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  1. You have your old avatar, cool! Of course I miss a lot, so maybe you've had it since the new forum got up and running. :dozey: ness over and out of it. XD

    1. gypsy stardust

      gypsy stardust

      I've had it, but I haven't been around a lot over the last month or so. I'm too busy having a stroke over the election and the results.

    2. ness2361


      The square makes it clearer; it's awesome.

      If I didn't have the debilitating diseases I wouldn't hang around here so much, but as I do, hmm, I do. :-)

      I gave myself a hobby in the game thread "Give A Hobby To the Member Above You... And it's about Trump. I save some of my sanity with humor; some days a whole lot of it.

  2. I don't do guilt-trips. If it sounds like one to me (when I'm in the situation) I'm not going to oblige. I have to assume if this friend is really that great of a friend that 'of course you'll be there, you're family' then they would know I'd rather dig my eyes out with a plastic spork than go to a christmas social. Since knowing that is a given, the only reason you would say something like 'of course you'll be there...' is because you're trying to guilt-trip me. So, nope.
  3. Sounded manipulative to me, but I don't know the person. If I thought the person was being manipulative - yes, that's a bad friend.
  4. The time for this discussion was 7 years ago. Since that obviously didn't happen, get out now. Do not bring a child into this mess.
  5. No. You're not alone. Politics and religion are two areas I will never advocate for compromising in or for a relationship. These both - to me - get at the vital, most basic core of a human being. Too much of a difference between the two people and they are ultimately doomed.
  6. Precisely. If it did, I would feel very happy. I would laugh, and laugh while he babysat or did whatever it was he volunteered me to do.
  7. I hate the phone. I text with my husband, daughter, and her boyfriend all the time, but struggle for something interesting to say if I have to talk to any of them. Luckily, the position I'm in right now doesn't require a lot of phone contact. If my desk phone rings twice in a month that's a lot. IM and email are the most efficient ways for me to work. I'm fortunate to work in a very tech and electrical engineering heavy company. I barely register on the introversion scale in this company.
  8. When I was pregnant and we were talking about names, my husband who is a jr, flat out refused to create a III. He also struck both his brothers' names, his nephew's name (the one NOT named for his father), and his friends names. Luckily, we had a girl. He can't stand the confusion either. He also hated being "little" blank. In his case, it's even more confusion because he was named exactly the same as his father. His father, however, went by his middle name, and so, against his mother's wishes, my husband was also called by his middle name. I have my grandmother's first name (sort of, the American version instead of the Italian version but the intent was I was named for her), as my middle name. I narrowly escaped being named for both of my grandmothers or his mother entirely, as my father wanted. Good thing my cousin was born 6 months before me and my uncle "stole" their mother's middle name for the middle name of their daughter - drove my father INSANE.
  9. He's been open enough to tell you that he believes it wouldn't work, because of some things about you, specifically. I imagine it is something that he knows he can't get past but it isn't in his right, nor would it be fair to you, to ask you to change for him. If you enjoy his company and you can keep going with things as they are without catching feelz, go for it. But, judging by your question, I don't hold out much hope you can.
  10. It's almost too much.
  11. Don't go overboard. You're just about there with the mug.
  12. Let it go. There is no hope of reconciliation. Do yourself a favor and cut all communication with her, permanently.
  13. My husband's family is like this. Drives me crazy. You never know who you're talking about. His brother and sister-in-law had two children, one male, one female. Each named for their same sex parent. The son went on to have a son named for him. Fortunately, the daughter had only one child - a son - named for... HIS FATHER.
  14. This is probably about it. It's a difficult situation. Coming at it from the other direction. A few weeks ago, I was at a beef and beer fundraiser and someone I grew up with but haven't seen in probably 20 years was there. I recognized him, I don't think he recognized me - if he did, he didn't say anything to me. I wanted to have a little chat with him, but wound up chickening out and didn't approach him. I was afraid the conversation would turn to my family - his family and mine were friends back in the day. If things went that way, it would have been bad. In the last 4 years, my cousin was murdered, her father killed himself, and my aunt died - she used to babysit him, so he probably would have asked. I didn't want to lay all that on him if he didn't know already. We kept it pretty quiet, so odds are he wouldn't have known.