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  1. Because not everybody is equal, nature does not reward equality even though its our ideal, granted if we achieved that ideal we wouldn't have social stratification, until then leaders are needed ! Thats stereotypical generalizations of complicated phenomena as you said, but society didn't evolve by its own like that, individual decisions multiplied created that, hence we need to start with the individual. The reason I discriminate against said men, is because thats the only way to balance the equation, true equality is never going to be achieved if you keep playing by mens rules, & we haven't tried women's which are much more stable & longterm. No, for the billionth time, NO ! The problem here isn't that she is a bad leader or not because of gender, its because its wrong to say she's a bad leader in the first place because you don't have a reference for good women leaders. For every female leader, you've hundreds of male leaders, so it only follows that until you have an equal number of female to male leaders, then you can truly judge whether women are bad at it or not ! Granted Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, Laura Chinchilla, Rosario Fernández, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Yulia Tymoshenko, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Han Myeong-sook, Helen Clark, Margaret Thatcher, & Isabel Martínez de Perón to name a few from the past two decades plus all suck, don't they ?! Hehehe, stop tickling ... Okay, well stop the adult talk for now ! Also you keep forgetting that having a female leader in a patriarch is fundamentally different from having a female leader in a matriarch, heck, I'd love to know what its like to have a male leader in a matriarch ! Okay, so will go by your suggestion which is fair, but its also fair to give women their due, hence I say give women their 10,000 years of reign equal to what men have received, then ask me back then for men & women equal rule. Its completely arrogant to say " oh, oh, why not men & women be equals " when its payback time, women are barely getting equal rights & access for starters, let alone being asked to always give back to so men can be equal ! As for tickling balls, its called adult talk, since she was being equal in using the humor I did, you know equality & all. I disagree, we should put people there because of gender, its not a stretch to ask for equal quotas in higher & influential offices, including asking for heads of state to be rotated, one term male, other female, it should be expected of women to lead, we'll have a better world that way, especially when women have higher expectations than the low ones imposed on them. This is a cop out of reality, we've had male rule for 10,000 years plus, we've seen the results first hand, women have better qualities suited for stability & longterm prosperity, in the real world, not everybody is equal regardless of their attributes, equilibrium in nature equals death, nature thrives on inequality & differences, women have lots of great qualities for human progress, men left to their own devices simply don't ! Hehehe, I hope you like the short list I provided above, regardless of their careers, these women earned it a million times more because of their gender & the inequalities they faced ! Correction, from a patriarchal perspective that deems everything womanly degrading & disgusting. Males like you are the reason I hated calling myself a man for so long, it made me feel inferior, dirty & eternally destructive just by association, but being a feminist helped reclaim my manhood as something equal to goodness, equal to women ! Corporations are a male invention, cooperations are female. Males care about unity, collective over individual. Females care about connection, individual over collective. Dictionary definitions to help understand the difference : corporate [ˈkɔːpərɪt -prɪt] adj 1. (Business / Commerce) forming a corporation; incorporated 2. (Business / Commerce) of or belonging to a corporation or corporations corporate finance 3. of or belonging to a united group; joint cooperate, co-operate [kəʊˈɒpəˌreɪt] vb 1. To work or act together toward a common end or purpose. 2. To acquiesce willingly; be compliant: 3. To form an association for common, usually economic, benefit: So ofcourse the women were superior, & " but the sense of achievement is lower " is a fundamentally condescending view on women, because women's achievement is different from men, they care about integrating their results in the bigger picture & present it in a way that others can use. & That justifies it !, people should be interested in each other, it makes the world richer & better, but then the " I am interested in you " view is womanly, therefore inferior, right ?! More men should be like me, there is the answer. Also, I heard from a friend, from friend, who's a friend to a friend, that I am awesome ! And men aren't !, lets see, " Men are much more conformist and aggressive/violent by nature. ", WOW, that sounds about right !, glad to know the truth of men now, I'll go aggress & violate some women now, excuse me while I conform to manhood ! Okay, this is just both degrading & insulting to all the women I know, & will know, women are just as smart & genius as men !, women have been oppressed & abused throughout their existence because of said smartness & genius, how many women in history have been not mentioned, or even worst killed because they dared to question the knowledge of their times to get a more realistic worldview, ofcourse only men are mentioned, ergo men are the geniuses. So I am neutered now ?!, last time I checked, my testicles were still intact, my libido, my aggressiveness, my competitive tendency too, but obviously because I am highly disciplined & progressive, I am less of a man ! & women are completely capable of coming up with the same technology & science as men, if they're given a chance without being oppressed & telling them they're disgusting pieces of biology meant to be vessels for sperm, & baby factories. There, fixed it for ya ! We're not talking about a feeler orgy, we're talking about progressive values that intuitives, sensors, feelers & thinkers can add to & develop further !
