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    4 and 5
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    ex-fundamentalist christian, ex-depression, job hopping, re-organizing
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    childcare, bro-tamer, nerd-inspirer
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    ring the bell that still can ring. forget your perfect offering. there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in. - Leonard Cohen
  1. I can't second that enough! Revenge is for obsessed depressed loserz.
  2. Yeah it sounds like fun to me. It'd be interesting to test it out with a good friend or with someone you know you dislike, just to make sure it's accurate.
  3. http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/19/pplkpr/ it deletes ppl who are bad for you, haha. ---------- Post added 01-30-2015 at 09:55 PM ---------- now im thinking one of those wristband things might be cool to have. this is perfect for those thinkers who have trouble knowing and trusting what they're feeling!
  4. ;D I can see how that might be a problem... I don't usually get limerence until something happens, so they overlap for me.

    Hope things get better!

  5. My problem is that I know the distinction all too well ;D

  6. Oh yes, good point. Too fast (and sloppy) for my own good that evening. Thanks

  7. I know limmerence and NRE are similar, but I feel like they aren't the same at all. NRE implies that there is actual contact, a real relationship happenin between you and the object of affection... whereas limmerence occurs in your mind whether or not you have any contact or real connection with your limmerent object.

  8. Ok, yeah I've heard that helps. I find it tough to rake a step back and view things impersonally, so that will be a great challenge for me :)
  9. Plotthickens you always ask the right questions. And thanks for lifting me up :) This forum is so full of extremes. I love it :) haters and lovers, smart asses and dumbasses all in the same loony bin - ah haha hahaaa. And the definitions change depending on who u ask.
  10. Thanks to everyone trying to help. I know I need to choose better who I spend time with in my life, and not just people who will make me cry and waste my time.
  11. I wouldn't say he tries to isolate me. It's something I do to myself, that's for sure. He doesn't like it when I go out so I always try to invite him or just not go simply because I know he doesn't like it... I know the answer I guess I just tend to sabotage myself and I get little glimpses of hope from him. I'm so much the weak female of the day
  12. i also like how you have a visitor message wall now :3

  13. I understand these terms, but it'd be kinda silly if you didnt explain those acronyms just in case i didn't XD. in a nutshell this is my concern. but also my relationship is a lil fucked up too. so yeah.