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  1. i have the 460 at approx 130 000 words, but it depends on which margins (and this is double spaced)
  2. Keep in mind that many publishers don't use editors in the old sense of someone they connect with the writer to solve issues. They just expect and buy finished novels more often than not. Similar to how they invest in books nowadays and not careers. Editing is either done at the writers expense/by the writer/through an agent's editor in many cases. But I 100% agree page number shouldn't be affecting your actual writing of the thing.
  3. Yeah, I'd say sci-fi fits within the umbrella of fantasy, though in recent years I haven't read as much sci fi, so I could be out of touch. Also, there is, more and more, a lot of genre-blending speculative work out there, so without knowing what it was about, it's hard to say how word count would affect it. I'm finishing a more literary/realism type novel as part of my MFA thesis that I just defended and about to try finding an agent/sell it, so that could be interesting and yeah, it's a bit overlong at around 460 pages, even if my adviser didn't think it "felt" long. Not really sure where I would cut from if that was some publisher's ultimatum :(.
  4. Well, it really depends how badly a specific publisher wants the book. Like yeah, David Foster Wallace was able to publish his 1000 page infinite jest, but even that was brought down through editing from like 1500 or so if you've read about his editing process, and it's a fucking brilliant Opus. On the one hand, they have to charge more for massive books, simply because of how much it costs to print them. Further, how many people are capable of getting through this book? is what they'll be thinking of a longer book. Business concerns, especially nowadays in the very troubled publishing industry, are paramount and competing powerfully against ideas about art and quality etc. A 600 page book is twice as much paper as a 300 page book on a basic materials level. In terms of genre, I guess I'd say in general fantasy genre books tend to be longer, but that's more of a genre attribute and since many of these fantasy books cater to a particular fan base, it's different than if your targeted readership is those reading "literary" novels (though not to say that fantasy can't be "literary", but these differences do still exist in general).
  5. But keep in mind that 40 000 words is a very short novel. I've seen people in the publishing industry refer to anything under 50k as a novella, though that's not a huge difference from the wiki number. Anything around 75-110k words would capture the majority of published novels, I imagine; anything above this, though certainly still publishable if good enough, is pushing out of the 'sweet spot' that many publishers go for.
  6. I don't step out with my swag on anything but 100. but, that aside, classic things. Nice fitted clothes, collared shirts, good 2nd hand steals if they can be located, leather/suede boots, nice wool v neck sweaters/cardigans/ various other kinds over collared shirts. A good pea coat helps. Mostly make sure things fit and have a certain eye towards which colars/patterns don't work. I like navy blue and tan.
  7. I also very much dislike this show. I am surprised at the amount of love it receives on this forum tbh.
  8. Dota is pretty much the only game i've played since 2004 ish, and Dota2 is everything I would have hoped for. That kind of staying power boggles my frigging mind in a computer game. Dota2 is amazing. What type of dope couriers yall packing in D2? I unboxed an unusual felicities blessing mighty boar early on in the beta. Was quite pleased. It's the one where grass/flowers grow behind it as it moves/grow underneath it constantly as it stands still.
  9. From the analyses I've heard, the HON metagame is more static than that of dota2. How is the current laning meta in HON? Dota's is very versatile, so I'm curious. currently in DOTA2 im struggling with running into the exact same stack repeatedly over the last few days, and they are really quite good. I'm 1-3 vs them now in two days. Granted, these are in the upper pages of the whatchlist (like 1-5), but damn, they are crushing me pretty hard. I'm not actually sure how HON matchmaking works. Does this happen in HON? Is the matchmaking selective on your MMR, even if dota2's is hidden wereas HON's is visible.
  10. ye, i was at 2190, now how can I belittle all the bronze scum!!!
  11. yeah solo queing can tricky. Depends on my mood. It can certainly lead to rage if you get crazy immature teammates, or are like the +1 queing with a 4-stack and they treat you like shit just because you aren't friends with them lol, even if they're all bad.
  12. aiight, now's the time to post your dotabuff stats. mine are pretty modest, but anyways https://dotabuff.com/players/20162090
  13. To assume mainstream artists who's content you dislike haven't "worked hard" to get where they are is a mistake. Yeah, they aren't staying up late crafting some obscure metaphor for the diehards, but they're still working hard, day in day out, except their "craft" includes to skillset of navigating the music industry at the highest levels, image management, what makes something popular on a large scale. Essentially, there are vastly different styles of rap music out there, and there's no need to pitch them versus one another in some kind of US OR THEM war.
  14. just upping this to see if any more people are getting beta keys with all the key dumping everyone I know has one, and I have 4 keys to give away, so if you want one, just ask, give me yo steam info etc also, it's unfortunate when your first game of the day looks like this https://dotabuff.com/matches/95529598 :( my ign is Stryk9