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  1. Can you go without the kids?
  2. That's an interesting choice of word. You say things feel normal with him. Was there another time in your life when normalcy looked a lot like this?
  3. This sounds to me like a lack of trust. I would start there, though not sure what to suggest beyond that because I think our relationship communication tendencies are pretty different.
    1. vampyroteuthis


      This looks really cool! My only worry would be cleaning it properly. In the Q&A some people said it was easy but didn't specify if that's without a dishwasher. Damn Americans. I want to make stir-fried zucchini noodles!

  4. I can't say I have a genuine desire to help you, because I'm very creeped out by your talk of repeatedly showing up at his place unannounced and of disregarding the things he explicitly says to keep you at a distance on the basis of your supposed mind reading skills. I do hope that you get whatever help you will need to see that this is stalking, but I can't muster up the emotional stance towards you that you seem to require in order to take anyone seriously.
  5. IOW you don't respect him and are not concerned about whether you have his consent. That's clear from how you're describing repeatedly stalking him, but you don't seem to be seeing it.
  6. What about consent and respect for other people's stated wishes? Do you not let those stand in your way either?
  7. This is worrying, because it suggests that you're so committed to discrediting what he explicitly says that you are not even thinking about consent.
  8. Most of the Ps I know, including myself, had the opposite experience of this. And you are implying that judging is superior to perspective, but I'm also not sure what you think these terms mean as you seem to conflate P with the absence of an analytical framework capable of generating conclusions. Which seems to me frankly bizarre.
  9. Most of the questions in these lists seem very Forer-y. I didn't find the INTP one jarringly off, but then most of the others weren't jarringly off either. The FP one was in fact jarringly off but mostly because the vagueness irritated me and the whole thing sounded self important. So irritatingly self important that I couldn't tell who was being self important -- if it was the imaginary FPs or the people who wrote this article -- because I was too irritated by all the self importance. (I should be in bed now.) Between the authentically "holding space" and the "no matter what the fight" bit I couldn't tell if they're saving each other seats at a healing circle or preparing to fight in bloody battle. But yeah. I thought many of these read like multiple formulations of the same vague, general ideas.
  10. Poet with a hint of crime.
  11. Tang Qi - To The Sky Kingdom Enjoyed it so much that I've been carrying my Kindle everywhere and rereading bits of it at random all week after finishing it on Saturday.
  12. Fingers crossed. Hope he gets well soon.
  13. I love the laundry pods. They make going to the laundromat much easier. I have some Indian cotton and silk clothes (many of which are dyed with indigo and need to be washed individually) as well as some nice hats and old sweaters. Washing machines can be rough on clothes, so I have a wash tub in the bathroom and use Woolite for handwashing. Some of the sweaters are older than I am so those get dry cleaned.
  14. I've been killing mice lately and I'm being haunted by one in particular. It was alive on the glue trap when I went to get it, and there were some lamp cords near it. It looked me in the eye and started scrabbling and hanging on to the lamp cords, making it difficult for me to grab the trap. (It's already a difficult operation because I wrap two plastic bags around my hand before picking up the trap.) I think it knew I was Death coming for it. When I killed it to avoid letting it die slowly in the communal garbage bin, I heard its death squeak. This is the sort of thing most people don't want to hear about.