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  1. Work on increasing the empowerment of women. Pretty much everything flows from how a society treats women. Globally, the empowerment of women reduces poverty, war, injustice, corruption, and death rates. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case, and in some the effect is more indirect and ancillary, but as a single action, empowering women fixes a ridiculous amount of problems. It's a phenomenon of historical analysis, psychology, human behavior, and economics.....but it works.
  2. Transportation and communication have been two of the biggest barriers to progress in all of human history. We're just getting started, because we're at the first point in human history where we can think globally.....and have it actually be feasible to solve something on that scale.
  3. This is my biggest irritant as well. How many stories have we heard about some guy who asked a woman on a date, she rejects him, and then he kills her? Or rapes her? Or harasses her? I don't think people realize how many women walk around, constantly having to worry about this type of thing. MGTOW is horseshit because they don't go their own way, they actively try to harm women. If only they truly lived up to their namesake......
  4. Pretty much this. Education on the whole seems to be pretty good about this sort of thing. We have "grown up" quite a bit. There's a large influx of foreign students and faculty to American universities because there are a large number of high quality universities here. The fact that they seem to be out-producing the natives isn't a worry about jobs so much as I dunno....American laziness and stupidity? Harvard's business model requires they maintain the highest quality faculty possible. It's what makes Harvard Harvard. They don't give a shit what country they're from.
  5. Protest and stand up as a group. Refuse to back down. Strike. Resist. Educate. Be relentless and constant in showing people the shit that goes on. Do not give the naysayers a break, do not give them respite. Don't let things like the Women's March go without turning it into progress. Turn the marches into movements. Expose the lies, harass the jerks, teach the youth. Refuse to turn back the clock. Speak. Write. March. Protest. Act. Women constitute half the planet. Ain't nothing they can't do when they harness that power. Hell, I studied Classics. I know exactly how badass Greek women are.....
  6. I would think things like poverty, access to employment/education, social divisions, and other such issues would be the culprits......because, we've studied patterns of violence and the impetus of violence and crap like that and determined those are the culprits already. We've worked to reduce all of those things, and hey look! Violent crime has gone down over the decades! We were right. Even while video games are getting more graphically violent. Younger people are certainly as accepting, maybe more, of video games. I think younger people are actually less accepting of violence though. It is not seen as a viable means of solving a problem. That doesn't necessarily mean our generation is nicer, or the older generations are more assholish, though. I think exposure (especially in the age where we can use our phones to record video) have made a fundamental difference. Violence in media I don't think bothers anyone much. I think 99.99% of people recognize any violence in video games or movies is fantasy. It doesn't make sense to make a big deal out of the .01%....
  7. And that's how I'd put myself. Meek asshole. Don't look for fights and arguments, and try to be nice to everyone, but fully capable of unleashing the force of a thousand suns when the situation warrants.
  8. I'd be more amenable to the anti crowd if I didn't have to legitimately ask the question "how hard is it not to rape someone" in response to their beliefs. Seriously, if people are finding the law ambiguous and confusing, we're not dealing with a PC or SJW issue, we're dealing with someone's disturbing lack of moral compass. Says a lot that we have to tell the PC police not to infringe on free speech but we have to tell the anti-PC crowd not to fucking rape women.....
  9. There's a reason support for gay marriage follows a direct generational trend. It's precisely because the opinions don't change. People get stuck in their ways, fail to learn new things, and subsequently "fall behind". The backlash against younger generations is always over a perceived degrading of society -- kids these days just don't get it. Yet, even the most cursory look through history indicates on basically every possible level, things get better. Evolve or die. Adapt or die. In 20 years, people are going to wonder why so many boomers had such problems with gay people, in the same way boomers might wonder how their great grandparents had such problems with women voters. And with any luck, in 50 years society will have improved and evolved such that many of our ways today will look backwards and Medieval. With any luck, the way we treat poverty and mental illness will get better, and walking past the homeless beggar will be seen as stupid, because society will have figured out a better way to act. The hostility against social justice and so-called "political correctness", has yet to impress on me any value they actually fight for. As far as I can tell, the people against the SJWs are just doing it because they're jerks. And so far, the people who think I'm wrong have failed to convince me.....because they're usually being jerks in the process and proving my point.
  10. This is like saying the guy who gets shot is equally to blame because they didn't get their face out of the bullet's path. No dude, no. Go ask an attorney. They do it all the time. Become a feminist. It isn't. You're wrong. Just plain wrong.
  11. Except it isn't. No crime is being committed against him, not if he's the initiator. If. That's not how rape is defined. So your bartender is just plain wrong. You're trying to make drunk sex itself the issue. That's not the issue. It's not a "two to tango" thing. Coerced sex is the issue, and that's a one way street -- one person is the criminal, the other is the victim.
  12. Why would it ever be taken into consideration, for any crime?
  13. It really can't. Racists and sexists have defined traits and beliefs. And it's not predicated on a few select examples, but longer historical trends and patterns of behavior. We can judge racism and sexism pretty damn easily. The issue only seems to be that as society has evolved, older people have a harder time keeping up. Shit, my hippie liberal grandparents said some racist shit by today's standards.... The tragedy is in people not willing to learn from their mistakes. So a single incident colors your view. Why should I take your stance about social justice seriously on that basis? I have found relatively few examples of people being called racist or sexist who have not actually been racist or sexist. On the other hand, I'm called a "statist" by some fucker here like every other week. Can you give a few examples? ...and why is your outrage so selective and specific? That's your biggest complaint? Someone got called a name they don't like? So they want some sort of safe space or protection against people who call them names they don't like? Fuck me, which one is supposed to be the SJW again? Can be, but your stance isn't that. In fact, you haven't demonstrated a single aspect anyone else should accept of your view. Seriously, do you really think anybody you ask is going to defend the actions of a group who throw piss on others? Can we not move past such extremities to focus on something more tangible? If it's just a back and forth where we bring up the worst of both "sides", we won't get anywhere.
  14. Who is "they"? Again, this vacuous class of people being labeled SJWs doesn't seem to correlate to any set pattern in your posts. It really comes down to a handful of selected individuals from whom you're basing the characteristics of the entire group. ....Which is like the definition of a stereotype. Short version: define your friggin variables!
  15. Perfect. As well as almost all of those bitching about PC culture and SJWs on this very thread. This was my original point: the anti-SJWs are not any better. They're just dicks who want to say things like the N word and not get called racist for it. I could say so very much about those who disbelieve in complex systems and zealots with absolute surety in their actions.....