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Marcus Septim

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    Independent Analyst
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    In tune with the Beast;)
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    APT=Assistant Physical Therapist
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    Miniature Painting(GW stuff),drawing,book reading,boxing
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  1. two wrongs don't make one right
  2. Yep
  3. Don't bother with someone illogical,can't help someone who don't wanna help themselfs And yes it totally it is illogical
  4. it was still funny lol

  5. Me too! When I saw that, at first I wasn't sure what was happening. Then the more I watched it, that birds facial expression cracked me up. Of course I had to keep watching it after that point because it just kept getting funnier! :p

  6. Not to healthy people
  7. The ability to be yourself,without doing or thinking anything and be ok with it,gotcha

  8. First thing that made me smile today...and made it into a laughter snowfall

  9. That bird has it made!! haha

  10. Nope, I'm just on point today. I'm set out to zen out all day long, which I haven't done for years.

  11. thats not my butt is it ? :p

  12. Thats amazing LOL