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  1. I was getting ready to fall asleep when I suddenly got the urge to put my left hand index finger in my left ear. I felt something weird, as if the skin was gushy. Hmm... I then decide to move my index finger in a straight line touching the ear canal from inside to out and boom! All this blood and puss came gushing out. Absolutely disgusting. Anyway, had to lay with my head on one side and a part of a papel towel inside my left ear, you know to absorb all that blood. Judging by how red it got, it seemed as if I was shot in the ear rather than bursting an ear pimple. That ordeal kept me awake past my bed time, and now I'm poking into INTJf to see what's going on here before I finally go to sleep.
  2. I thought about that too, but my gut feeling leads me to believe there is something more to all of this. Maybe some people here have experience with similar situations and can help shed some light.
  3. I recently witnessed something interesting with some of my coworkers. One day they were talking about John Travolta and his supposed outing. They started to search the guy on Google and one of the coworkers said "looking at him, now I can see some of his gayness" and another coworker agreed. That lead me to wonder how often do people categorize someone as gay and then begin to look for signs of the guy's gayness. Its almost as if once you use a social construct to categorize someone, it affects the way you see them and, as a consequence, once you categorize a guy as gay you begin to see 'gay mannerisms' in him that before you never associated them as gay mannerism, at least not when it concerned the particular person. Its almost as when guys categorize a particular woman as a slut. Even if she's always very proper, the fact that she's categorized as a slut makes her mannerisms appear to confirm her slutiness or, worse yet, her very non-slutty appearance is somehow seen as fake or a front in an attempt of hiding her true slutty nature. Once you are laballed, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  4. Its not rape, as far as I'm concerned. As far as I know, rape is when someone is forced to engage in sexual acts. If taking off a condom during sex is rape, then having sex with a condom is not sex. Now that's weird! Taking off a condom when prior to having sex it was agreed upon that a condom would be used is wrong, but not rape. Also, plenty of women trick their boyfriends/husbands/partners, telling them they are taking the pill when it turns out they weren't and nine months later a kid pops out. To consider that rape is ridiculous.
  5. I have been going through some weird things during the past couple of months since my ex broke things off with me. One of those things is friends and even family members of my ex have sent me friend requests on Facebook and Instagram after my ex broke things off with me. What could possibly be the meaning of this? I think it means one of three things, but maybe you guys can better elaborate or suggest other possibilities. Also, anyone with a similar experience, please feel free to share it. 1. These requests may be induced by my ex in order to keep track of me some how. I don't have her as a friend in Facebook, but I do on Instagram. Needless to say that when a relative/friend of hers sends me a request on Instagram, its after they did on Facebook. 2. They might want to tell me something and are looking for ways of connecting with me in order to facilitate this. I don't really think this is it, because enough time has passed with many of them that if they had something to tell they would had by now. But, weirder things do happen in life. 3. Maybe some of her friends/relatives (most are women by the way) have some sort of interest in me and are hoping I would initiate conversations with them (which will not happen). I don't know, but all of this is very weird. Back when my ex broke things off with me, I did contacted her for a while and she gave me one word responses (ok, right, fine; yes, no... etc) , but she always responded promptly at least, almost as soon as my messages reached her. One time I put a status that apparently made her think I was suicidal and that was the only time she initiated contact with me post the break up, and her messages consisted of complete questions and sentences. I guess deep down she does care, even if most of the time she likes to pretend that she doesn't. This woman is just weird. Anyway, what do you guys think is going on here? Again, anyone with similar experiences please feel free to share them and what it lead to.
  6. Cow guts. It wasn't intentional, I didn't know what it was until after the fact. Well, to say that I ate it is quite a stretch. That thing is so gummy that you just chew, and chew, and chew; and it doesn't breaks down. I literally got tired of chewing, my jaw couldn't keep going. Then I asked what exactly was that and kaboom! I spit it faster than you can say dam! Never again! Thank God I didn't swallow, because I would had most likely vomited after knowing what I was eating. I hate vomiting and do my best to avoid it.
  7. I think it boils down to how repressed a person's true self is. Those that feel they need to put on a front for the world are the ones that with alcohol in their system begin to show their true self. Remember that alcohol makes people become unihinbited. The funniest are the men that are very macho, but with a bit of alcohol they become quite... em... yeah... you go it.
  8. The short answer: because its quick and easy. It sure beats leaving something in limbo, better to take the chance of categorizing someone even if later on it becomes clear that the initial category was wrong. I'm not justifying this or even saying that this is right, it simply is what it is.
  9. I have never deleted my FB profile and probably never will. I do notice that some of my friends deactivate their accounts only to reactivate them a couple of days later. I have yet to make any logical sense of that.
  10. I don't use Siri, but an acquaitance certainly does. One day he said "Siri, I love you" and Siri basically brushed him off by saying that they needed to focus on doing work or something like that. It was the funniest thing I heard in a while. lol
  11. When I buy clothes, I usually buy them in neutral colors. The idea is that if I eliminate as much as possible having to think if I'm matching, with neutral colors it doesn't matter because they match everything. I do have some clothes in bold colors, mostly shirts (all my shirts have buttons, I hate having to put a shirt over my head). Practically all of them were gifts. I wear them, even though they don't really reflect my style as far as colors go. Since most of my clothes are neutral colors I don't have to stop and wonder if I'm matching. I have to work very hard to mismatch, very very hard. I like to wear well fitted pants and during the summer well fitted shorts. I'm not a big jeans fan, but I do have a couple. Again, well fitted. I noticed that many women like looking at a guy's bulge and if the guy has a nice butt, and well fitted pants does the job. As much as I hate being the center of attention, I don't mind catching the attention of good looking women. Overall I like to have a clean, well fitted, casual look. I don't really do the preppy look. As far as jewlery, its limited to a watch (I own 6 watches, all are elegant in style). From time to time I might wear my university graduation ring. If I ever get married, my wedding ring will become a fixture of my daily appearance. I have been thinking of maybe buy a couple of random men's rings, perhaps of themes that reflect some of my hobbies or maybe more of the clean lines look. I'm still indicisive, but am on the look out for the right pieces. When it comes to footwear, I stay away from sneakers. I like casual shoes in either genuine leather or cloth. When it comes to shoes, I'm all about having an elegant but downplayed look. All my shoes are either black or brown, except for a pair in faded blue.
  12. When I wake up with any non-neutral state, 99% of the time the culprit is whatever I dreamt. Due to this I don't give those moments any thought.
  13. Today I was wondering if INTJ's are good at getting together with an ex and giving a relationship a second chance. Perhaps INTJ's are more of the what's done is done mentality and leave a former failed relationship as something of the past. Have you ever gotten together with an ex? Was it easy or hard to acheive? Do you think it was easy (or hard) due to your INTJness (or whatever MBTI you are)? Overall, do you think it was worth it?
  14. Hey, you simply don't want to believe it. If you are genuinely interested, Google is your friend.
  15. http://bleske-rechek.com/April Website Files/Bleske-Rechek et al. 2012 Benefit or Burden.pdf https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/men-and-women-cant-be-just-friends/ https://mic.com/articles/109480/science-shows-why-it-seems-impossible-for-men-and-women-to-just-be-friends