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    i'm watching you

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  1. *waves and smiles*
    *waves more and smiles more*

    1. Calica


      :wideeyed: *waves*

      *lovingly scatters onion leaves*

      *waves at some more*

  2. You're gaming like back in the day, husband. :popcorn:

    1. reiven


      i know, right?


    2. Artio


      Just don't hurt yourself. You're not a young forumite anymore.

  3. decapitate me again, you coward. (ok.. maybe said in an online game) anything that'll make ya paranoid and impotent... gimme more of that! (ok... said by robin williams about his cocaine habit) hmmm... i think miley sirus is cuter now than when she was illegal (sooo many reasons why surely no one has said that before)
  4. fortitude accounts for nothing... styrofoam says i; gimme styrofoam.
  5. have you heard the new marilyn manson / brad paisley tune?
  6. height divided by width equals circumference.
  7. we're proposing a new wallpaper design modelled on blood spatter patterns.
  8. the difference between tooth paste and preparation H is irrelevant.
  9. i liked things the way things were, when all was different, and consistent, and unchangingly altered.
  10. actually, the peloponnesian war was by Thucydides, and it was the hardest book i've ever tried to read. i read about half of it on the first try, then about 50 pages on the second go around. he was such a dry and boring writer.
    Herodotus, on  the other hand, was a joy to read.

    1. Sarea


      I tried to read Herodotus in sequential order (of the chapters) but couldn't be disciplined enough! ;D

      I had to read about Gyges who killed King Candaules due to lusting after the Queen. 

  11. breathholding i am not in waitingness for a brighter newday. (things yoda never said)
  12. when the sun goes up, there's always such a epiphanal exuberansness in my heart
  13. if only i'd kept that station waggon, Gone With The Wind might've received more awards.
  14. pickles and parachutes; you must own one to appreciate the other.
  15. Correct who said Monkeys weren't clever.;):p:cool::laugh: