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  1. Reality is whatever you are experiencing it as. Reality beyond what you are experiencing? Is that which you are not experiencing. Someone could tell you about it, and you would experience them telling you about it. If you believe them you could then experience a belief about it, but you could not know it for yourself until you are experiencing it. And even then, it would just be another experience.
  2. I found it an interesting story. So... when you heard them talking about the other guy's motorcycle accident, did your mind construct a false memory of you racing the Corvette, or was that a genuine memory that was cut and pasted into preceding your memory of waking up in the hospital, which was prior to you hearing the conversation? Of the infinitesimal odds, what are the odds that I would be here with these genetics, typing these words, in this post, at this place and time? I'd say the only difference is that the incident you describe is more remarkable and has a more evident contrast when compared with specific alternatives.
  3. Impending doom can have the effect of forcing one into a state of surrender, where there is no other option but to go with the flow. In this state one is freed from the burden of trying to choose what one should be doing to get to where one wants to go, which for many people is a constant source of anxiety. It also evokes a clear sort of knowledge of who one actually is, how far one actually made it in life, what one should appreciate about life, and a realization of all of the petty things that weren't worth getting upset over and aren't worth spoiling what life they have left. Extreme circumstances can also force the mind into a state where it isn't concerned with creating opinions about life anymore, instead dedicating its energy to dealing with the situation in the moment. Without opinions and comparisons of past and future, the mind goes into its default neutral state, without resistance. Without resistance, the mind is at peace.
  4. It is a good balance of nutrients, efficiency, flavor, and temperature, carefully designed from the ingredient level to fit into the rest of my current diet.
  5. Reheated sweet potato chili with some cheese on top and a frozen banana, strawberry, kale, nut butter smoothie.
  6. In my opinion, the act of deliberately causing unnecessary pain or harm, whether it is a human or an animal suffering it, is the antithesis of the greater good that should be pursued (by those concerned with ethics and morals). For many people, proper nutrition without meat isnt widely understood by and/or affordable for many. Bullfighting however, is obviously unnecessary. These people who take pleasure in things for no better reason than "tradition" make me wonder if they wouldnt enjoy anything if it were only traditional. With how horrific bullfighting is, I wouldn't put anything past them.
  7. Only the smart ones.
  8. Going with the muscle building analogy, sometimes stress leads to building strength other times it can be destructive. If the stress is manageable for the individual and used in proper form under the right conditions the individual is ore likely to grow from it, if not accidents or irreparable damage can happen, or the muscles can become monstrous, unwieldy, or in the wrong proportions.
  9. Stop being a bed baby and go take a cold shower already.
  10. That's a really good quote. I'm not sure about the science or experiences he derives his TOE from, but his philosophy is solid.
  11. There will always be problems no matter what you do. If you give up you will have hermit/bum problems, if you get a career you will have career problems, if you get a wife you will have wife problems, if you are fortunate enough to live long enough you will have old people problems. If life becomes too good you will lose appreciation for it and things will go bland. There is no salvation here, it's just one situation after another and all you can do is decide how you will deal with them. Will you accept them in stride or will you hamper yourself through anxiety and futile resistance? Will you smile in the face of adversity or will you allow it to control you? Will you blaze a path of strength or will you follow a path of weakness? Life is war, the strong thrive and the weak suffer, and strength is built from the inside out, choice by choice, action by action. Maybe you make all of the right moves and life still screws you, at least in the end you will know you gave it your all. Platitude, platitude, motivational platitude, yada, yada, yada...
  12. I like things like abstract pictures of clouds or piles of trash, or just some chaotic splashes of paint that give the mind something to play with because they kind of look like something more than they are. I like the effortless naturalness of it, the chaos, and the irreverent humor in putting them next to meaningful pieces that took considerable skill and time to create.
  13. I feel shitty if I don't exercise throughout the day, the goal is to get my fix.
  14. What do you look like/are you willing to do it naked? Flyers Craigslist Get some solid online reviews Publicity stunts Meetup.com Get a bike, and a little trailer with your sign and supplies on it and ride around the target neighborhoods. On the sign you could have a slogan like "Keep your home fit with xxx cleaning". You could even carry fliers to put on telephone polls. All while getting a great workout. There is of course the risk that some people will think you are retarded, but it will definitely stand out.
  15. If that's what you mean, then I'd say what looks like cycles is actually things slowly changing over time. The planet spins but it's slowing down, the moon revolves but it's orbital distance is changing, lifeforms replicate but they are slowly evolving.