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  1. With all the coffee drinkers around here you will be up all night and cranky all day tomorrow. TLW says this is wacky. Go to sleep now.
  2. TLW wants WoodsWoman to own a Windows 10 machine.
  3. FYI...stars don't throw shadows, so you were seeing a planetary body, be it the moon or one of the solar system's planets. If you take a picture of what you are seeing, I can figure it out fairly quickly.
  4. Alas, the answer is yes.
  5. Is this the part where I take TLW?
  6. I hope you don't get locked in. Though, it would be rather ironic.
  7. I'm sure paulcod can satisfy you. *Smirks*
  8. Hey, you should go back to doing whatever it was you were doing to paulcod's whatchamacallits. TLW won't mind.
  9. Sounds kinky.
  10. I can't wait until they re-break it, so they can set it. Please video it if you can. Those vids are always cringe-worthy.
  11. Punch harder next time and make it worth my time. Be sure to post it on YouTube too. Live demos are always better.
  12. My cat woke me up this morning by licking my nose.
  13. That's what she said to you. "Off with you!" I heard her say it.