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  1. I'm sure you do, since she's creating the space for the kind of dreck you just posted. Nothing self-serving about that at all.
  2. Why are you starting so many threads that focus on race?
  3. ►link
  4. Beautiful! You're going to have to make sure this is far enough away from your selfie rat kabab stand, though. Instead of cats, how about INTJs?
  5. ...says the person who canned a library of forumite sauerkraut. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: (Also, the water filter selfie was pure gold.)
  6. Too much money laundering, though, and you sleep with the fishes.
  7. Very glad to hear this. Hope you'll post further updates.
  8. Compared to what?
  9. What? Demoted!
  10. Yup! Happier all round.
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  12. Nono! You're in charge!
  13. Death sandwich with cheese.
  14. Amendment: All the NTPs and Cak.