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    Money may be the great equalizer, but knowledge is the great advancer.
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  1. Money is very important to me. In fact as of late it has become indirectly quasi-first-priority, largely due to me realizing that my ambitions are my purpose in my life. This stage of my ambition (the next 15 years), is a career change involving graduate degrees which need funding to come to fruition. [Here was a long paragraph I wrote regarding how I am currently being tested in life about money but I decided it probably needs its own thread, some day]
  2. *Peeks from under rock* *Very slowly raises hand* *Speaks in a very soft and barely audible voice* *Realizes I have gone retarded from not having spoken to another soul in ages* *Clears throat and tries with all my willpower to put a coherent and eloquent sentence together* *Said it way too loud that it scared myself to poop my pants a little* *Pretends nothing happened and proceeds to try to be normal* *Slowly backs away from the group conversation hoping no one notices* *Scurries back under rock* *Starts pondering what to do with Gollum-like physical transformation*
  3. Eminem - Rock Bottom
  4. How has it changed? I'm not a veteran of the games, my intro to it was FFX that I didn't finish (for non game related reasons), but that got me hooked enough to research and settle on FFVII as my first full experience. FFXII was rather forgettable, but partly my fault I think as I got impatient and skipped through the story/cut scenes which really killed the magic of getting sucked into the story/lore. I won't be making that mistake again. I do like the idea of the hunts; I hope they also reward items as the trailer stated "gold" or "greater rewards" when your hunter level is high. Ah my apologies, didn't mean to create redundancy. I did search before I started the thread but didn't find it (specifically for xv), I must be missing something. Going into it not knowing is probably the best way to experience the story. The series is special for it's story driven style.
  5. Anyone looking forward to it? Other thoughts/musings/ramblings on the game/series? I've already watched Kingsglaive, and I've seen some of the trailers for the game, so I'm quite invested story-wise. Last FF game I played was 12, and I've now got an itch to scratch.
  6. Just got back into Dark Souls 3. I stopped the game 6 months ago as (1) I couldn't get past Aldrich after a couple dozen tries and (2) was having too much dark souls. Now I picked it up and beat him on my second try, go figure...
  7. Extremely important to a long-term, committed, meaningful relationship. Having similar ideals and values is a sign of greater compatibility and that the relationship can stand the test of time. Furthermore, as many others have stated, when it comes to having kids, it would be preferred for their heads not to be filled with religion (from an atheist perspective, and vice versa for religious). In fact, I'd rather not or try not to bring it up at all, and let them bring it up when they bump into it as they age and discover the world. At least this way they would have some frame of reference or model in their mind regarding how to process the world in general, and religion in this example, and that model may be more along the lines of the scientific method regarding observations, theories, and experiments to test if theories are true (the more intelligent, the more of the latter two I think).
  8. Aside from meeting other forum members from this site during a meetup, I've only met one confirmed INTJ. None of my friends are INTJ however.
  9. Mostly alone; never lonely.
  10. 1. Realize my ambitions and have fun on the journey there. 2. Soul searching: I found there is nothing else worth living for than my ambitions.
  11. Yes, and I would guess maybe more so than the average person. I can be blunt and/or crass with what I say. I do prefer not to be crass, and be more eloquent instead. Other than that it does seem like I'm holding myself back, holding who I am back, and not able to truly be myself to the world.
  12. Not comfortable, I get light headed. Every time I have to do a blood test I look away although it isn't as bad as it used to be. I don't like even to hear stories that involve a lot of blood as I internalize the experience that is being conveyed to me too much.
  13. Spiritual nomad (my ass...)
  14. 130. I did not finish, but was ~90% to completion. Probably would have finished if one of the questions didn't boggle my mind and took too damn long on it (square in a square in a square, two inner squares may or may not get filled black).
  15. I hate khaki's, they are ugly. I have khaki colored trouser jeans, they are my least favorite jeans and get worn the least as I don't have anything that really goes well with them.