  2. Awww, thank you, a guy like me would be lucky to have a friend like you. As for putting women on a pedestal, I don't. I know the difference between a good person & a bad person regardless of gender, also I've been abused by my mother during my adolescence / teenagehood, so its not a matter of idolizing women either, I've just always been feminist I guess. Also, women like the ones I've mentioned are actively discriminated against, which is why I thought I should put it out there, they need support, & I need them. I think I should be insulted by this statement, because I have a penis ! Also I am ( & have been told ) that my thinking is too cold, nonetheless women have helped me develop my feeling ( humane ) side, even the thinking women helped. Women don't always require softness or cuddling to react that way, they require respect & genuine interest in their selfhood. No they do not run the world, name me one head of state with an entire government that is exclusively or predominantly female, & also a G8 country, & I'll agree they atleast participate in doing so. Also name me one matriarchal society, because I can name you hundreds, if not thousands of patriarchal ones ! Well, they're rare, & I couldn't hang on to lots of them because of geography or just age difference at the time, since I grew up & gaining independence, I moving to a different place, so my advice is change your location, or atleast socialize more. Women have never been free agents in history, patriarchal societies look down on them, & till now women have barely been allowed things that they fought a millions times harder to get, than men had to. Men have been bullying women since time immemorial, women haven't been the luckiest from an evolutionary perspective, women archetypically have been the reason of mans decent from heaven, the devils best friend, the fastest road to hell, so yeah, its been peachy, hasn't it ?! True, but not always, I'd have to disagree here, these women also get along with women given that they're not the back stabbing kind. This is both an insult to penis & vagina owners everywhere. First I am not an INFJ, neither are these women pubescent. Women who work better with also are great group workers because they know that they can't do it all with their tight vaginas & stuff, its not who has the tightest vagina contest with them ! & no they don't have personalities better suited to deal with egotistical men, they just know how to handle pubescent men. I hope my above response was informative enough. Cough cough ... You need to widen your social circle, I was heavily socialized from a young age, I've always had an equal number of female to male friends, & found easy to network all the time, hence the average to above average ratio of people that I can go through was considerable. This is so true & so sad, I know that. Kids are literally a full time job & more, & women who work a full time job are at a huge disadvantage, & its not fair that men only work 40 hrs while women put in the equivalent of 80 hrs in the name of being a super mom while holding down a career ! Hehehe, why do you say so, I won't get bad partners to procreate with, so I've nothing to worry about. Men select for power, civilization selects for stability, so does women. Go figure, woman care about the humanity of the workplace, no wonder they're in high demand. I am not that kind of nice guy, I am not a loser ! But I am the nice guy that is interested in you as a individual, where you're heading, & whether I can be in that journey with you. You're welcome, more penis equipped animals like me are needed. Agree totally with your first paragraph, disagree with the second, we've never had a matriarchal society with power & influence like that of patriarchs. Women would not create an army, they'd rather create a library !, there have been alot of female scientist, engineers, progressives that popular history glosses over in favor of men, also women were really never given opportunities like that of men, civilization would've progressed, even faster I say because we would've probably skipped the dark ages too ! A biology class is needed, also an evolutionary biology class with an emphasis on sexual selection vs mating dynamics ! Really every nice thing I said & you didn't get it, it illustrated an equal relationship based dynamic. Its OK, don't fluff your Si, its not the end of the world yet. Awww, thanks for the support & I play with you anytime you want, meow :3 Which is why you should never talk about biology again, you vajayjay & boobs equipped object, also stick to geology. Thank you for reading my post. Ghrrr, he was attacking my PENIS ! Thanks for stating the obvious, us progressive men need to stick together. Just burn a BRA already, & go french ... I didn't say all women are huggable, but those who are would usually not cut your balls off because they like you with them. On a serious note, I also love these kinds of women, as long as they're explicitly competitive. No, women do not rule the world, read my post, read the replies, & read my reply to the replies. Me too, but the best remedy to that is to write high quality posts or start good threads.
