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  1. So, everywhere I look meditation gurus just say 'notice the pain, pay attention to the pain, the pain will go away'. Well I can sit for an hour meditating doing nothing but feeling the pain in my chest and it never goes away. Any advice? I feel better if I'm distracted or it's early in the day. Edit: it's not medical (it's tied to my ptsd).
  2. A collection of thoughts and the behaviors those thoughts describe or imply.
  3. Thoughts happen, therefore a thinking being can be described. Since a thinking being can be described it can be referenced and the other can be defined in relation to that reference therefore others exist only so far as the bounds of the being allow. This is the structure I use these days and occasionally (on purpose and accident) I change the bounds of beings to see what different interactions are possible. It plays havok with my symbol definitions though so I'm still working on a better lexer/parser system. Thoughts?
  4. Yahoo answers agree with you, others disagree. I found some people saying that strength of character is personal responsibility. I found some people saying things in line with virtue ethics. I found some people saying things about faith. I decided on a litmus test for every description I found: could a Nazi have strong character? I'm not particularly pleased with that test but it sets my emotions against a vague definition and aligns them with the goal of something to be valued. Sort of. I dunno, use it if you want. Starting at the end, I think it's valued because it imparts a level of predictability which is still a generally valued trait. I'll have to think some more to see if I can come up with a description I like.
  5. What is it? Who can be said to have it? (Why) is it valued? I'm off to do some research on this topic but my guess is that the answers will vary tremendously depending on your personal philosophy and/or code of ethics.
  6. So, I did some research and it seems like the only reason flux tubes aren't a viable levitation solution is because the rate of change in field density of earth's magnetic field is too small. Now I know very little about electromagnetism, and even less about flux tubes, but isn't the answer just to make bigger flux tubes? My challenge to you smart and learned folk is this: either tell me why I'm wrong or tell me how big the tube would have to modulate to have an appreciable movement in earth's magnetic field. Assume all perfect conditions (ie: I don't give a damn about the weight of the flux tube itself).
  7. You're assuming that the conditions the brain resides in and operates with are identical. Quantum mechanics is the random number generator you're looking for. There is no guarantee that you will get identical results. Unless of course you are saying that absolutely all the quantum results are identical at which point you're not talking about reality you're talking about the equality of identical sets. IOW, yes, 5=5 but 2+3=5 is dependent on addition working the same in all realities. You've limited your scope beyond the reasonable restrictions of reality to enforce your theory. You'd get a more realistic result by asking if two identical universes starting at the same state will end at the same state. The answer to which is no.
  8. Well, not getting a lot of traction here as it seems everyone favors my 'we're all fucked' perspective. Anyone got an opinion on shadowstats.com? I'm thinking of starting a career in civil liberties journalism and I'm wondering if they're legit enough to rely on before I learn stats.
  9. However, I know that I don't know of any way to know what Others (as in those not currently known) are thinking. Is there anything better than Pew Polls for determining public opinion? I know that I don't know how to do the math required to validate my sources and so I wonder why people feel so comfortable using public opinion polls (*cough*news*cough*) when I know that odds are good (according to these same polls) that the people to whom these are being presented can't understand them. Which sounds like I 'don't watch the news because I'm stupid'. But at the same time, I feel like I'm hiding from misinformation that I would just as soon not have in my brain clogging up my garbage/useful filter. Or do you feel that an advanced understanding of statistics and sociology should be part of the civic duty to self-educate? Or use some other logic to explain why everyone should know this stuff? Dunno, just kinda a "WTF" thought that I wanted to write out.
  10. I don't know Snowcrash. ---------- Post added 12-05-2015 at 09:15 PM ---------- Is that a good thing?
  11. I can take it.
  12. That was my intention, yes.
  13. So, I decided to write a book. As much as it frightens me to accept criticism I would appreciate it nonetheless. So far I have 3.25 chapters ~18 pages. It's science fiction/fantasy about a guy who starts playing virtual reality. My hope is that the characters are believable and interesting while the world is understandable but not passe. Please let me know what you think. Google Doc
  14. Took a while for me to happen upon one but while listening this lyric struck me. Normally I have two options, identify with or disagree with. I can come up with a few reasons to do either. But now, with an ESFJ shadow I compare that desire against the behavior and values of an ESFJ and cross analyze that against why it would be telling me that and I have a new understanding possible. Which I will do later. I'm in the middle of cooking. ---------- Post added 11-29-2015 at 05:51 PM ---------- So, the perfectionism could be Ti doing its thing and my shadow is warning me that I'm getting too stressed and going to blow up at a mistake and make it worse.
  15. As someone with schizophrenia I experience a lot of out of the ordinary thoughts. So many so that I've been able to construct a number of observations about their behavior and I feel the general nature of my observations make them applicable to more than just myself. To start, the phenomenon; a synchronistic event occurs, for the sake of example I will use a song playing in the background and selected randomly (mostly) that suddenly provides insight into a situation. This happens a lot to me and sometimes I disagree or don't like what it says. Catalogue enough of these events and treat them as interactions with a being and suddenly you can type them. Mine was an ESFJ. Well that's odd, the externalized consciousness just happens to be my shadow? So, I've put some time into researching my shadow type and analyzing its interactions with my own. I'm confident that an understanding of the why and how of the machinations of these events will prove a useful step in finding harmony with the weirder aspects of life. Has anyone else experienced enough of these situations to get a read on the type? Is it your shadow? Have you already moved past me? What have you found?