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  1. Data collection and incremental emotional detachment until I'm at the point of sufficient detachment to discuss the issue. This way, the discussion is calm so there are no regrets about what's stated.
  2. In other words, TRP is a predatory movement that shields with victim mentality by blaming Feminism for their personal woes. Quite the clusterfuck of cognitive dissonance. I can see why this movement would appeal to a goodly number of INTJ males since they're prone to substantial ego defense shield walls.
  3. You're both making the same mistake. Measuring other typologies by your preferred typology. I like blue. Other colours aren't as great as blue because they're not blue.
  4. Meh, most people have some eccentricities/preferences. I personally can't stand sitting with my back to an open room, chewing sounds, open mouths or utensil waving.
  5. Pound and stuff. Velveting. Using baking soda to tenderise. Brining (not my fave since it leans too salty). Simmering or baking in sauce. These usually require pre-searing or poaching.
  6. Some Jung for you. :)
  7. Does this help to clarify the issue?
  8. Too much PDA, regardless of gender.
  9. Fair enough, albeit what you're describing appears to be the hypersensitivity symptom of asperger's, in concert with OCD. Not all aspies have OCD but it is a common comorbidity.
  10. The bolded is very typical of an INTP. Until the holistic logical framework has been populated in detail, information won't be discarded or prioritised. So, my point is that the bolded is less about being aspie and more about type.
  11. How dare I correct your outright fabrications?
  12. Maybe, reliant on your definition of 'too complex'. Guess I'd like to bust the standard excuse made by people to defend their social ineptitude, citing genius IQ as being the problem when they exhibit no such brilliance.
  13. Not necessarily. You'll often find that 'misunderstood geniuses' struggle with mental health issues. That said, if they're at the nose bleed levels (160+), even without mental health issues, it can be frustrating for them to find people who can keep up.
  14. Now I'm losing patience since you keep isolating a fraction of my posts, disregarding the most important elements of them, that of how prejudice is seriously fucked up and anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out how destructive it can be.