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  1. What happened to you? Are you ok?

  2. At this point I've kind of accepted that my clothes will almost always fit poorly. Can't afford tailoring at the moment. I have nothing nice enough and nothing I like enough to go to the expense.
  3. Not necessarily in regards to men's pants. Jeans, for example, can be as little as half an inch to as much as 3 inches bigger than the labeled size. I'll try to dig up the article. And a lot of smaller women are being forced into the teen/kid sections because they are being sized out of straight sizes. Sizing has always been inconsistent.
  4. Exactly. And thus we see the hypocrisy of feminists. Agency only when it is not painful or "scary" to employ, and none, when it is convenient.
  5. I don't chat people up in general and I really don't talk to women. Anyway, you're really not getting it. Education is great and we all know bullying is wrong but bullying (and catcalling) will continue to happen. Doesn't matter how many tears one spills or the number of whiny blog posts one writes. It's simply the way this world is. And if my child was being bullied my advice would be to do whatever you need to do to stop it. Bullies don't care about education. The only thing they understand is strength and physical correction. So cry or do something about it. And I have zero expectations regarding other people. I expect nothing. No help, no whatever.
  6. Don't like it? Do something about it. I can't be bothered to intervene for a female who of course has agency and is equal to any man. That would be demeaning, so I won't be saying anything to men who catcall. I just don't care. Life is hard for everyone, not just women.
  7. you poor, poor thing. Such a victim because those darn womenkind with their vaginas don't like harassment and are on edge all the time. What whiny bitches amirite.

  8. Right. Let's sugarcoat the truth so she's not "stressed out". Wouldn't want to make her feel bad about trashing her body. There's no way to avoid the stress, in reality. "Hey, I'm worried about you and I think you have a problem" is going to induce stress in addicts.
  9. Yup a real friend would leave them the fuck alone and allow their sick friend to destroy themselves.
  10. They don't care about freedoms or ethics. SJWs are ultimately narcissists. It's all about THEM and muh feelz and their sneauxflaique "identities."
  11. r/1200isplenty
  12. But you'd entertain it. Be honest.
  13. Should probably amend this to: catcalling sucks when uggos/poor people do it. But if it's a hottie and/or someone with money...well then...bring it on.
  14. Can't suggest much else either than find a tailor or learn to sew. Pants aren't much of an issue for me other than actually finding my size is challenging. I need a 32 inseam. Good luck finding that combined with a waist of 34 or lower. I'm also being sized out of shirts. I'm swimming in Mediums as they tend to come with a lot of gut space and smalls are too short. I can't recall ever coming across a tall small.