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  1. Probably death stare him to death.
  2. green tea, plain
  3. Watts saw everything as a single continuous process and the individual as an appendage through which reality experiences itself, its about as down to Earth of a perspective as you can get, with the solid logic of 1=1. If you can use that to identify as the whole instead of a temporal fragment that can help liberate you from a number of attachments, fears, and anxieties. Its reasonable to further assume that the Universe is eternal, perhaps with an infinite series of "bangs" and "crunches", at least as reasonable as assuming a finite situation that just started after nothingness, though I prefer not to assume either.
  4. If an adult wants to shoot heroin they should be free to do so, the government's interference in the free-market has only enriched violent drug gangs, wasted resources in justice and law enforcement systems, left production and distribution to those who offer no quality control (a major cause overdose deaths and healthcare costs) and sell to children, and artificially raised the market prices driving addicts to commit crimes to fund their addictions. Now the newest greatest solution our genius lawmakers have to the problem is further restrictions on legally prescribed painkillers, which basically means more suffering and more people turning to the black market.
  5. I used to get it from intjf, now I dont.
  6. I think the desire for the self to live on, both in the minds of others and as a mark in history, is a major drive for many, and posting a selfie is a very easy way to feel like you are accomplishing this. Also, attention seeking can be very profitable in satisfying various other drives, for instance with finding mates and there are probably millionaires out there who did it entirely through posting selfies.
  7. A female with color changing skin, six arms, and a tail that works similarly to an elephant's trunk.
  8. My method is to avoid engaging or trying to reason with the insanity.
  9. Yeah, just say hi or ask her out or something... In the future, you may want to get into the habit of saying hi and introducing yourself to attractive women early on like its totally normal, and then progressively building a casual rapport from there. Once you have that and it seems like you get along then its just natural to ask them ask out. Actually you may just want to establish some rapport with everybody that works in close proximity to you, if for no other reason than networking is super important.
  10. No, I rank health above status. However, with sufficient money I could probably just outsource the job to somebody willing to make the sacrifice.
  11. I think everybody is a bit of a scoundrel, but I think most are good enough. I think there may be some really fucked up social engineering (or at least an unfortunate effect of the society) going on in America and perhaps elsewhere, and a key component of it is making it seem like everyone else is worse than they really are, which leads to a reaction in people to become worse themselves.
  12. I've never intentionally solved a problem with psychedelics.
  13. Its thirsty in here... Anyway, I dont care if women have their tits out or not. I dont post any revealing pictures on social media. I dont give a fuck about shaming or outrage. I especially dont give a fuck about the outrage of people who get outraged about petty things, like 25,000 children died of starvation and preventable diseases today, and people are outraged about tits on social media?
  14. I get weird looks just for acknowledging people's kids that just have to try to talk to me in the checkout line. If I don't I'm a dick that ignores children, if I do I'm a weirdo, I cant even imagine the shit I would get if I were an aspiring day care worker.