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  1. Considering that in the USA all a person need is one drop of African blood (and have that blood show up at least one physical feature that is outwardly visible to everyone) is enough to be considered 'black,' I don't get why he even bothered to shave his head. Barack Obama is pretty much an evenly split mixed guy (50% white + 50% black), and himself along with most people in the USA considered him black. Alicia Keys looks closer to her white side than her black side, yet most Americans see her as black. In fact, Alicia Keys looks less black than the Indian guy in the article and no one questions Alicia Key's blackness on looks alone. Halley Berry is also highly mixed and yet, the black label is thrown upon her too. My point is that the ridiculous definition of who is black in the USA leaves the door wide open for the Indian guy to claim black heritage and be believable, despite his straight hair. He could had said he was black mixed with Native American or with white, the black label would had stuck. He could had even said he was half black and half Indian, and that would had been good enough. If he was trying to pass as white, then I could see the problem, because in order to protect the purity of white Americans (to prevent the white population from becoming contaminated with the blood of those inferior non-whites) the ridiculous racial norms of the USA dictates that a person needs to be overwhelmingly white, in fact needs to look as unmixed white as possible to be considered white. You can be considered anything else with just one drop of blood, because those non-white people simpy don't matter, remember that they are suppose to be inferior. Their inferiority is the main reason why for so long American society simply pretended that mixed people didn't exist, since all mixed people were abscribed to the race of the 'inferior race.' It was a nice way of negating whatever white blood the mixed people might have in their veins. But for the superior white population the most stringent requirements of purity are needed to be considered white. In that case, the Indian guy would had to bleach his skin and possibly do a few plastic surgeries in order to pass the white acceptance scrutiny, and then make sure no one see's any of his family members. But he went the way of the blacks and, quite frankly, I don't get the whole shaving his head.
  2. Back in my university days I took an intensive women's studies course, it was about women and violence. I don't remember the title of the course, but it may as well had been that. lol It lasted during the May semester (5 days for 3 weeks, each day a full week's session was given with tests every single freaking day). The professor was full of shit and some of my handful male class mates often voiced their opinions against whatever the professor said that painted all men as responsible for women's suffering. I'll tell you, sometimes we felt that in that course we, the grand total of 5 men, were going to pay for all of men's wrong doings to women. I did learn quite a few interesting things, but I was definitely glad once it was over and I was glad I took it over such a short, albeit intense, semester. I remember prior to signing up for the course I asked a political science professor I had if it was a good idea and he said the good thing about the May semester is that despite its intensity, when it's done, it's done! Boy was he right! With that said, there is no way I would do a three year gender study, absolutely no way regardless if its full of BS or not.
  3. Read my review by clicking here.
  4. Well guys, I'm here to give the sad news that the mouse that's the reason for this thread finally died. I dropped it by mistake and the left button collapsed and wouldn't work. Also, for about a couple of months the rubber sides were dislocating, I guess the glue was finally giving way. Anyway, for a cheap mouse it lasted quite a good run, basically 2 years and 3 months. Not bad. My replacement is the Logitech M310 XL. I'm in love with this one. Improvements compared to the Staple's one are: It's much larger. It sticks to the mouse pad, so when left alone it doesn't slides on its own (I use my laptop and mouse on a lapdesk, hence the movement issue when not touching the mouse). It's wireless. It's heavier than the other mouse and it just feels good to touch and move around. The buttons clicks are much quieter than my previous mouse. Lets see how long this one last. If anyone has or had this mouse, please share your experience.
  5. The only reason I bought this book is because Warren Buffet said that's the book that changed his life (along with having Benjamin Graham as a mentor.) Here is the interview where Warren Buffet mention Benjamin Graham (from 11:06 to 13:21.) https://charlierose.com/videos/12653
  6. One time I almost did what the OP did. Lucky for me, I noticed right on the handle that it said DIESEL in big letters. I was definitely glad I noticed before pumping anything, but since that time I'm extra careful when pulling up to a gas station and selecting the correct handle.
  7. You can quit without notice if you don't plan to use your current employer/manager as a reference, otherwise its advisable to go the 2-weeks notice route. As far as getting unemployment benefits, its best to be fired. If you quit, you forfeit your access to such benefits (at least that has been my understanding of this.)
  8. Generally I'm a night owl, but from time to time I do become a morning lark.
  9. For the record, it seems that we are getting back together. After three months, she apparently can't 'handle being apart from me.' All this time I thought we were done for good.
  10. Alright, I'll say it since no one else will. God put his arms around you and at that moment you knew it was going to be ok.
  11. Normal people are not capable of killing another human being (unless its by mistake). Soldiers are trained to kill. Soldiers are not 'normal people.' Once a person goes into the military, they are changed forever. Women are often seen as possessions of other men. When in war, the emotional effects of seeing your comrades maimed, tortured, or killed eventually gets to your head. Some soldiers let the anger build up until they explode. In some cases the explosion is through the mass killing of innocent civilians and at other times its through rape of women. Its all about feeling helpless and attempting to gain a sense of control and revenge for the suffering. Some soldiers let the rage get to them, but are not able to make them kill/ruin innocent people's lives. That's when they either self-mutilate so they can be sent home or they commit suicide. I'm not justifying this, just explaining some ways this can happen.
  12. Sure Nuggets, you guys are not young at all. LOL One of the beauties of forums is that years later you can re-read your own stuff and often times wonder what were you thinking. LOL
  13. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Tito


      Same to you!

  14. Excuse my ignorance, but on behalf of others that choose tp remain silent about this: what's an SSRI? Does anyone has experience with that affecting in the other direction (that is, you are 'naturally' an INTJ and then with the SSRI you became some other MBTI)? If so, what MBTI did it push you towards?
  15. My favorite is hot caramel latte. Mmmm so good!