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  1. Kids like to explore. Little kids (and everyone else who doesn't want to see sudden wang, frankly) are less likely to run into them if the urinal section is separate from the general public section.
  2. Just one unisex bathroom with stalls + one section with urinals + a sanitary/condom dispenser would be much cheaper actually. Who cares? Let people do what the fuck they want.
  3. Thinks of good thread idea Remembers/realizes what kind of responses it will get <10% Interesting, thoughtful replies >90% Negative/aggressive shitposts Decides to talk to people in real life about it instead Get 100% thoughtful replies, many of which turn into great conversations Reaffirm choice not be drowned in shitposts ... Postrate continually decreases.
  4. Because it sets us free. In the vast absolute winter of the universe, we are the only fire. Burn.
  5. For the obvious purposes of ending greedy land-grabbing and extortionist pricing, maybe. But it may have a different effect: to make one think of 'fair' and 'fairness' in games and in real estate. It's certainly making an impression on the people on this thread and those who know of the game's origins.
  6. Ooooooo. pictures?
  7. Fascinating thread. Monopoly was originally designed to show the shittiness of unchecked capitalistic land-grabbing. The two different sets of rules of the original "Landlord Game" give a great insight into what the creator thought; the posts in this thread give great insights into the posters' attitudes on fairness, monopolies, and capitalism.
  8. That's your choice. You could choose not to. The only ways that anyone cannot make changes in their life is in cases of abuse or slavery or a combination of the two. As much as they're let. Long-term relationships are agreements. Agreeing to sacrifice one's happiness and career for three kids is a choice, but not one I'd make. In fact, we were sterilized ASAP because we're Childfree by Choice. It sounds like you're terrified by choices without understanding the situation in which those choices evolve. That's like being afraid of being demoted or fired from your job before you've begun working at it. Cross that bridge later, and treat all the knowledge leading to it as learning opportunities, not horrible portents.
  9. Trader Joe's Concentrated Portabello Mushroom Soup. It's an emulsifier, will keep disparate elements whole even after freezing and defrosting... and it tastes DELICIOUS!
  10. I share you views and goals. I was only pointing out the definitions that literally everyone else uses, because words mean things. Suddenly you're accusing people of calling you "bigot" and "racist" and you're accusing me of having "propaganda"? When I merely posted definitions? I would have liked to discuss with you the various flavors of pro-choice and pro-lifers, which actually break down rather fascinatingly when you look at more nuanced data, but being immediately labeled like that lets me know that's not an option right now. I'd be glad to share them whenever you want; they seem to say that your views are actually quite widespread and you're not as alone as you might think.
  11. #5. Razor sharp.
  12. That's the definition of pro-choice.
  13. That's a good point. Hm. I just did a remodel in the second-most regulated city in our state, and that wasn't too bad. I wouldn't mind running all new wiring and outlets, honestly, though I was hoping not to have to take apart the interior wall too. Hm.
  14. We're 2-6 months out from a forced kitchen remodel. There are termites in our cabinets, so we're going to rip it all out and re-do it. Since we don't know the extent of the damage -- nor how stupidly it was built in the 1950's (buttonboard!) -- we might have to go all the way down to the studs and the joists. It almost certainly needs insulating and new wiring so opening the bays is probably a good idea. We're definitely hiring people for this. What should I watch out for? What should I do to prepare? What do you wish you'd done differently? What did you find helpful?
  15. Betcha it's "Anything new". You can go to an online site, such as kongregate.com , and play a wide variety in your browser for free.