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    I am born in 1987. My wife is an INFJ.
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    England - Work in London Commute from Kent
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    Financial Services
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    Soccer, Bodybuilding, Comics, Wrestling, Illustration, Strategy & Fxrame Gxames
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    I want to be the man who can draw so many things, so well and in so many different ways.
  1. Woo-hoo - got put on a 6 week plan to prove I am looking to improve. Fail the plan and I will have my employment terminated. Life is awesome. They're trying to get rid of people - pre-brexit.
  2. Well had the outcomes finalized today. 0% pay increase for 3rd annual review in a row. I never achieved a pay rise since I joined. The openness is not typical of their feedback. I am very close friends with my supervisor. In reality, he is not meant to be supervising me as he is too junior, but no one at a more appropriate level was interested. He also hasn't done too well this year and realizes his promotion was a bit of a fluke now too. As for doing better next year: with the rating I was given, it is unlikely a promotion would materialize in 12 months. Especially when I would say there is an 18 month waiting /potential list. So I am looking at 2 years. So its clear I should move on now. What's really important and I am glad I stayed though, I got to learn about the politics and what I had done wrong. Now I can go elsewhere and navigate it better. If I had left before, I would have run into the same issues. At least now I can build and have confidence I know what I am doing.
  3. So had a sit down with my "Career Manager" and was told: The Partners didn't care I was unpaid. As I had been a Consultant for 3 years, I was automatically given a rating that I am past my sell by date (which lots of the company got I am told). They felt I hadn't navigated the landscape of the company well (my Manager said this is their terminology for Politics). Salary is to be confirmed on Monday. However I have been told to expect no change. I was told if I am to stay and get promoted: I need to continue delivering a project and need more Senior Managers who know me and will back me in the closed rooms. Apparently that's my weakness. The Partner's know of me. But I don't have the managers one grade below them who know me and back me in the room acting as advocates. My Manager had no work development points for me. =/ Simply befriend some SMs - who I have none I am working for and have their own entourages.
  4. This is a fair and good question counterstrike. Let's see what is my last formal written feedback from my current Career Manager and Previous. 2016 - 2014, most recent first I actually didn't get a formal review in 2015 - just a phone call, so nothing in the system itself. I personally think when i read it, not really told much to what detailed steps I need to take. The only real opinions seem to be - have a bigger network and try get a project with people above and below me - which i currently don't have.
  5. basically this - i have 3200 connections. you need to be careful, as if you add too many randoms and they press I don't know this person, it can cause issues for your account. otherwise, its not facebook, most people will accept your request as its a work site. and if you want lots of new contacts quickly, there are ways to get that too.
  6. I'm hardcore, i'd have them both! Seriously, for fucking Agelina. for Wifing, Jennifer seems less likely to cheat and screw me over. Both seem like pain in the asses though.
  7. Results of annual review been delayed until 07 November. But early indications are I'll be around for another year - and then either promoted (unlikely) or paid of to leave (profitable). So my question now is: what could I do afterwards? and If you had 1 year to prepare for leaving, what would you do? I don't think I have really gained much at all from my last 3 years of work tbh. What's the general route people take after working in the big consulting/professional services firms space? Despite byhisello99's post, I've come to the conclusion my career has been the other way round, so I feel the work I have done now hasn't added much value to me.
  8. Consultant. I go out and be chargeable for projects. You seem aware I do not have a passion. So may I ask why you continue to pursue this line of thought? Unless you know a way to inject me with it, it seems you lack the ability to adapt advice to a situation. I do not view work as a burden. I am acknowledging work is not going well for me right now. I discussed this viewpoint with friends in the company and few who had left. The irony of what you said is, we all found it to be the other way round. An interesting perspective indeed.
  9. I've worked for 6 years now. In that time I've worked for the UK's largest Outsourcer, One of the Big 4 as a Contractor, The UK's largest retail and commercial bank as a Contractor and I have spent the past 3 years at the biggest Technology Consulting / Professional Services firm in their Capital Markets and Banking divisions. In hindsight, I haven't navigated the company well and done a hodge-podge of MC and TC projects. I didn't understand career building and networking as I had come from a target based line of work in all my previous companies where you are known for your numbers. This was my first time doing actual Consulting work and I think its only in the past year I have understood "the game" so to speak. The company operates on an up or out policy. i.e. every year you get promoted to the next level or you get counselled out of the organisation (i.e. you're paid off to leave quietly). I'll find out how I have fared this 01 Dec. I am at the last stage before promotion to Manager (Year 3 Consultant). Though, since joining in November 2013, I have never received a pay increase. I am £43,000 Gross. I am now paid less than a year 1 Consultant who receives £4k more. Speaking with my own career manager, they seemed disheartened and I get the impression if I am not out this year, it is only by exception I will be out next year. I lack the senior network to support me staying in. Admittedly this is an impression as they cannot tell me outcomes at this stage. Though if I stay, perhaps my salary would finally be corrected. Or at last made to match that of a Y1 consultant. So I find myself in an odd situation. My salary makes it too low to feel its worthwhile moving. I am either kicked out this December or next Dec (unless I miraculously get promoted). My understanding is getting kicked out leads to a decent redundancy payment too. I am married, with wife and 2 kids and a mortgage. I live slightly outside London. My wife does not work and I still pay a student loan. Post tax, we literally get by exactly on my existing salary (£30k net). Once I am out, what kind of options seem realistic for me to pursue? My perception is return to contracting. However, does anyone think its possible to return to a different company as a permanent post redundancy?
  10. Arson - 1/4 Assault - 3/4 Drug Dealer - 4/4 Rape - 2/4 Total 10/16 Criminals correctly identified.
  11. I don't know if these are polite, but this is what I do I tell them I don't like them. "I don't like you..." I don't think I respond. I think I tune out and let them talk shit. I tell them. "You're too high maintenance." No, I'd never say please. Chill out maybe. I know I lack the manners for please. If its someone attacking you, tell them to "Mind your business." If you're in the mood for a fight "Thanks for the compliment, anything else you like about me?"
  12. I was a bit socially retarded as a young guy. Right at the point where I would have developed a personality shell to grow on - I was unwell at the age of 20 for a year.

