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    You can fix anything with a screwdriver and a bigger hammer.
  1. I have no idea what you said, and having read the test thing, am rather confused about its purpose. Trying to teach thinking abstractly? If so, right now would be the perfect time to start introducing variables that, 6 months from now, lead into full fledged algebra. Being dinged points because he chose to look at a problem from the other side and solved it correctly is one of the dumbest things ever. If you want to see if he wants to learn more advanced fun things that are relevant to all of life and everything he will ever do professionally in the future, set up a programming environment in python or ruby on a cheap old computer laying around. Find him a couple different starting books on one of those two and help him through the first couple example programs. Setting up such a thing would allow him to learn more with a minimal amount of effort, and you would know that regardless of how he is doing in school, he is learning math in a much more useful way.
  2. ohmygoosshhh Hi darling <3 :hug:

    That is so cute >.<

  3. Been a while, have a video as a peace offering

  4. I... what? http://www.bronymate.com/ I've heard there are at least two others... any of you know what they are?
  5. woah... mieu is alive...
  6. pathfinder (IE dungeons and dragons v3.75) for ponies http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/224492525/ponies-for-pathfinder-setting-handbook looks like fun to me :3
  7. Brony@Home got a shiny new PMV... and the competition its talking about starts on the first of july, 0 GMT BBcode youtube tags dont work? fail
  8. yeah... the local group here is going to go watch it on the 22nd and then have a BBQ afterwards. I'll find out how much the movie sucks then.
  9. Have a rubber stamp that I designed and had custom made... http://tiwake.deviantart.com/art/Twilight-Sparkle-rubber-stamp-374629629
  10. have a scootaloo...
  11. I'm not really sure... you could ask in the forums there or on the IRC channel about anti-virus stuff. I only use linux so I dont know about windows junk like that. :P
  12. enh... fallout equestria has it beat... but anyways.
  13. If you want sciency stuff, you could include Brony@Home... http://www.bronyathome.org/ If you want a game example, ponykart or legends of equestia would be a good option. Also, have some ponies in space.... http://stephenmannix.deviantart.com/art/Nebula-Gaze-To-go-Beyond-the-Dark-Blue-326498301
  14. Found a couple shiny new songs that I really like... I really like All Levels At Once... his stuff has a bunch of little quarky things that he makes flow together nicely.
  15. have some ponies and computers... screw it... I tried to be nice and resize the image using bbcode, but it seems this website does not impliment bbcode correctly. http://tiwake.com/fah/rainbow_dash_computer.png[/img] http://tiwake.com/fah/rainbow_dash_computer.png[/img] both should work.