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    "It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves." -C.G. Jung
  1. I don't disagree with his actions, but sometimes doing the right thing involves living with the negative consequences.
  2. The interpretation of those principles has changed over time to keep up with new developments in the way the world works. Also, the text hasn't remained the same; we have these special additions called "amendments".
  3. Removing gators from the waters is a perpetually temporary solution in a place like Florida. They are pretty common around here and make a habit of casually crawling from one body of water to another.
  4. Cannot facepalm hard enough.
  5. Eh, we've seen government shutdowns over stupider issues.
  6. How many lawsuits has Trump had leveled against himself and his properties? What's the number that marks when he's crossed over into corruption-territory?
  7. A bit late for that, based on the support Trump has gotten so far.
  8. Because Putin is terrible?
  9. Eh, if you don't like what the mainstream comics are doing, look outside the mainstream. There are tons of smaller outfits making some brilliant, more maturely written stories out there. Mainstream is mainstream for a reason, they gotta appeal to everyone they can.
  10. Didn't this come out several months ago?
  11. Well, I've always wanted to watch a trashcan fire get tossed into a dumpster fire...
  12. What could possibly go wrong with letting highschoolers carry around pepper spray?
  13. It's nor particularly her fault. The world was and is still dealing with a great deal of international tensions, strife, and unpredictable bursts of violence. As Sajman said, you only have so many resources to divide up to cover assets around the world. And when things are stretched like that, a swift and exacting response is not always an achievable goal. Soldiers die. Civilians die. That is always a risk in these kinds of assignments. Could more of been done? Yes, but that's always going to be the case. One could have always done more for just about any situation, because it's impossible to plan for everything. You don't plan for extremely precise cases, but broad general situations, which doesn't always allow one to cover every factor. There's a lot of things Hillary should be criticized for, but painting Benghazi as some grand collapse from the top-down that is entirely on her shoulders is unrealistic. And it pays to remember that a lot of military training is poured into cultivating the whole "Band-of-Brothers" mentality. They feel like they all have each others backs and resent the loss of their own. That's intentional, but it doesn't foster objective outlooks on this kind of thing too often.
  14. This is the best thing I've ever read on the internet. EDIT: As an afterthought...Trump scares me because he'll simultaneously be the guy controlling our nuclear arsenal and the kind of guy that gets into petty feuds with television personalities.
  15. I'm sensing some bitterness from the OP...