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  1. So should we charge pregnant women who drink and smoke? Should we charge parents who drink and smoke even after birth? It's not like you couldn't make a compelling case to ban smoking around children, period, using the same justifications for protecting fetuses. They're not all one question, and certainly wouldn't be legislated as one. Let's say your wife miscarries. Completely natural. I decide as a prosecutor there is enough evidence to suspect foul play. I charge her with manslaughter, and you as her accomplice. I argue you acted knowingly and willingly contrary to the well being of the fetus. I argue you did things to purposefully harm the fetus and force a miscarriage. Jury finds you both guilty. Fair? Why not? This is exactly the scenario that can happen. There have alrrady been court cases like this. Who decides when a miscarriage is natural and when it had been induced or forced? Who decides at what point putting the fetus in jeopardy opens up charges for child endangerment, neglect, and other such laws? ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: A signed record of live birth.
  2. Is there a relevant federal law? When was it passed? By whom? Dead baby is dead baby, right? So why is miscarriage different? Someone must be responsible, should they not? Can women not do things that cause miscarriages, or raise the potential for one? So what? People are free to smoke, drink, bungee jump, eat ice cream 3 times a day, sit on their ass and not exercise, and do all sorts of perfectly legal, yet terribly unhealthy things. Why is it you draw the line at drug use, when any of these things can endanger the fetus? See, now you're on tricky ground: Because fetal alcohol syndrome is no joke, but it's perfectly legal to drink. So would you charge a pregnant woman with a crime for drinking? Women doesn't want to be pregnant. You deny her an abortion. She starves herself or ingests certain chemicals -- perfectly legal -- designed to induce a miscarriage. Charge her or not? How do you tell when a miscarriage is accidental, and when it has been purposefully induced? Should every miscarriage be investigated as a potential crime? These are big fucking questions that if you haven't thought about, you need to seriously delve into before offering any more of your opinion.
  3. What Storm said. These laws are new, were made precisely so people could make this argument, and I don't know if they even exist across all 50 states. So "no" is gonna be my answer. The implications are worse: Should we charge women who miscarry? Should we charge them if they smoke, drink, or do any sort of activity that might jeopardize the pregnancy? Where do you draw the line on what "rights" the fetus has over the woman?
  4. Individuals and families DO get to decide what medical procedures to go through, and which ones not to go through. You are forcing a woman to undergo a medical procedure without consent. The unborn huma being is unborn. It can't be "killed" because it was never born. You are forcing women to undergo a medical procedure. You are forcing women to undergo pregnancy and child birth, and leaving it to lawyers to determine whether the risks associated with these things is in acceptable limits. This is tantamount to slavery. Stop trying to enslave women. It's not nice.
  5. I'm getting a 3/5 compromise vibe out of this whole thing. Women are only 3/5 human, 2/5 birth factory. The idea that lawyers will decide what risk to a woman's health is acceptable in maintenance of pregnancy is just sinister. One wonders if the same argument could be used to force people to donate an organ to somebody else. Actaully, nobody wonders that. They're the same. If the state can force a woman to maintain a pregnancy, the state can force a man to surrender a kidney. Bodily autonomy cannot be parsed. It's either absolute, or nonexistent.
  6. There's another cultural aspect to it too I think. Public transportation is for "those people" and "those places". Real Americans own cars.
  7. It's funny, because I read somewhere it would be relatively simple, quick, and cheap to retrain all those coal people for the solar energy industry, which are comparable paid jobs. It's also funny, because even if these people didn't want to retrain, they could just relocate to some place like Wyoming where coal mining jobs are still available. But they don't want to retrain. And they don't want to move. They want the clocks to turn back 150 years to when their towns thrived Edit: I think it's the overly prideful nature of this particular white subculture. These are the same folk who tend to fly Confederate flags -- it's all about the pride. They're too proud to leave their crappy towns.
  8. Yes. I've walked away from a few places because of a tedious hiring process. Especially for low level, average or poorly paid jobs that in no way would ever require more than one interview.
  9. This is the thing that infuriates me the most and drives a lack of sympathy on my part. Unfortunately, I think this attitude is way too prevalent in the US. Our suspicion and denunciation of expertise and education and science is just.....upsetting. I have little sympathy for the white communities who shun education and then suffer the consequences. These people need to retrain for modern jobs that are less prone to automation and foreign competition if they want to get back on their feet. But they just don't want to. Their culture looks at education as a negative. So they can continue to die off, cause I can't fix that level of stupid.
