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  1. "Man, Woman, Nature" by Alan Watts
  2. How it works in "__________, The Conqueror" and "________________, The Destroyer of Worlds".
  3. Actually Trumps rise can be credited mostly to the MSM seemingly being largely rigged against him. That the establishment seemed so against him is what made him so attractive as an anti-establishment candidate. Had they just let him be and ignored him like they did in the past, none of this would have happened.
  4. Trump wants to build a giant wall with his face on it, Hillary is in the way.
  5. She is rumored to be rude and to look down on everyone who isnt in her elite circles, its not a stretch.
  6. I was burned out on this election before it was cool.
  7. No, though I have done some research on the tulpa phenomenon, seems like it may have potential as an interface with the subconscious, though it looks a bit time consuming. May give it a whirl if I ever end up stuck like that guy from Johny got his gun though.
  8. If your boundaries are weak people will walk all over you, and if you let them do it once they will do it again and again and invite their friends. A specific strategy that comes to mind on how to enforce your boundaries in this case. If your sister is planning to leave the baby with you despite you telling her no, you may want to simply leave before she comes or before she leaves, that way she is left with no option but to conform to your boundary, from there she will learn that she should not have been counting on you being a pushover and correct her behavior in the future.
  9. Well obviously they are not going to support the pro-immigration one...
  10. I've been to those cabins, nice to visit, but I kinda like the perks of living in society more.
  11. You may want to check out the concept of the two minds, the observing mind and the thinking mind. A technique that you may find useful for stopping your thoughts and realizing this duality of mind is to ask yourself the question "What will my next thought be?". This should create a clear space of pure awareness in you as you the observer search for your next thought, and then just sit back and let it be, and become whatever it will. I do this all the time and I can actually feel the tension melting away.
  12. I would find it amusing.
  13. My reaction was that if none of the unpc things about trump were public knowledge, how many would still be pulling support? Trump probably has a better idea on that, as would his fellow Republicans on his character, so basically yeah.
  14. Milla Jovovich - The Divine Comedy