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  1. An excellent plan that covers the necessities!
  2. It's one of those crazy concepts that racists use since culture/subculture =/= race.
  3. Don't rely on your fiance getting a job right away. Ensure that you can support him for the interim until he can get a job.
  4. Considering the enforcement of the traditional masculinity/femininity model by Abrahamic religions for millennia, that's neither a factual or logical statement.
  5. Pros and cons would be a list of different issues. This is one and the same issue and points to males not being strong, only human which is IMO, what's preferred. Traditional males are so unattractive since they're delusional about their strength and when they realise they're not that strong, put shotguns in their mouths and blow their brains out in a cowardly manner.
  6. Apt! There are pros and cons in most things but what I pointed out has nothing to do with pros and cons. It's how stupid the concept.
  7. The way to verify this is to check her pupils. If they're dilated, she's attracted! If so, let us know.
  8. No popcorn for me. :'( It's likely a taboo thing whether taboo against being bi/lesbian or that of being drawn to what's considered taboo (cleavage and observable breasts) by fundies. Or she might be competitive if she too has a healthy set. Or envy if she doesn't.
  9. Please ask her but only if I'm allowed to watch!
  10. What would be considered unattractive, would be sexism which might or might not relate to culture or subculture. There are plenty of cultures and subcultures that consider males superior to females. There are plenty of individuals who deviate from their culture or subculture. This can translate to western cultured males being sexist and non-westernised males being equalists. Sexism is bizarre since its theory swirls around males being strong (will and body) and yet, the expectation is that females must nurture and care for males because male egos are more sensitive. How the fuck is that logically consistent?
  11. It's likely the conventional wisdumb that males are overt and females are covert, that corral young male INTJs into the 'feminine energy' classification.
  12. Don't get me wrong. I don't think science and math within themselves are flawed systems. The beauty is that particularly with science, it's all theory which means there's room for amendment when theories are found to be inaccurate. My point was that people are flawed, hence get stuck in the rut of their beliefs and conditioning which include holding tight to axioms which have been found to be inaccurate. Ego and also conservatism problems exist in the math and science communities, the same as everywhere else.
  13. Can you say the same for scientific axioms? Or is the majority of scientific theory premised on correlation?
  14. Inaccurate =/= all wrong.