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  1. she is hurt by your skeptic manner.
  2. I have returned for TLW. She is coming with me now.
  3. UNC is the research triangle so I was right :p I'm from the middle-ish too.

    UNC is a system, so there are many UNC-[location] schools, but if she went to the one that is considered *the* UNC, that's very nice and she's very smart.

  4. Yeah, I meant UNC. It's where she went for her undergraduate. I'm still not sure exactly where in NC she's from. I think she said she's from the middle of it and grew up in the suburbs.

  5. Do you mean UNC? (Also no)

  6. in yo' mouth AAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYOOOOOOOO :awesome:

  7. It is a weird bit of rethinking how this works, but I don't mind learning new things :p

  8. My husband was circumsized, the two men currently in my life are not. It appears that circumsision does limit sensitivity to a degree.

  9. I just found your new blog. Sorry for not finding it earlier. :freak:

    :hug: you are one of my favorite long time forum people. :hug:

  10. When do I get to hear about how you reading all the pages??

  11. I'm sure I'll get out of the funk sooner or later. But knowing that doesn't make the funk less funky. Hugs are always nice, though.