  10. My relationship is 100% flawless perfection, feel free to challenge me on it, OP. I'd give you some starting point, but I can't even do that because there have never been any detriments in it for either of us. I am convinced exactly 100% of all relationship issues boil down to a communication problem. We have no communication problems, ergo, we have no problems. The key is: 1. Knowing who you are and what you really want. 2. Knowing how to express yourself. That's it. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to recognize these two things and work at them. You find someone else who shares your attraction and is willing to explore these things with you, you'll have found your perfect life partner. ...... added to this post 10 minutes later: As far as a list of pros, fuck me where do I even start? -someone smart around to bounce thoughts off of, which is really useful for us INTJs. -support network to help you achieve your goals. -Really good sex, and lots of it. Know what's better than sleeping around with lots of people? Sleeping with someone who, through lots of practice, knows exactly how to rock your world. -shared burden of responsibilities and chores. -You spend your time with them but it doesn't drain your batteries; someone you can truly be yourself around. Those are kinda the biggies that overlay a lot of the smaller benefits.
  11. If you want to keep your v card, keep it. If you don't care, fuck away. If you're choosing either option for someone else's satisfaction or to live up to some arbitrary social standard, you're wasting your life. Be open to options and other views, but it's ultimately your choice, because it's your life to live, nobody else's.
  12. I'm a hardcore, brainwashed, feminist "blue-piller" according to the red pills. I'm even a "nice guy". I'm getting married in October, have sex constantly, and have an absolute perfect relationship with zero problems. I'm doing everything "wrong" by red pill standards and yet have found complete success in this whole relationship thing. I shouldn't exist, according to them. And yet, I'm far from a unicorn. This is very poignant. Thanks. I'm glad you're seeing the dangers in this crap for what they are. From what I have observed, you're dead on: Red Pill is the easy, lazy, comfortable community for angry men to lick their wounds and hide behind.
  13. No matter how you slice it, there is a gender pay gap. Well, actually, what I'm saying is, no matter how you slice it, there is a gender pay gap. Unfortunately, no matter how you slice it, there is a gender pay gap. Apparently it does. Maybe next time you should read your own sources before posting them. Also, learn the fucking difference between than and then. Especially if you're going to attack people for their English knowledge.
  14. @cl2unk You posted an article that literally says, "The first thing to know is that, no matter how you slice it, there is a gender pay gap", as if it proved YOUR claim. So if you don't accept that, you clearly don't know the first damn thing. There is so much cognitive dissonance in that we aren't moving on until you acknowledge what your source acknowledges; that no matter how you slice it, there is a gender pay gap. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Post it. I want to see the words. "I, cl2unk, acknowledge that no matter how I slice it, there is a gender pay gap, as my own evidence proves." Say it. Anything else, everything else you have to say is just horseshit until I see that concession. ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: No matter how you slice it, there is a gender pay gap. No matter how you slice it, there is a gender pay gap. I'm going to post that as every single response until you acknowledge this is what your own source states.
  15. You aren't a peer capable of performing peer review. So I give zero fucks for your opinion. I'm not questioning any studies. Pointing out your ignorance is once again, factually correct, and goes against the quality of your argument. I'm not attacking your person as the basis of my critique. I'm attacking your knowledge which forms the basis for your argument. I really should not have to explain these things, Mr. Evil White Man Theory. Fucking hell. You just cited a 2% difference, and yet you conclude sexism accounts for 0%. If payscale didn't control for any of those factors, then how do you know those don't impact the difference, and how do you know sexism doesn't account for any of it? Again, you draw conclusions that do not follow from your own evidence. You draw conclusions your own sources don't draw. Like I said, great. You admit there's a gender pay gap. Now we just have to work out how big it is. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: I know a dude who works in nursing and can attest to this. He's griped a few times about other men (and even some women) giving him shit for picking a "chick job". ...... added to this post 22 minutes later: @cl2unk Did you even read the payscale article? Like everything in it has been what the rest of us have been saying. Opportunity gap, perceived employer action, education, industry and state stats....it's all there. Also, "The first thing to know is that, no matter how you slice it, there is a gender pay gap". This is from YOUR OWN SOURCE. When your OWN source says the gender pay gap exists, what the fuck else do we need to do to convince you the gender pay gap exists? You're just being deliberately obtuse at this point if you cannot accept the gender pay gap exists.