  3. This thread is part a counter to all the " women should be baby factories ", " women are the reason my penis is out of control and wants to go into them ", " woman, make me food ", " while you're at it, wash me too because I am a man with a penis, yeah " ... It's also in a form of a short letter highlighting a few thoughts, enjoy. Disclaimer : If you can't separate my serious thoughts from sarcasm, and can't handle it, don't read any further. This thread is for progressive males, females who love progressive males & for adults. Dear Lovely Women, You suck ! Not because you fundamentally suck, but because you let other people tell you how to be, which makes you like, suck ... Throughout my short existence of 21 years, I've noticed many things about myself, you, and our relationships. Here they are in no particular order : I love having you as friends instead of other penis equipped animals. You are kinder, more open minded, less competitive, cooperative, progressive, relaxed, lots of fun, and care about others after you're done taking care of yourself ( sometimes to my own dismay even before taking care of yourself ! ). I can be myself around you without being threatened, I can admit not knowing something without being ridiculed, I can lose a game against you without being called a loser and even when you do, you say with a smile, hugs and lots of kisses, I can ask you for a favor, and get many in return. You are just freaking awesome ! But why do you suck ? Well let me rant a bit about that. You suck because your entire concept of selfhood is based on how to be a good girl, sister, friend, mother and such, which in return is based on the opposite of what good boys, brothers, friends, fathers and such are. Ergo you don't really have your own self-female-hood because it was one big messed up reaction to what men supposedly are, which came from a time where men could flex their muscles, fight alot and spend their days comparing their penises together ( unfortunately, a lot still do ). But in realty it's not all false or a reaction, which brings me to why I really prefer you to said penis equipped animals. Examples are in order. When I want to work in groups, it's never a competition to you. You gals gladly show me my place and easily know your own. Not only that, but you learn from me and you allow me to learn from you, without turning it into a penis size contest. By the end, we're all wiser, and have learnt a new thing or two. With you it's all about getting things done. When I want to work alone you respect that, even asking me how I do it and why. You're genuily interested, even when you don't comprehend it, because it might make you better to know it through me instead of that other arrogant penis equipped bastard you also know, who'd tell you to " Go away vajayjay & boobs equipped object. You'll never understand because you're not made for it ... " Thats not to say you can't compete. Infact you're wicked good when you show it off and I love how I can win against you without the testosterone filled threat of slitting my throat, just because I dared to do so. Instead, you admit it, and even ask for tips to get better. I love how I can lose to you, and not get ridiculed by how big your penis is, and how much better you're than me. Instead you tell me better luck next time, you're good at xyz, and by the way, why don't you join our team ! I love that it is alright to know more than you and that whenever I when you ask me to teach you something, I can do so without you resenting me for it. I love how I can ask you to teach me something that I don't know without feeling like a complete failure in life because I am less than you at it. I love being able to share my secrets without being harassed for my vulnerability ( even though you can't wait to spill the beans for the rest of our girlfriends ! ). I love how I get to know you inside out just because you decide to trust me without the pre context of being penis buddies which would then make me entitled to penis privileges. I love how everything for you is role playing. I love how you can play