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    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look;
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  1. Surprised nobody beat me to this: (source)
  2. Not strictly true. I took the DLAB (and briefly had a CTI contract). The best advice I got for studying was study English grammar because knowing the difference between, say, a noun and a verb is extremely useful on that test. I ended up with one-twenty-something. The guy processing me said it was the highest score he'd ever seen.As far as the actual content on the DLAB, well, I had to click something at the beginning agreeing not to share the specific contents with anyone, but I don't see how someone who took it can't see how it relates to language learning ability. Oh, and I've seen plenty of Sailors with full sleeve tattoos. I don't think yours will be a major issue. It's wonderful. I made E-4 nine months after I arrived at boot camp.
  3. The best thing I can think of is ask one of them to be your "escort." I mean, you'll risk a few "heh heh male escort" jokes, but I think you'll get the platonic connotation you're looking for. Out of curiosity, since you say you're only looking for something platonic; hypothetically, if any of them were interested in you romantically, would you be willing to give it a try?
  4. Uhhh. Not as much as I did about a year and a half ago.

  5. Say, do you know anything about testing for bad transistors in radios?

  6. "Electrician's Mate Third Class" or "Petty Officer Third Class" if we're doing formal introductions, "EM3" or "Petty Officer" otherwise.
  7. I'm from the American South, although I've had people express skepticism because I don't usually have the regional accent. (That's interesting to think about -- I've been laughed at for not having an accent.) It comes out more if I'm talking to people who do have it, in which case I start speaking with something of a light drawl. But I always say soda.
  8. ...oh. I get it. (*groan*)

  9. You may like this website (which I consider required reading for young INTJs anyways). Actually, this link might be more relevant to this thread. Basically, yes, the "feeler" in the video wants to have her feelings validated by someone who cares about her, and the "thinker" is expressing caring in his own well-intended way by suggesting as gently as he can his solution to her problem.It's also interesting to me, with respect to the video, how people have different perspectives on who's being satirized and who's sympathetic. I saw it favoring the problem-solver position at the expense of the validation-seeker, myself.
  10. In my experience, the people who get really annoyed with me for never drinking are the under-21 guys who drank before joining the Navy, and want really badly to drink again, and can't. Somehow it offends them that I can do this thing they want to do but refuse to even try it. Usually the people who can and do legally drink are at worst curious, then ultimately decide "well, more for me" and lose interest. I was starting to figure that was the usual way of things, so this thread's a bit unexpected. That, and a crazy woman once told me pressuring people to drink went out of style thanks to the rise of designated driver programs.
  11. Well in any case, if you're bothering with Magicite that boosts anything other than your Strength, Magic, and maybe Speed, you're doing it wrong. So they shouldn't learn that many spells anyways. 'S'not bad, both. Oh man oh man, if player characters congealing into effective copies of each other is the worst thing for you, VII and VIII will make you forget you had complaints about VI. Long after stats make a significant difference, all that's left is limit breaks. Particularly VII; most of the limit breaks for most of the characters were just some variation of "deal damage." The only major exception was Aeris and, well...I mean, Aeris. VIII meanwhile pretty much boils down to "Renzokuken" and "help Squall Renzokuken." IX does do pretty well keeping the characters mostly distinct. Basically characters have their own skillsets, and you build the individual skillsets over the course of the game, but it's not as railroaded as in IV. It actually works similarly to your thing about magicite building individual character skillsets, although in this case it's equipment instead of magical corpses.
  12. Have you seen HCBailly's LP of the game? He does some stuff I imitated last time I played through, particularly having only the females and Strago work on learning spells (other characters only equipped magicite for stat boosts). Made the game a lot more interesting than "Ultima, Ultima, Ultima, Life3, Ultima." Better yet, there was no grinding involved.Basically, you can do what you were suggesting there, and get a more fun game for it. Nobody's making you equip magicite, after all. As for Cyan: stick him in a team with Celes, Mog, and Gau. Give Celes the Gem Box/Soul of Thamasa if you have it, and Mog the Dragoon Boots and Dragon Horn. At the start of the fight, Celes either casts her longest-animation spells or uses Runic, Mog Dances or Jumps, Gau Rages. Cyan is now no longer tying up teammates. (Although your fix with having the dead time after the attack rather than before might have been a good one, too.) Some of what's going on in this thread is going to be personal taste; I never cared much for how the character stat development in FFIV was on rails. Almost no room to customize whatsoever. (FFVI actually was unsatisfying to me on that count too; FFV and FFI are where it's at.) Also, I've met some people who'd be wonderfully cross with you over your opinion of Cyan's character and story development. I'm not one of them, so I won't argue for them.
  13. I suspect a lot of people who are really good at reading other people have a blind spot where they assume their people-reading gift is normal perception common to everyone, rather than realizing other people aren't as good at it as they are. The result is when others act in accordance with the relatively limited information they have, the talented people-readers don't understand why, and instead assume it's for the same reason they themselves would behave that way. This may be the problem with the ENFJs you know.
  14. For the purposes of this discussion, are you classifying counterdependence as a form of codependence? Because counterdependence versus codependence probably has more potential for type correlation than codependence versus interdependence. Even then I'm skeptical of the inevitable "INTJs always lean counterdependent and some other type always leans codependent," but for similar reasons to catzmeow's post, I feel it'd at least make more sense (discussing how personality influences the form rather than the existence of one's negative coping mechanism), even if it turns out to be a typological dead end.