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    Money may be the great equalizer, but knowledge is the great advancer.
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  1. Aside from meeting other forum members from this site during a meetup, I've only met one confirmed INTJ. None of my friends are INTJ however.
  2. Mostly alone; never lonely.
  3. 1. Realize my ambitions and have fun on the journey there. 2. Soul searching: I found there is nothing else worth living for than my ambitions.
  4. Yes, and I would guess maybe more so than the average person. I can be blunt and/or crass with what I say. I do prefer not to be crass, and be more eloquent instead. Other than that it does seem like I'm holding myself back, holding who I am back, and not able to truly be myself to the world.
  5. Not comfortable, I get light headed. Every time I have to do a blood test I look away although it isn't as bad as it used to be. I don't like even to hear stories that involve a lot of blood as I internalize the experience that is being conveyed to me too much.
  6. Spiritual nomad (my ass...)
  7. 130. I did not finish, but was ~90% to completion. Probably would have finished if one of the questions didn't boggle my mind and took too damn long on it (square in a square in a square, two inner squares may or may not get filled black).
  8. I hate khaki's, they are ugly. I have khaki colored trouser jeans, they are my least favorite jeans and get worn the least as I don't have anything that really goes well with them.
  9. Would be an advantage to (against?) me.
  10. I prefer trunks. I have a couple boxer briefs, the rest are all fitted trunks like so:
  11. Yeah, I've always imagined they would fit well together, likely more so if they share similar interests and values I think. The responses have been insightful, they show good life partnerships.

  12. Me as well! I am very fascinated by an INTJ + INTJ duo companionship. Interesting, not too many posts as of yet, but I am absolutely loving whats been posted so far. I guess the same type being together is a very rare bond. When I imagine INTJ + INTJ relationship i tend to think of Neo + Trinity from the Matrix. Not sure if thats their absolute type in the movie or in RL but they seem to play those roles in the movie per say. >__<

  13. Lol I can relate. I see myself as being a romantic with someone I care for deeply but don't have the experience either to say it is absolutely true (although I think it is based on my own tendencies). I am curiously awaiting to see someone post an INTJ to INTJ response.

  14. Yeah it dawned on me the other day how I spent a legitimately good 5-7 hours just thinking of what an INTJ marriage is really like beyond the surface. I mean, I like to think of myself as a romantic robot but i don't have ANY dating experience so I guess I am seeking novels to get an interesting glimpse lol

  15. In my younger high school days. Like Jalex stated it's due to social pressure. I did it to make "friends", socialize, be seen as "cool" and other kinds of trivial BS. But then I became more in tune with myself and who I am and had no more fucks to give. Seriously though, be true to who you are. Friends are those who accept you. Those you have to change yourselves for aren't your friends.