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  1. Where are you? No, literally, are you still in Israel?

  2. Today I saw your twin.

  3. This never happened!

  4. Exactly! Putting so much stock in an MBTI result is irrational. There is more to understanding people than an MBTI test. It can be a good tool but it's not a certainty. If you really want to understand your husband, talk to him, communicate with him, and see what style of communication works best.
  5. Not even gonna click. ABBA stays too long. Ack! Just thinking of the group and I'm thinking of two songs already. :P

  6. Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? You need to specify.
  7. Cheers. I wanted to post a confession but you nailed it.

  8. Only this one with you sorry sods. I can't be bothered to keep up with any other sites in terms of forums.
  9. Is he a human being? I assume so. Does he have the ability to think and speak? I assume so. Do you also have the ability to think and speak (albeit, your spacing abilities seem lacklustre)? It seems so. SO If you want something to happen, speak up. If you don't want anything, then don't speak up. But no one deserves to be played with, in my opinion.