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  1. It was a great game. I enjoyed it immensely.
  2. She left him, right when he needs her the most. I hope it bugs her for the rest of her life.
  3. It's almost as if you were attempting to convey a message, lol.

  4. Do you walk around with your tongue out too? *Spits in the dust*
  5. Hah, I was thinking more like Distance being a Beatrice-like character--slinging a blade and making her shots count. Anyways, I like swords and the movie Kill Bill, nothing racist in that.
  6. A Distance movie could be interesting, but only if it was like Kill Bill. Sword play required.
  7. *Whinnies again* *Wonders what the heck that thing is* Is that a doorknocker?
  8. Probably me...hahahaha! *Hands you a new laser gun for the dolphins*
  9. ...and have fresh breath too! *Shoots rainbows out of his forehead horn*
  10. Was it a special mint? *Winks at toki and paranoidfembot from inside his armor* Mmm...it's hard to be a prancing unicorn while wearing armor. *Whinies like a wild stallion* *Prances off*
  11. Just wait until the next albino waves at you and smirks...
  12. Ooooo...a new must have item. Way cool!
  13. Here, drink this: .
  14. The bigger question I see is what would be gained by looking into the past--not much of anything, if you're focused on Earth. Turn your telescope around and look to the stars. That's where the real knowledge is.
  15. If I understand the basis of your assumption correctly, then yes, it is well known that you would be observing the past if you were far enough away because light generated by the Sun and reflected off the Earth would take more time to reach your space telescope. This would not change the events that had already transpired on Earth though, so if someone was already born, they would not become unborn. Go far enough away, and you wouldn't see the Sun at all because it is fairly young compared to other parts of the universe. If you waited long enough, the direct and reflected light of the Sun would eventually reach you and you would see the birth of the Sun. The interesting irony is that the Sun may have already burnt through all of its fuel and destroyed the solar system by the time you saw the first sign of it! For more information, please check out Einstein's Theory of Relativity.