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  1. Napalm Sticks to Kids.
  2. I never got into sims, but I did see my eldest daughter play it and saw she locked someone in a room without an exit. I was like wtf? She said he was rich and he would starve and his wife would get all his stuff after he died. I walked away and never asked about it or looked into it ever again.
  3. Dan Carlin: The Destroyer of Worlds
  4. I got interviewed by the media about Bill Clinton once at college. The guy said, do you think... and I said no... and he looked away, pinched his cig off and flicked it away and said thanks for your time and walked away. The media usually have an agenda that you can embellish or not.
  5. I was in the Marine Corps and I took a cab back to the barracks where I was in truck driving school. The cab driver was a former Marine and was spouting off random advice. One of those pieces of advice was that if someone tells you no you should ask someone else. Later on something came up where I asked someone something and they said, Al, you should be an officer asking that question. No, that can't be done. Then I asked someone above their head and they said Of course that can be done. Then I realized most people were not as smart as me and the people I looked up to often didn't know more than me. From then on outside of the box became more normal for me and mine.
  6. Welcome to intjf. Pick a few threads and let us know who you are and what you think.
  7. Guys know we are obviously different but many of them nod and smile and let you walk around in such an illusion as things tend to work out for guys when women play pretend they are mannish.
  8. Its hard when you are in that frame of mind. I know. You can stay there as long as you want to. You can live there until you die if you choose. Or... you can step out into the world and live once again. It can be scary, but you may find its friendly. With other people who fancy you and who you fancy. After 17 years you may find you have changed and the object of your affections may have changed too. They may be chubby, poor and bitter with the lines of such things all over their aged and flabby body. Time will tell, and time heals all wounds. So... maybe if you can take a break from pining over lost love and go... Check it out!
  9. I'm playing that and it makes me sad it is a one of a kind game. The Bioware doctors sold out to EA, God bless em. The Witcher games are very good. What games are as good as DAO in your opinion?
  10. Steve Bannon is a boss. I wonder if Breitbart had lived, would Trump have failed? Breitbart was a hot head but effective. I think Bannon is intellectual in the same ideas Breitbart had. If he was killed by the CIA heart attack gun, it might have led to Bannon emerging as he has. The Chinese massage therapist is happy about Trump. She has a green card and doesn't want to be a citizen of the US but she is happy Trump is going after the immigrants who are lazy and on welfare. I'm happy today. You?
  11. This is true. When I get praise I say the team made it happen and the boss directed it and then the team and the boss seem to like me more. Don't know why... but the raises come regularly now.
  12. Women have babies that take them out of the workforce for months to years.
  13. One girl was adopted from India. She acted out and her well heeled parents had much anguish over it. Their love wasn't enough. One guy has anger issues and is liberal. His parents are conservative and they don't get along well. Of course both parents adopted the people in question. The girl is not a blind begger or prostitute in India. She works at McDonalds. The guy is a delivery driver and not in prison, so I suspect the adoption helped. If you are of a criminal sort give the kid up, if not maybe keeping it would be wise. From age 18 I kept all mine and its a mixed blessing.
  14. No matter where you go there you are. My grandfather used to say that. Try to make things work where you are at. Don't be afraid to be social and tell them you are socially retarded but you like them and want to be a good friend. Honesty will endear you to them. Start using small talk, such as the weather seems nice today. How was your kid's soccer game? Talk to queen bee about how to do better socially because she seems to be good at it and you like that about her. Open up. If they hit you you can take it and laugh it off. Look at it as learning. You are probably technically more competent than them and they may fear that. When they say you're so smart, say, yeah I try to do a good job. Appear to be humble.
  15. Its pretty good now. We just have to stop the wars and stop the super wealthy from starting more wars. By taking their wealth to help the bottom 50% of the people it will fix much. But they will fight and the poor don't know how to fight. Do you?