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    I think of it like this: introverts are like rechargable batteries and extraverts are solar calculators... - Coralaisly
  1. Yes, yes i am, my mind is narrowly focused and sharp like a good tool should be, not blunt and dull like what the modern world trains the mind to become.

  2. Those features exist for a reason, to call them arbitrary assumes they were random or irrelevant to the emergence of our existence.

  3. Dis bro be retaking exams and miserably failing them. Fo shizzle.

  4. Hey, what's a brotha doin these days.

  5. I think you made one too many threads on race, but I think it's bullshit that they're prohibiting any threads on the subject. It's a legitimate topic, especially when there are racist cunts still posting.

  6. You're incredibly narrow minded.

  7. I'm sure that you have to pretend. Because a lot of people with the opportunity to "go back" probably weren't born in Africa in the first place? You know, I was going to respond to the rest of the post, but I just can't. You're an actual nut job, does your mind actually process what you're typing?
  8. You're an idiot. Discrimination based on arbitrarily inherited features lacks logic.

  9. Ah yes, progressives like you are the only people allowed to be "rational".

    Ha, you become the very thing you seek to destroy.

  10. This is just an attempt to shift blame away. Yeah, maybe there are a number families living out in the dunes of Mauritania with slaves they've inherited. It's still illegal. It's still on people's radars, they're trying to stop it. So many things are swept under the rug with ease, which is why people try to spread awareness about the topic of racism and slavery and oppression and how it still has an impact on society today. There seems to be a growing trend of people who wish to subvert this message or treat it like it's of no importance, which is troubling.
  11. Neo-fascist racist trash should be banned from this forum. I thought it was meant for "rationals" only...

  12. "More honest" "Produced something of quality" Someone asked how education can combat racism, this guy needs some educating, factual and moral. History is important. We can't give it up as long as there are people who ignore and distort it. Social amnesia serves little purpose. I know that some groups of people want to forget the past, but we shouldn't, because the past always has an impact on the present. The only way to understand the present is to learn about the past. Only by looking back can we ensure that we don't make the same mistakes in the future.
  13. I don't really agree with that first sentence.
  14. Must be a satisfying way to go.