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  1. OP - a piece of paper does not make the man. The man makes a man, and that takes making tough choices. Personally, I applaud your goal of eradicating poverty. It's a noble goal. It's a difficult goal. It's a life changing goal. It will take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make it happen. It requires someone with unbridled passion and the ability to see beyond the norm--someone who is not caged by societal boundaries. If you have the courage, push for your goal by whatever means possible. Too many people are conditioned to think like the herd and they just aren't ready to do what you hope to do. I offer just a little bit of advice. If you plan to think big, layout a rough road map of where you can start. You don't have to start with some venture capitalist's pocket. Often you can find local or regional focus areas and build from there. Finally, find people who have your passion. It's really hard to achieve your vision all by yourself. Might as well do it among friends. Then your passion becomes fun! Good luck!
  2. I don't think she could stand that. One grayscaled is enough.
  3. Hey Aaron, try out this new pumpkin spice I got. *Walks off with TLW*
  4. *Ponders how to understand that* *Meditates on that*
  5. *Sets up a cage match for the old men to duke it out* *Gives TLW a ringside seat and a coupon for a beer*
  6. *Divides his post count by three and sees that Aaron is worthy of having the word one-third of the time* But not this time.
  7. As they say, shit rolls downhill. *Looks at grayscaled's post count and notes how it is the lowest*
  8. Ahem, the tradition is putting reckful in the burlap sack with cat shit. It's a marvelous tradition.
  9. He does this every time. It's his favorite game. *Puts reckful back in the sack*
  10. Yes, the ultimate tradition - sticking reckful in a burlap sack and beating him with a stick! *Puts reckful in a burlap sack and whacks the sack with a stick* *Hands the stick to the next poster*
  11. INNOVATOR-BUILDER. Your primary core value is Innovator – An Innovator’s core value energy is Wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to see the way things are, and discern what to do about it. You accurately assess situations and provide solutions. Your secondary core value is Builder –A Builder’s core value energy is Power. Power is personal energy invested to make a positive difference. You consistently take action to get results. Really doesn't tell me much, though I do like to make chairs.
  12. *Turns off paulcod's DNS* *Walks off*
  13. *Tosses you a medicine ball*

    1. Berserker


      <3 gettin SWOLE

  14. I came. I saw. I followed.



    1. asnivy


      Haha hey EoE, how have you been?

    2. Eye on Earth

      Eye on Earth

      Not bad. Preparing my winter garden today. How have you been?

  15. *Follows you around*

    *Takes all the words to the shrug house*

    1. grayscaled


      Lo devarim b'macom. L'macom al-devarim.