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  1. Good point. lol Killers, particularly those that commit school shootings, usually let their rage build until they explode. A person that simply wants to eat alone and every day someone interrupts him in order to engage him in non-sensical socialization will accumulate his frustration until one day... Suicidal people usually suffer from some sort of mental illness and that is simply not treatable by shoving social interactions down their throats, especially if they are introverts.
  2. Generally close to the entrance, but not too close. Don't ask me why. The exception is if the parking lot is full and I finally find a spot and it happens to be right next to the entrance.
  3. Several things can explain this. 1. The women are going after unavailable men that also will not cheat on their significant other. 2. The women are going after men that have ample choices and she isn't in the league. 3. The women are going after shy men that wouldn't make the move to seal the deal even if their life depended on it. 4. The women are going after guys that are turned off by her initiative. I have been that guy, the one getting hit on by beautiful women and not take it to the next level. Each and every time I passed up on a woman that made it clear she found me attractive and wanted to play ride the stick with me, I have been in a relationship with someone else. Unlike most men, I don't cheat on my girlfriend even if I know I can get away with it. I don't see it as a negative per se, but if I'm not looking and I already am in a relationship then I'm just going to accept the compliments and move on.
  4. I definitely would hate it, and that's one of the main reasons I live where I do. No one sticking their noses where it doesn't belong. There's nothing that I hate more than hypocrisy, such as people pretending to want to know how someone is doing when in fact they could care less. Unfortunately for high school kids that would like to eat alone and in peace, they will not have such a choice. The goal is for not a single student to eat alone. Unless everyone in that school are extroverts that need other people's hypocrisy on a near constant basis in order to feel their life is worth something, this program is a real threat to the desire of introverts. This program is one more example of extroverts need to 'fix' those that are not like them. Why is it we never see introverts attempting to 'fix' the extroverts?
  5. You mean its good to 'fix' people? This reminds me of when I read that in the past they used to have institutions that would 'fix' kids that showed homosexual tendencies. It was all done with good intentions, so I guess that makes it ok!
  6. In the video it sure doesn't seem anyone is left alone. Look at the subtitles in the video (printscreens are below): No one in that school eats alone, the number of students that engage in this program is over 100, and they are planning to start spreading that to other schools. It will not be long before it becomes a national and/or an international affair and INTJ among other introvert students will have to put up with nonsense from extroverts. Judging by the video, it sure doesn't seem they are respecting introverts that wish to eat alone. This simply seems to me as one more extrovert attempt at 'fixing' those that are introverted.
  7. Boca Raton High School in the Florida town of the same name, apparently started a new program aimed at making sure not a single student eats lunch alone. Most people are praising this initiative and I'm quite sure it will spread to other schools and perhaps to other settings nationwide (or maybe even internationally). That's fine for social butterflies, but what about those students that feel perfectly happy eating alone? Does it occurs to anyone that some people actually want to be alone? This new initiative is nothing more than one new headache for many young INTJ's. What do you think?
  8. Science now says that there is no such thing as a clean slate, everyone is born with a set of hereditary baggage that affects how they react to certain things later in life. A quick and fun explanation of how this happens: So, no. Everyone is not born in equality and then 'growing up get damaged by getting in touch with social constructs.' Nature herself ensures that no one is born with a clean slate and much less in equality.
  9. The title of this thread reminded me of my paternal grandparents. As far as I know, they slept on two separate beds during their entire relationship. With them it was simply the way things were among married couples, but secretly I always thought that one of them probably slept very badly. Part of the reason that I thought that was my own sleeping pattern. I used to go to sleep like normal people do, but when I woke up the following morning my head would be hanging on the side of the mattress, my legs and feet would be thrown apart, the pillows and sheets would be on the floor... those were the times! lol I stopped sleeping like that in my mid-teenage years, but until then I thought I probably got it from one of my paternal grandparents.
  10. Checking out INTJf + chatting with my girlfriend + watching the movie Con Air on my tv, all simultaneously. Forgot to mention that I'm also eating Jolly Rancher candy. lol
  11. One of my nicknames.
  12. Could it be that male prostitution isn't studied as much nor given much attention by pop media, and that explains why they seem to be much less than female prostitutes? My guess is that the clients for both types of prostitutes is overwhelmingly the same, horny men.
  13. It seems there aren't any.
  14. Does anyone know of a good hunting game for PS4? Earlier this week I received the Chabela African Adventures game. It's a lot of fun, but there are some things that I definitely don't like. 1. The graphics, while fine, are not as top notch as is possible on the PS4. 2. The guy's movement is too rigid. I'm used to seeing people move like actual people. Think Metal Gear or Tomb Raider for examples of what I mean. 3. The jeep is pathetic with only an above the roof view. I was expecting first person in cabin view, similar to Grand Theft Auto, with ability to change the look of the vehicle and possibly have a selection of models. Most importantly, this piece of shit jeep can't stay still on an uneven surface, which is almost everywhere in the game. I also hate that the vehicle can't get a scratch and much less a dent, the windows never breaks. Plus, the animals aren't even irritated by the vehicle; so while many get scared and runaway, no attempt to man up and threaten to charge and much less charge after the vehicle. In an African hunting safari game for the PS4, I'm expecting a water buffalo, an elephant, or even a rhinoceros to become so pissed off that they come after me while I'm in the jeep. Aside from being realistic, it would also be lots of fun trying to get away from that situation. 4. As soon as I kill an animal, the corpse disappears. What the hell is that about? I want to see the corpse! I want to see the blood, especially if the animal gave me a hard time! I also, like in Grand Theft Auto, would like to take a photo of my prize at least with an in game cellphone. 5. Its always daytime. This can't be serious! 6. I can't change the guy's clothes nor does the selection of weapons seem realistic to me and there are no additional gadgets. How can a person go hunting without binoculars? Why does he not have a radio or walkie talkie type for asking for help? He doesn't even have a pocket knife! Geez!!!! They don't even offer a selection of characters (its shocking that in a game suppose to take place in Africa, there's not a single black person anywhere); and, as far as I can tell, there is not a woman in sight. As a huge fan of the Tomb Raider series with Laura Croft, all I can say is: What the hell is wrong with the people that designed this game???? There are other issues with the game, but this is more than enough. Like I said already, the game is lots of fun, especially when a pack of animals appear out of nowhere and all come for the attack. However, the game has some serious short falls that PS4 owners shouldn't have to deal with. Do you know of any hunting game for PS4 that doesn't have the issues I exalted here? Maybe there's a game in development that might go on sale later this year or maybe in 2018?
  15. Not possible. One thing I can't stand about my iphone is the inability to share my music with someone else. Another thing I hate is the inability of copying my iphone music unto my laptop. Does anyone know of a program that makes those two (especially the second one) options possible?