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  1. i might miss you. hypothetically.

  2. Do you have an entry? =D?

  3. I thought the graphics were acceptable, save a few low res textures. I also thought the voice acting is better than most RPGs. And the scope of the game is more than satisfying to me. I'm able to stay interested in the side quests, versus something like current mmo's where side quests are trash.
  4. 50 hours in. On the hardest difficulty with power armor and my modded super sledge I'm already pretty much impervious to life in the wasteland at level 25. I find this troubling. I've been running around in grognak's costume instead or in plain clothes to up the challenge. I stopped raising my stats and damage in favor of the lock pick and security perks. I'm about 3/4 through the main quest I think. By the feel of things. I do a lot of wandering. =p STR 7, PER 7, AGL 6, CHR 7, INT 4, LUK 1
  5. I usually write about morally despotic, schizophrenic youths fucking and killing each other.
  6. Zac brown band. Tool before that. That's it. They're the only ones carrying it forward.
  7. Yep! Extra week extension is given!
  8. There shouldn't be a lot of pressure guys. Usually the most creative minds are the less tense ones, bros.
  9. Not always. Most of my "best" poems come about in five or ten minutes. But I'm always cranking them out.
  10. Yeah, by deadline I'll stretch it out a bit if we're under 7
  11. I heard it the exact same way when it came out.
  12. Only three entries so far! The field is open guys!
  13. He changed his mind about the ABAB format.