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  1. Once precious metals become abundant, they won't have the same market value.
  2. It always makes me laugh when people consider 10 hours without food to be a form of fasting. That's my normal state since I don't eat breakfast and sometimes, forget to eat lunch (it happened today). In other words, 24 hours without food isn't unusual and definitively, not a challenge or often enough, not a big deal. As far as improving cognition, not really except when compared to being stuffed right after a large meal. There's a point where you get shaky while 'fasting' and when that happens, cognition crashes.
  3. Had something similar happen with an ISFJ (presuming yours was purely platonic too). Watch out for frenemy types!
  4. Not a chance that I'll try to sell you on marriage. While I'm for people choosing to marry or not, it's so not for me. Once wearing the hairshirt was enough. It's possible to have a life partner without marriage. It's also possible to enjoy a partnerless lifestyle, especially if you have a decent social network.
  5. What is the combined uncomfortable thing? Perhaps pity?
  6. Apparently not.
  7. Baked haddock coated with multigrain crumbs (it was frozen fish and didn't melt, having good texture because it was properly defrosted, drained, dried with paper towels and not overbaked...the shock of it all!) with baked rosemary/garlic baby spuds and stir fried garlic/sesame oil baby spinach. E - forgot to add that I drizzled a balsamic reduction on the fish post baking.
  8. NJ Visual (12) Read/write (10) Kinesthetic (5) Auditory (4)
  9. When you care enough about them to have the exclusive relationship discussion.
  10. Look to John Stuart Mill's 'Harm principle' which includes individual freedom vs. harm to others, up to and including a societal level. It could be expanded to a global level if you substitute individuals with cultures. It's what Libertarianism used to be about, rather than the modern bastardised fuckwich of individual freedom sandwiched between two slices of Objectivism white bread.
  11. So you guys can turn this thread into another battle of Cognitive Function theory vs. the Glory of MBTI? Fuck it. I'm tired of your bullshit.
  12. Why are you so afraid? Fear appears to thread through your entire post. Perhaps shift your perspective to focus on the situations where you've recovered from things. In knitting resilience into your self-conception, it might help to give you more confidence to live life, rather than retreating from it. It will also allow you to accept imperfection so you don't beat yourself down about every mistake. Look to takeaway from each hard lesson.
  13. EFJs correlate the most with E3s.
  14. Yes, the runner up to 8 but their fixation is competence, albeit it's a fair point that 'glory' might be perceived as the top of the competence hierarchy. That said, in most polls observed, ENTJ 8s overwhelm the number of 3s by quite a bit. More often than not, ENTJ 3s end up retyping as ENFJs, as they learn more about MBTI.