passive when I play aggressive, and how you turn all aggressive when I want to be passive. I love how leading and following for you isn't a pride issue, letting me lead when I know my stuff, and leading me when you know yours with ease. I love how submissive you can choose to be to play a part, then switch to dominant to everybody's surprise to get what you want. And with you it's just a game, not a matter of life or death. I just love playing with you ! I love how every problem you have is one caused by another male ( or lots of them ). You see thats my speciality, in the male circles , it's called " penis blocker ". In my book, it's just being feminist 3.0, and hopefully 4.0 when it starts taking shape in the next decade ! You see, I like being the best friend who's like a boyfriend without really being one. I love it when you compare other guys to me and they're a complete failure because they're not smart enough, or not caring enough, or not taking pride in themselves enough, or not fashionable enough, or not progressive, or not ambitious enough, or not free enough to be themselves, and let you ( even push you ) to be yourself. I love how I can be there to show you that you didn't see the underlying cause of the problem was another penis equipped animal. How your face lights up when you get to an epiphany, and almost jump out of your seat or just laugh out loud ... Hehehe ... And then you realize that all you had to do was something you knew intrinsically from the beginning. Just work on yourself, be your best, don't let anybody ( especially penis equipped animals ) stand in your way, and get what you want in your life on your own term. You go girl Which brings me to the title of this thread : When will women rule the world already !!! You see, one day I hope to start my own business but the problem is I don't want to hire a man to do a womans job. I want to hire a woman, but I also want to hire women to do men's jobs since it's better that way. You get the job done with more efficiency, a healthy mix of cooperation & competition, and quite frankly you listen, you give feedback, and you really care about longterm goals, not just your next raise or pumping up your salary ( although I promise I will pay you equally to men, not 70% like others, and you'll get menstrual leave, you should, bleeding every month is horrible, anyway ). You care about including everybody. You care about retraining people instead laying them off when there job is no longer needed. For you it's about loyalty. Why waste good people just because they're not useful now? They were, and will be in the future. You see the difference because you love investing on people, and I love that too. Anyway, I'll stop gushing over you now, and go do penis related stuff because I am a man. :p We can continue this talk later, I've at least 50 more years in my life ... Hugs & kisses.
  4. I didn't mean to say you're incorrect in the first reply, the problem we're having here is one of language, me going back to definitions especially in relation to Jung's original, was to point out that looking pre / with / post perception is actually an act of judgement, ergo an act of rationality, for irrationality ( perception ) starts & stops with itself. I think as typology ( especially Jungian ) users we need to repeat that over & over again, because MBTI is distinct from the root, most people don't realize that Katharine Briggs " the mother " had already come up with her own temperament based typology before stumbling upon Jung's psychological types, then Isabel Myers " the daughter " took over, later creating the test. Its great that Katharine acknowledged the similarities she had with Jung, & admitted that he went far beyond her, but in the world of typology regardless of similarity, MBTI & Jung are fundamentally different because of the temperament vs attitude & function view, nonetheless MBTI offers an accessible way into the world of typology. That is so funny & true, when I understood that years ago, I found it easier to deal with dominant rationals, for the most part by letting them be !
