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  1. Pretty satisfied with this. It's hard to live up to Baba Yetu, but this isn't disappointing in the slightest.
  2. yo' Mr. Mod lock my old blog

  3. Would you lock my ppu is literally retarded blog plz?

  4. I relate to a lot of things you said. I also dislike concerts - I'm more open to them nowadays, but when I was younger, I found those kind of environments to be overwhelming. It's the same at any event with big, crazy crowds and/or powerful stimulus. I remember going to a big and fancy cinema with my parents when I was a child, and having to ask them early on in the movie to take me home because I felt uncomfortable. I've always been very sensitive to my environment, and tend to be overwhelmed by it instead of joining in with the crowd and letting myself go. I'm also clumsy in new environments, and navigate them easier as I become more familiar with them, and after sufficient "oops" moments :p One thing I've found is that the clumsiness disappears at times when some subconscious parts of me have an opportunity to erupt. For me, a kind of in-the-now physical focus traditionally associated with Se tends to manifest itself when I'm frustrated/angry, or very excited for something - just having a strong emotional swing one way or another. It's as if this can only occur if I have some kind of emotional channel through which to exert it, because otherwise, inferior Se is far too deep down to be accessed. It's not all bad, though. It puts me at a disadvantage by not being the best at improvising and needing time to be comfortable with my environments, yeah. But it lends a type of cautiousness that makes me keep a distance and notice things about my environment that I might not notice if I had immediately engaged with it (as a Se dominant would). Strengths and weaknesses, and all that.
  5. Fine. :sulk: is this better? :sulk:


  6. cuz they're creepy :p

  7. why u no respond to my wall posts anymore I cry erry tiem. :tears: