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  1. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas It was also extremely cheap at Barnes&Noble, a few cents under $8 as a hardcover with a jacket and 1,065 pages. Couldn't believe it.
  2. 1. Overall, I would be disgusted but not care much. I would care a little more if I know they are having unprotected sex, simply because I would feel sorry if a kid comes out of that and it comes out with issues due to inbreeding. 2. Yes 3. Yes, in fact I would disown him/her along with the sibling.
  3. Like everything in life, too much can be harmful. We also have to take into consideration that not all butt enhanced looking butts were actually enhanced via surgery. It could very well be this:
  4. Grab one for me too. I think the room is spinning.
  5. Most humans don't eat meat on a regular basis. Meat consumption is srongly correlated with income/wealth. Here is an interesting map that adjusts the size of each country relative to its meat consumption.
  6. Wondering about two important things: 1. Why is the Politics forum still locked? 2. Why am I still awake? (Its 2:14am in my neck of the woods).
  7. True, no one gives a shit, but remember that the OP himself said that he's narcissistic. So... ...... added to this post 1 minute later: OP, I will put it simple for you: Men fall in love with their eyes, women through their ears. The same applies with lust! There's something you are telling these women that's hitting the spot and they are thanking you for this.
  8. If too many people are idiots or stupid, it will have a bad effect on the functioning of a country. Other than that, the only other 'problem' is that idiot/stupid people tend to think of themselves as much more capable than those that, ironically, in reality are smarter. They also overestimate their own abilities. That can lead to some serious annoyance for the rest of us.
  9. I listen to good music and sometimes go for long drives along rural roads or suburban roads that pass through very wooded areas, usually I drive and listen to good music at the same time. I also play video games. They definitely help me take my mind off stuff for a while. I read books in quiet places. Sometimes I go to the park or beach to just enjoy looking at nature and beautiful women, and read under a nice shade. Sometimes I might go to the park or beach without a book, but with my headphones attached to my iphone listening to good music as I watch what goes on around me. Just being in the presence of my girlfriend and hearing her voice is enough to melt my stress away, but at times she can be the source of stress... it can get tricky. lol
  10. I noticed my first gray hair in my teens. Thankfully, I never cared much and still don't. Now I have many more grays, but not quite visible to most people yet. I don't bother to cover them.
  11. I was never afraid of staying single forever. That's one of the reasons I tend to be more laidback with my relationships, in quite a few it was the main reason for the exes leaving me. Right now its working well for me, but if this relationship ends due to that then I'm staying single and that's final.
  12. If you are truly interested in those questions, I highly suggest you get your hands on the following books: ' The Birth of Plenty The Wealth and Poverty of Nations The Mystery of Capital With those three books under your belt, you will definitely get a better grasp about what you are pondering.
  13. Arriving from the pharmacy after buying some basic essentials for everyday living.
  14. Nature doesn't care what people think of her ways, she designed life a certain way for a reason and she's sticking to that. She's quite stubborn, I say.
  15. Most people that become millionaires do so after their 40th birthday. If money is your motivator, reaching 35 without being rich is no reason to be unhappy.