  5. Why aren't you on skype !!!

  6. Yay your laptop arrived !, hope its fun :), I am back online ( since 48 hours ), finally settled & everything is nice, catch you online soon ;D

  7. I just read your blog post about your laptop, hope you can get the new one soon ( & play portal 2 too ! ) ;D, see you around later :)

  8. That's funny ;D, Lime juice is also great for our skin ;), squirts lime juice on his skin & goes to take a cool shower :p

  9. Hahaha :laugh:, squeezes lime into water, adds sugar, and sells intj flavored lime juicy goodness :p

  10. You finally have an avatar !, are you a an angry lime now :p

  11. The problem is who & how you ask the question, who depends on which organization you're asking, how depends on whether you're asking for the jungian definition of an introverted attitude vs jungian introverted function dominants, or about the more general mbti introvert description ... going by an official statistic regardless of how dated or flawed it is, you get : [TABLE]MBTI % Xx % INTJ 2-4 Ni 3-7 INFJ 1-3 - - ISTJ 11-14 Si 20-28 ISFJ 9-14 - - INTP 3-5 Ti 7-11 ISTP 4-6 - - INFP 4-5 Fi 9-14 ISFP 5-9 - - Total 39-60 Total 39-60 ENTJ 2-5 Te 10-17 ESTJ 8-12 - - ENFJ 2-5 Fe 11-18 ESFJ 9-13 - - ENTP 2-5 Ne 8-13 ENFP 6-8 - - ESTP 4-5 Se 8-14 ESFP 4-9 - - Total 37-62 Total 37-62[/TABLE] The problem with this statistic ( as well as others ) is first of all methodology, they don't get the right type ( & attitude in the first time in 30 % of the cases if we assume 70 % accuracy ), & second of all its language ( therefore directness of gauging your functional preference ) isn't exactly the most precise, & the margin of error is huge ( up to 20 % !!! ), & whats worse is that they never release yearly statistics ( most of these are 1990's based ! ), & last but not least most of the tests don't account for cultural biases, gender biases, or developmental problems of a type in a given environment. By all means, I might not have data to verify my claim, but introverts in my opinion don't make more than a one quarter or a third at most of any given population.
  12. I've been very busy lately, dropping in to say hi & sunshine ;D:nice: :p

  13. You should've just let him go out & buy either a new mattress or a new cover, we Ni dom's don't mind accidents, we just don't like fixing whats broken, we'd rather just start from scratch ! Thats hilarious !, as a Ni dom at this point, even though I'd laugh at what you did, I'd just go out & buy an entire new futon, mattress & cover, you had your fun, but I'd be irritated all the time by the imperfect mattress :p Thats so cute, atleast he didn't throw out the disaster ;) We love WHOLE things, form & function that are integrated, & just works, an implicit solution to an explicit problem, thats elegance for us I guess.
  14. I put together an entire table for the types, included perception & judgement as Indubitably noted, enjoy [TABLE]Type Dominant Auxiliary Tertiary Inferior Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth INxJ / ISxJ Introverted Irrational Subjective Perception Extroverted Rational Objective Judgement Introverted Rational Subjective Judgement Extroverted Irrational Objective Perception Extroverted Irrational Objective Perception Introverted Rational Subjective Judgement Extraverted Rational Objective Judgement Introverted Irrational Subjective Perception IxTP / IxFP Introverted Rational Subjective Judgement Extroverted Irrational Objective Perception Introverted Irrational Subjective Perception Extroverted Rational Objective Judgement Extroverted Rational Objective Judgement Introverted Irrational Subjective Perception Extroverted Irrational Objective Perception Introverted Rational Subjective Judgement ExTJ / ExFJ Extroverted Rational Objective Judgement Introverted Irrational Subjective Perception Extroverted Irrational Objective Perception Introverted Rational Subjective Judgement Introverted Rational Subjective Judgement Extroverted Irrational Objective Perception Introverted Irrational Subjective Perception Extroverted Rational Objective Judgement ExTP / ExFP Extroverted Irrational Objective Perception Introverted Rational Subjective Judgement Extroverted Rational Objective Judgement Introverted Irrational Subjective Perception Introverted Irrational Subjective Perception Extroverted Rational Objective Judgement Introverted Rational Subjective Judgement Extroverted Irrational Objective Perception[/TABLE]
  15. meta- combining form 1 denoting a change of position or condition : metamorphosis | metathesis. 2 denoting position behind, after, or beyond: : metacarpus. 3 denoting something of a higher or second-order kind : metalanguage | metonym. In context of rationality as defined by Jung, & meta dictionary definition, if we take a combination of them we'd be describing judging functions in the third position for dominant irrationals & forth position for dominant rationals. So no, metarationals is still about rationality not irrationals :p