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  1. It is 5:30 AM. I'm laying in bed, awake for the past two hours, unusually sore from playing hockey Saturday night, and my mind is racing. I want what I cannot have. I allowed some part of me to believe I was both worthy of and entitled to love with my GF, except she's no longer my GF. She checked out of our relationship over the past year. She'd always came back before, so I had held hope that she would, again. We've not talked in weeks and haven't seen each other since December. And still, my heart yearns for her. I have withdrawn into myself, along with my energy, except where hockey is concerned. Trying to refocus, recenter myself. Im stuck, feeling loss of who's most important to me - grieving, and angry, too.
  2. Yep, you nailed it. And I submit that if Stannis were so willing to legitimize Jon Snow as the rightful heir to Eddard and the North/Winterfell, then he should have damn well applied that same logic to Gendry as the legitimate heir to Stannis' brother, Robert Barratheon. It's clear that Stannis is a narcissistic zealot.
  3. Glad you enjoyed that!

  4. This past weekend, I attended a retreat with about 30 people. Part of my experience included a discussion with one of the leaders about how I felt as though I was being physically restrained. I wasn't, but I felt as though I was. She had me lay on my back, eyes closed, with a blanket over my arms and legs. Others who were there actually held me in place until I freed myself through force of will. As I lay there, now free, I was completely aware of my breathing, my heartrate, my temperature, my personal energy. I took time to feel all these things - beginning as a tingling sensation in my third eye and spreading throughout my being. Without opening my eyes, I saw this as a deep azure/indigo blue with flashes of silver lightning arcing across the inside of my eyelids. I allowed the energy to build until it filled the room, and then contained it with my hands, condensing and concentrating it into a ball which I would normally peer into for visions of the future. This time, however, I took this energy into me and integrated it into my being. This energy again spread all through me and radiated out of me, filling the room until all who witnessed felt it as well, including my GF who felt my energy vibrating through her being when we stood up and were face to face. It was an amazing and unforgettable.
  5. Snowbunny, your situation sounds very similar to my own. I've considered myself open/poly for the past several years, had multiple relationships that often overlapped where everyone had awareness of each other. During that time, I had had successive primaries, though I've never lived with any of them. For a little over a year now, I've been seriously involved with a married poly woman. When we first began, I was seeing another woman whom I have since stopped seeing because she and I didn't see eye to eye on poly. Since my poly woman and I have been seeing each other, she hasn't dated anyone besides me (outside of her marriage) and she encourages me to see others since we can't be together as often as we'd like. Oddly enough for me, though, I've had no desire to look for another with whom to share my time. She becomes protective of me and my needs and how much I may be alone, but truly, I'm comfortable as I am. I would be open to a mono relationship with her - and that's huge since I would NEVER say that about anyone else, AND I also know that's not an option as she's married. My point, Snowbunny, is that if your partner is not pressing for change and he's accepting of the way things are, then you don't need to do anything different. Share time and space together. Be present and enjoy every second together. Based on my experience, that's what he's doing (IMO).
  6. You don't let up, do you.

    While I'm not Christian, I have friends and family who are. I treat the Christian community the same way that I wish to be treated - with kindness and respect. Religion is a very personal thing for most people. That said, I neither push my views on others nor allow others to try to change my beliefs.

    It is my goal to live a balanced, harmonious life.

  7. That's positive. But what about the Christian community?

  8. And which community would that be - where I live, where I work, where I socialize, where I feed my spirit? Of course I'm respectful in each of those, too.

    Kosh, your dropping in on the thread and sharing your perspective is always welcome, so long as you do it respectfully. If I were other than I am, then I would believe that your line of questioning in this conversation is passive-aggressive to make me feel defensive, but that's not at all how I feel. I don't feel attacked, and I'm not above answering pertinent questions.

  9. What about the community?

  10. People are included in the Forum and the world around me. I am respectful of all.

  11. What about people?

  12. I am always respectful, regardless of whether it's the Forum or the world around me.

  13. Be respectful to the forum then.

  14. I'm not here to berate anyone. I will, however, always promote respectful discussions between people, regardless of their perspectives and whether or not they fall in line with my own.