    The year I was away from people caused my personality to change a lot.

    Due to my lack of social practice and being hurt by my lack of true friends, I made a conscious decision at that time to become more "me" but with a maximum loud and proud mindset.

    I thought its better to be yourself with the volume turned up to 11 than various masks. It would invite people into my world and reality and let them choose to join me.

    Its also at this time, I decided there are 3 people. Friends, Enemies and Neutrals (i.e. I am apathetic to them).

    I say it could be an error as in my career - I have people I hate and consider enemies, who I need things from. So I sort of need to win them over. But I dislike them so I don't. It hurts my career.

    It was 10 years ago I got into this mindset. I had to adapt before. Perhaps excessive honesty can be a weakness.

  13. not sure I have ever worried about being desired by people. i still lust after other women from a visual pov. though don't do anything beyond look. i would like to believe i had options outside of my family life if I was ever forced back down that route. but I am not actively looking for such signals and re-assurance.
  14. No error at all. Honesty is the way to go! You being direct may make some uncomfortable, but I value it. So many are fake snakes nowadays.

  15. Early on in my sexual relationship with my wife, she admitted, i think during intercourse she thought I was like the Bollywood actor Salman Khan (which really means, she was imaging getting dicked by Salman Khan). How did I react? I didn't care cos sometimes when fucking my wife, I close my eyes too and imagine whichever woman i was perving on that day in the office and think I am fucking her instead. Often this results in better sexual performance by myself too. Hey it is dark - and once the lights are out, a lot it feels the same! Otherwise, its a recurring role play (which I instigate), where I sneak up on my wife, pretend I am Salman Khan instead of me and proceed to fuck her before her husband comes home. Its fun.