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    Left handed super intuitive.
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    A foolhardy attempt at being a people person.
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    reading, writing, petting puppies.
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    "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"
  1. I'm an infp male. I shut down hardcore.. I Have questions if you could please email me targetchicken@gmail. I've been labeled an infp 6 years ago when was in school for tv. we had to take psychological test and attend seminars but I've never really looked into it till today and it fits.. please and thank you. best of luck on your ventures

  2. Yes and no. Part of the excitement and enthusiasm of those earlier relationships was based in their novelty, that newness. It's silly to think that riding the same roller coaster twenty times in a row you'll still feel that same giddiness while waiting on line to ride it for the 19th time. That's not how hormones and the frontal lobe works. That's life man. Human nature 101. Also as others have pointed out, those last few girls really meant nothing to you (besides external trophies of sorts to show off to people and show up your dad etc.) Look for people who genuinely excite you, mentally and physically, the rest will follow. Bingo. If you step back and examine this it's clear those last few girls were clearly defensive measures you set up to prevent yourself from really investing and hurting yourself further. You were hurt bad by girl number 5 and compensating for that hurt with stupid, hot, girls with the hope that they'd fill the void this other person left. Oh fuck, daddy issues rearing their ugly head! I've dealt with a few men with daddy issues and they internalize those issues so deeply and so thoroughly it eventually becomes an ingrained part of their habits and personality to the point where they are unable to really step out of themselves and examine how their father's behaviors have impacted and created their own. The fact that you recognize that your Dad's behavior is closely linked to your own is a step in a positive direction. If you haven't already I would sit down with a therapist and examine what exactly is going on here. As your Dad's behavior is completely unhealthy (and feels like it could be a defense mechanism in it's own right) and it seems you've taken on those habits for numerous reasons which are all worth investigating and understanding. This. You really need to resolve this. This will take time, perspective (a therapist), and a willingness to change. This This This! I agree with Zibber on the internal conflict front. I think you crave a real connection and authenticity but the problem with allowing yourself that is that you set yourself up to be hurt again, and that's a really fucking hard thing to allow yourself the potential to happen again. You're human. Also, I would disagree with Zibber about talking with her. She is in your past, leave her there. Appreciate what you had, grapple with it, and examine it, but don't reopen old wounds by contacting her. I think you need to figure out what key things you're looking for in a woman and in a long term relationship. I would bet you care far less about looks then you think you do (or society dictates you should). Best of luck!
  3. What about women? Is there a correlation between ball size and sexism in women? I for one love me a big ball sack...one that needs to be all mashed up into some briefs in order to be contained and that totally bobs up and down rhythmically when the guy is running in a pair of those baggy running shorts... mmmmm mmmm, thats some good ball sack-age going right there.
  4. Amazing hair! (as always)

  5. Oh hey Hobbs, looking spiffy. Smile ;D

  6. Weee!! I'm an enigma! :)

  7. the mysterious hobbes returns

  8. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

  9. in regards to guys and hot girls...I really haven't seen this sense of entitlement. If there is something of this nature present in society though, I would definitely blame it on the media. But then again, I blame everything on the media.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6MSkG5txAA
  11. Borderline Personality Disorder... Just read this. http://www.bpdfamily.com/bpdresources/nk_a101.htm
  12. Sounds pretty classically like borderline personality disorder. Cut ties and run. Fast. http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline_personality_disorder