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    Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. ~ Jules Renard
  1. Why would you believe that the two won't find others to complement with?
  2. The other possibility is a drop in testosterone, hence a decrease in competitiveness.
  3. He does sound depressed. Have him read this: http://universityhealthnews.com/daily/depression/8-natural-dopamine-boosters-to-overcome-depression/
  4. Yes, it's awesome! For wit, fast pacing and crazy antics, consider the novels that focus on Miles, a blatant ENTP. The novels that focus on Cordelia and Aral, have a more droll wit and sedate pace. The most recent Cordelia novel sort of put me off though.
  5. Thanks! Even though the test points to ENTP because Ne scored higher than Ti, notice how Si trumps Fe? That's what I was looking for. INTP, potentially iNTP.
  6. Your results loosely correlate with INT?. Would you mind taking another test and then posting all your results again, including any bars? http://www.keys2cognition.com/explore.htm
  7. If these two children were raised by a parent with mental health issues, often enough, they too will have some challenges. So this means that not only will they be raising two children, they'll be raising two children (one a teen or near teen) with challenges. This would require adoptive parents who are dedicated and wanting the children, rather than one parent who's steeped in familial duty and another, who doesn't want children. This could get very ugly in a hurry.
  8. She's a lot more socially oriented, caring about process and how others perceive her, than focused on the goals themselves. I've yet to see any focus on efficiency.
  9. @Neus, the first set of results don't preclude either type but you edge closer to INTP with E5w4. That said, E7 with barely dual wings of 6 and 8 (closer to Omni), isn't far behind. The second set of results (RCUEI) more closely correlate with INTP. I don't have a strong pattern of you, likely because you don't post a lot and that we might possibly post in different child forums. But from the little that I've read, there's nothing that precludes you from being an INTP. You also don't appear to have the aggression or assertiveness that ENTPs lean towards.
  10. Yeah, another vote for outward focus. Where you and I differ would be type, albeit I don't have a definitive take on what type (ENTP was through the process of elimination) and you believe she's an ENTJ but I don't agree. Fe vibes on this one.
  11. Nope. The hackles rise on the two of you, when cognitive functions are mentioned. You have to massacre any discussion that includes them. That's not a distortion. That's a generalised trend. @Neus, to start, would you mind taking these tests and posting ALL your results? http://www.9types.com/rheti/index.php http://similarminds.com/bigfive.html
  12. Street smarts would be real life experience and savvy. Book smarts would be a priori knowledge which might or might not be translatable to real life. Intelligence would be the ability to mesh the two and put them to work for you.
  13. These questions are impossible to answer, at least relative to your friend's situation. As a thought, perhaps prior to making any decisions, they should consider a chat with a couples/marriage counselor who can help them through the decision process so they don't destroy their marriage. Psychology today has a list of therapists by city. It also includes their pictures and a brief blurb about their expertise and experience. https://therapists.psychologytoday.com/
  14. To be fair, reliant on how adamant the husband is, saying no can ruin their marriage since she'll be perceived as 'not the giving person' he married. On the other hand, he might be putting the decision onto her since he doesn't want to make it himself and be the bad guy. So yeah, these two had better have an honest heart to heart about this. There's no trial parenting for a short time and then returning them if she doesn't feel love for them. These kids have likely already been put through hell with a parent who has mental health issues.