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    "It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves." -C.G. Jung
  1. I would like to see more of the Empire. Add some dimension and humanity(For lack of a better term) to both sides of the equation. It is a very big universe. Seeing things from the perspective of non-Force users. The bounty hunters, the smugglers, the law enforcement, the soldiers trying to do their job, the people trying to live their lives as it gets turned upside down by civil war...It could be very rich story-telling ground.
  2. Attack on Titan is a quite a decent anime/manga for those that want to see some introverted or rational characters. For a show that involved people flying through the air, twin-swords in hand, while fighting giants, the characters get hit surprisingly often with the reality-stick. The first season of Darker than Black is another good one. A lot of Rationals and Introverts in that one. Second season is a bit iffy, but still has some good elements. Code Geass is quite entertaining. Fairly sure that there are few anime/manga fans that haven't heard of Death Note.
  3. Eh, if how men and women behave around one another is perceived as the problem, then there is no problem; half of the point of the training is to change a person's behavior into that of a soldier. Most of it is basic brainwashing, when you look at it.
  4. Saw it on Wednesday...I actually liked it, as did those I watched it with. Gave me a lot to think about and I think Star Wars might actually be back on an upward trajectory again.
  5. I honestly haven't had any interest in the Halo franchise since Halo 3. Felt like things were rather neatly tied up there.
  6. Played the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings 2. Played as one of the smallest houses in the Reach, House Webber, with only one County starting under my control. Managed to ruthlessly sieze several neighboring territories through fabricated claims and de Jure claims, before declaring independence from my lord when he had sent his men off to serve in a civil war for the Iron Throne. Through well-timed usage of mercenaries I got declared a proper lord within the Reach, answerable only to the Lord Paramount of the Reach. High diplomacy and continuing to grow my holdings allowed my ruler to befriend a number of useful people including the King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. This in spite of my character turning out to be a lesbian, and thus saddled with a relationship penalty. Managed to have a single son and three daughters. Oddly, my characters son turned out to be gay, as well. Like mother, like son. Still, when the Reach fell into control of the Baratheons, by a poorly thought out marriage, my heir manages to rally enough lords into declaring rebellion, by fabricating evidence that the young Lord Paramount was a bastard. With enough support to have me pushed as the next Lord Paramount, along with one other rebelling lord, we were able to crush the sitting Lord Paramount's armies between us. But, I managed to seize the capital and thus claim victory first. The other guy still wanted to fight me over it, but I asked the King to order him to stand down. Like his mother, he had managed to cultivate some strong ties with the throne. So, in two generations I went from controlling one county to about 1/7th of the continent. With time to spare. And over the course of the war, my ruler got knighted. Oh, and I had the previous Lord Paramount assassinated for good measure. Stupid kid was griping a bit too much, and I wanted his one remaining territory.
  7. Courtenay Taylor. I think she may have done the voicework for Jack from Mass Effect 2&3.
  8. She certainly seems to be trying to have a personality. It's just a lot of the attempts fall flat with me, like her apparent discomfort with the brutality of the arena games. That makes her uncomfortable, but feeding what could have been an innocent man to her two dragons, that was just.
  9. It's usually the same with me, with my choice being based on a mixture of which voice actor I prefer and whether or not the character can achieve the look I want. I basically came to the same decision on my playthrough of DA2, and it's gotten to the point where I prefer the female VA over the male it's hard for me to get invested with a male Hawke. And with most of the romantic options it doesn't matter which gender you choose. So, Sarcastic female Hawke ahoy! Same with Kingdoms of Amalur, with most of the male models looking so...bulky, which seemed at odds with my desire to play a speedy character. Sure it didn't matter stat-wise, but it just looked stupid. When those two things are otherwise comparable to one another, I usually just go with the gender that would make for a more interesting character.
  10. Well, the writing was subject to some very poor translation work. The story is only cliche now, because of so many games following the formula it set down. It's kind of how people don't see what's so special about Seinfeld. In any event, people have been clamoring for this since the days of the PS2. I can't say I'm not excited to see what they do with it. Wasted so many hours with freakin' chocobos. That being said, I would honestly like a remake FF9, too.
  11. Doesn't seem like enough at this point. It is one point that they have up on Sony, but it seems kind of pointless now. It could have had much more impact during the transition period to this current generation. But now, it can only be advertised as letting you play the last-gen games that you still own. Despite most of those that retain their old collections likely still having their old consoles.
  12. The magic masks the Faceless Men use seem to be some form of blood magic, not unlike what Melisandre performs or what Dany took advantage of to hatch her dragons. Arya tried to take advantage of that magic before she was ready and that seems to have come with a cost. Whether or not it's permanent is hard to say. And Bran, is presumably still far up North.
  13. Seems almost a given, seeing as how Tristane is sitting in Jaime's hands...hand.
  14. First Shireen, then Myrcella. It's like the only way to survive in that universe is to be reprehensible.