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  1. You know how when you are trying to remember a name and it never comes to you until you stop trying to remember it? That's pretty much what I do. I'll have an intention, and then I will just trust my mind to either solve it or to deal with not solving it, and just try to relax and let it do its thing. And if time runs out or I'm impatient, I'll just pick an option trusting that whichever one I pick is the best I can do.
  2. What if this is it?
  3. People are what they are, all you can do is try to choose how you will react to them. If they only respect stupid measures, and you want their respect, then you will either have to get stronger in those measures or continue not getting their respect. Me, I try to keep in mind that when you wrestle a pig, even if you win, you still had to wrestle with a pig.
  4. Those in the know (like me), know the Earth is torus shaped. We laugh at flatearthers and sphereearthers alike.
  5. For all I know, everything and everyone could be an elaborate illusion. Even with the most magical of future tech, I still don't see any way I could know for sure if I wasn't in the matrix.
  6. If everything else was cooked it was probably the egg. However, I've gotten the shits from egg rolls too, the premade kind frozen in a box. I knew I shouldnt have when I bought them, but I gave into weakness, and then I paid the price. Also, you may want to read up on canola oil, though that probably isnt what did you in.
  7. Please dont assume my prejudices, thanks.
  8. I think that practice is a good bet for improvement.
  9. People often have attachments holding them back, you might think of them as strings connected to various ideas pulling you in different directions, sometimes the tension becomes too great and some of the strings... snap, and you find yourself no longer attached to things like the fear of rejection, the avoidance of pain, or... moral convictions.
  10. You do it (interacting with society) again and again until you get the results you want. Constantly work on expanding your comfort zone with new people, new experiences, new experiments, and new knowledge, confident people tend to be those who do this, sometimes its becuase they naturally get good results and sometimes they just have the tenacity to keep going in the face of adversity, most are the later.
  11. Normally I like to drive a bit below the speed limit, as I like to enjoy the drive and give myself plenty of space. With that said, I think it is safest for all involved for me to go with traffic, regardless of the speed limit, as people are animals that are prone to doing stupid things when they encounter... outliers. But... idiots and maniacs all of them
  12. People tend not to like the guys who pretend to be someone they aren't just to manipulate them into liking them, its what nice guys do, and it's what nice guys often do when they try to act like assholes instead. Aside from the unattractive weakness of character that will often drive the behavior, much of human to human communication is done on a subconscious level, a level that doesn't lie and can't be fully consciously overidden. So what happens when you are coming from a place of believing that your partner would not like the real you and you have to compensate by being nice to get what you want from them? It gets communicated, and suddenly the genuine asshole is the more attractive option than the scheming nice guy.
  13. If by I you mean I, by myself you mean myself, by me you mean me, and by you you mean you, then I agree enthusiasticly.