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    "Somewhere there must be men and women with capacity for original thought." - Isaac Asimov
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    Irving, Texas
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    Driving, soccer, calligraphy and articulations of ideas, emotions and principles
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    Originality and Truth above all else.
  1. Listen more than you speak. Be open to different opinions. It is perfectly okay to have strong opinions. When such a personality stops listening is when problems arise.
  2. I've loved driving the car so far. It's one of those cars that beckons you to go for a drive in the early hours of the morning, or late at night when the world is asleep, and you feel like the roads are yours. And here it is on one such event: (Also, turns out that this particular GTI, specc'd as it is, is the only one of its kind in the US. I can't help but feel a bit of pride. :))
  3. New car. 2016 GTI, optioned with options that make it an enthusiast special, the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing.
  4. Great as well :D I've started working out ^^ It's awesome

  5. Doing alright. And yourself?

  6. I haven't talked to you in a long time :3 How are you?

  7. INxJ. ck be, out of fashion for decades but I still get compliments on how smooth and subtle it is. Male.
  8. 1. Read. Understand facts, and present my own insight on them. 2. See above. 3. Write. Also, at a more subtle but far deeper level, I leave my ego at the door.
  9. Try listening actively.
  10. As one gets older, I suppose it is more difficult to make fashion changes because you've become comfortable with the precedent. Having said that, I don't think middle-aged men should be wearing their baseball caps on backwards. Ah, well, to each his own.
  11. Weight, not so much. 'Presence', yes. Manner of speech, wearing the right-fitted clothes, and body language hold far greater value than weight.
  12. "I have nothing more to say", accompanied by a stare.