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    Type 5?
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    Delicous quantum foam masquerading as sentient paste on a gravity-squished ball of crusty lava. You?
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    Coordinates are too specific and "the Milky Way" is too vague; use your imagination. :p
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    I steal souls and trade them for nutritious substances.
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    Semantics, storytelling with art, linguistics, and programming.
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    Your model breaks down around the edges.

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  1. That would be perefctly on point.

    Sexplanations videos onYouTube are pretty damn good, too.

  2. Oh Joy Sex Toy is a favorite webcomic of mine. It reminds me of times when you drop valuable sex and sex toy knowledge in various threads.

    Whenever someone seems ignorant about sex knowledge and seems like they'd be open to learning, I send them a relevant OJST page.

    Couple of my friends and I have been half-joking about opening up a sex toy store together. If that ever happened, I'd totally stock print editions of OJST on the front shelves. :3

  3. You need to listen to the History of Philosophy Without any Gaps.
  4. I did the thing! http://vocaroo.com/i/s1AEVtbm3Tlw Enjoyed listening to everyone's voices! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Skimming parts of http://elm-lang.org/ and chatterbotting up some IRC friends.
  6. I uhh… I forgot to mention http://elm-lang.org/ in my programming link dump the other day. Let's just say that it's really freakin' cool, and has neat examples you can play with in your browser.

  7. Plan9 is best plan.
  8. You too can do be am real pianoatician now.
  9. You're very welcome. ^_^

  10. ty for computer programming sources :)

  11. * dramatic sigh * Yes, well, you could improve yourself and learn lots of effective things through acting, but why do that when you can be a script kiddie in your momma's basement? eh? EH? EHHH? Seriously though, Monte314 makes an excellent point, and internet resources can save you a summer course on CS. ;)
  12. Hmm… Check out this . It's drawing in 3D. That's like a whole other dimension! The Check out this or (or ) and follow this tutorial on programming. Not enough whizbang for you? Fine fine, then do hour of code. What?! Even those aren't good enough for you? Fiiiiiiiiiiine! Go learn python the hard way or learn how to make websites or even learn how to design programs! See if I care!But, whatever you do, do *not* try Haskell. Besides being impossible to learn, it's not for the real world. Okay? Okaaaay? Now, which makes you feel the best? Sculpture or learning X in Y minutes? Pick that one.
  13. My gut reaction to the hypothetical was to start chanting "namu amida butsu" and hope the Amida Buddha will pull their souls into the pure lands. Given a hypothetical with two equal and vague choices, I'll either refuse to participate or roll a die. * shrugs *
  14. I didn't like him either, but I did find myself most interested in his stories. I will be interested to hear your opinion of the changes Sanderson made in his character at the end should you make it to the end of the series.