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  1. Blade Runner, A Dangerous Method

    crap, crap

    no u

  2. Blade Runner, Elysium, Cloud Atlas, Gravity, A Dangerous Method, The Hunger Games crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap
  3. Well there was not a single new discovery with new results that just proved old stereotypes how believable is that?
  4. Tattoos and Piercings are a turn-off. Yeah exactly!
  5. totally spot on considering how I landed her googling "intj enfp hate love"
  6. Gundam 00: Setsuna - INFJ Marina Ismail - ENFP Nena Trinity - ENFP 3w4 Sumeragi Lee Noriega - INTJ Louise Halvey - ESFJ Saji Crossroad - ISFJ Gundam Seed: Rau Le Creuset - INTJ Lacus Clyne - ENFP Cagalli - INFP Kira yamato - INFJ Athrun Zala - INFJ
  7. XD You are too cruel...I wonder whether we are all destined to be armchair super villains...

  8. The fuckin Online Master Race ;)
  9. Of course not, Lenore Thomsons Owners Manual is the best.
  10. Nope in fact its healing, Ni Synthesizes in Order to remove Paradoxes. There needs to be Friction and following Perspective Shifting to Produces Harmonious results. Ni Constructs need to be Extraverted. It releases built-up Energy for new Ventures to comel