I make a lot of witty observations and sarcastic comments. Not so much with people I don't know so well.
  6. 1) I currently cycle and train in capoeira on a weekly basis. Occasionally I jog and I also did archery for a few years. I do prefer solo (Not team) sports though, things where I can do my own thing. 2) I find it clears your head for thinking and I like improving myself physically. 3) Hate is a strong word. Nothing really, each to their own I guess. 4) When I need to troubleshoot and fix my bike.
  7. This. I haven't even come close to changing it.
  8. I got them both to take the test and they both found it kind of interesting. Dad: INTP Mum: ISTJ
  9. I got kissed on the cheek once, does that count? I'd give you advice, but I'm in the same boat, minus several years. Consequently naive and idealistic about the whole process. To my understanding action will likely be better than waiting and hoping, however nice it would be to see chance pay off.
  10. First of four. Likely influenced me to a certain degree.
  11. I can see myself wasting time on this in the future. It guessed L, Garrus and the Shadow Broker. In hindsight the first two were probably a little too common, though it does have a "Bioware" question. EDIT - Now likely going too obscure I beat it with Quillon from Terminal World.
  12. Both gestures are appreciated. I've done both in the past, option A the majority of the time. Does feel awkward though when I underestimate the time until the other person gets to the door and I'm left holding the door open waiting, stuck in some weird position.
  13. This is a great thread. I would easily be classified as a "Nice guy", as well as modest. I'm not socially awkward, having no difficulty conversing with people I don't know and asking questions when necessary. Consequently I'd probably be classified as an extrovert by most people barring close friends and family. Fitting the bill though I have zero experience with dating and relationships though. I often run late to social events, though not at all with actual deadlines.
  14. A few ideas floating around my head that I hope to write at least one novel about when things come together.
  15. Sure...though it's unlikely someone would be within a reasonable range.