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  1. Wine and gay boys offering to make out. I declined because I had an audience. Gay boys are hot... ML is more lonely than usual.
  2. Re: American Beauty, it's not ruined because the narration by Kevin spacey STARTS with him talking about death. Boom. If you haven't watched it yet, you really should. Still one of my favorite pieces of cinema, even if Mina Suvari's acting is atrocious. Fun fact: a friend of mine is an extra sitting right in the bleachers in one scene; that really blew my mind. I didn't believe him when he told me he was in that movie.

  3. What's a fire show? :stunned:

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    2. ModernLit


      That's insane, so you've done that before and lived to tell about it? I think our ideas of "fun" differ :p

    3. HoneyBaybee


      No way!  That was totally a facetious comment on my part!  

    4. ModernLit
  4. lol, meh, discussion of alcohol can happen at any time, nothing wrong with that... i like sapphire because the bottle is pretty. and 7 and 7 situations can be nice, exempting that one time in college when it went to far. i'm pretty sure this was just generic gin with fresh squeezed lemons. that always impresses me, the fresh lemon. mmm. kinda want another one, but will probably wait til i'm not drinking alone?
  5. YES, YES, THIS!! that's what an NT would say as for OP saying "men can buy love/sex with a few generic gifts" that is *cough* no, in fact, NOT how it works. any man who thinks that is a scumbag who doesn't deserve sex. i don't really like valentine's day. I've had some nice ones in relationships, one meaningful one in particular, but when the person isn't around anymore it just colors the day into that "single awareness/SAD" thing where it seems like everyone else is in love and you're not? which is lame. dates, flowers, special things should be at any time, not just one day where there's a lot of pressure. a friend posted about how on OKC she got tons of date requests for Vday and she was baffled that guys want to go on a FIRST DATE on valentine's day, like they're truly sad and desperate or think that's what the GIRL wants or something. pretty sure she turned them all down. i painted my nails and went on a job interview, that was my valentine's day. meh.
  6. HA!! yeah, yesterday was a day. i should probably watch the gin. it was so tasty...
  7. Mezcal and several tom collinses. Huh. Hit on a cute-ish bartender who flirted back and gave me his number. When are you too old to observe the 3 day rule? Because I always thought that was shitty and bullshit, but I don't know how kids are these days. Esp since he's older than I am and apparently smokes cigarettes? Did I just tap out on the bartender fantasy because I want something more "meaningful" and sans tobacco? Why am I asking all these questions at 2:30am about someone who totally wants to make out with me???! and this is why ML is single. Edit: 5 minutes later: fuck!!!! ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: I have impeccable grammar at all times, imbibales or no. Maybe that's part of my problem. I don't play "bimbo girl" very well and that turns guys off. Gimme your Scotch, your cute friends... ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Ok that was funny. I'd maybe make out with you. :D
  8. Lion, watch at your own risk. Your eyes will start leaking any time... uncontrollably.
  9. that's a good movie. SO SAD THOUGH. I saw Moonlight and La La Land.
  10. Mezcal and tequila again. There are things I go out for (tequilas) vs. the scotch I have at home and apparently don't drink, just look at/collect. If I ever move again though it'll be incentive to drink instead of fedex to myself o.O
  11. Oh. Maybe I do. I don't need to meet Santa cause or an elf to say I don't believe in them. Just saying from my experience that the people craving and failing at relationships are doing so for various reasons and yes some of them are unstable. Why argue with what I happen to believe because I haven't seen it proved otherwise? There are asexual people who exist who don't desire sexual relationships. But they do crave closeness in other ways and are fulfilled by those friendships. But I didn't think originally anyone was really talking about them. How about we just end here.
  12. that's an interesting and true point. to reply to @WeAreAllKosh i don't think you're understanding what I said. you mention the solo-no-interaction situation, and that was what i was thinking of as unhealthy or strange. lacking that much desire for companionship. sure, people get whatever it is they need sometimes out of friendships or family. you are surely able to choose whatever lifestyle you want for yourself to be happy. i just haven't really met anyone who was functional and stable and all those things, and CHOOSING to be solitary. there's always been a reason for the single person to linger around, who couldn't make a relationship or marriage work. they can't compromise, or lack empathy, for instance. who knows? do you happen to be speaking from experience and these "different neural pathways"? also, can you accurately judge yourself to be rational, stable, etc.? sometimes the craziest people think they are perfectly fine and normal and that their problems aren't within them, but the rest of the world. just from my most recent experience with someone who is definitely single for a reason.
  13. I really loved this when I found it, too... https://www.16personalities.com/intj-personality