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  1. I think that most women look better with glasses. If they are nicely selected (and in these days it´s most of the time) then they look even more sexy to me. I was wearing glasses when I was younger, but I looked like a nerd in them so now I wear contacts. I think that when you are a male you have to have the right face (and carefully choose the glasses) so you look better in them then without them.
  2. That´s why me and my SO started living together just after 3 months(we´ve seen each other 3-4 times a week before that) and we lived 2 hour drive apart so that was also a factor.... Now she´s in another country for 5 weeks and now it´s the week one. I miss her a lot because we´re used to do everything together for 5 days a week (except school and work of course). So I have time to think about us.... I wonder if this feeling will change when this situation repeats in future(her being away) or just when living together. I mean if I want to be with her most of the time after a year from now, 2 years, 10 years etc....I know relationship change that way, but now I don´t want to and I can´t even imagine it being any different.... We´re together almost a year and we don´t see any relationship hurdles in near future. So how does it change? And does it have to change?!....
  3. Exactly. I´ve tryed it for little more than 2 months on one free site and I´ve found a nice girl (probably ESTJ) with decent body and realy great personality (I´m not kidding:)....We are still together (now living together) and it´s been 6 months. But the whole thing was a big coincidence and we understood each other really well from the start. I had to go to only 3 dates without any spark before meeting her (probably just good screening through e-mail). I was just very lucky, there´s a good chance that i would be still trying it on that site today if she wouldn´t look at the site when my ad was one of those which could be easily seen and be intrigued by it (it was pretty good ad;). So there´s a big chance that you won´t find anyone good for 6 months on the site or you could find someone in few weeks (depending on luck and your expectations), it´s not that probable but it´s not zero probability! P.S.: We´re both 22yo.
  4. Wtfpeople: Yes, from what she´s told me she´s much more experienced than me.... And no, my penis is above average. And yes, I´m not experienced(virgin) and how should I know if i´m confident in my abilities?....I´ve read a lot about it, so i know a lot about it and that´s probably all....
  5. I see that there are many to replies....so I choose the most "interesting" ones.... Silverity: I think that there has to be at least some foreplay....so what about something in between?:) And of course some relaxation is in order so we should really try some.... Many topics are about viagra....In our coutry you can only get it with specialists receipt, so it would take a lot of time to get it....But I read something about some more "natural" drugs(without the receipt) which should help this....do you think that they could be effective too? Nikonman: I get somewhat erect....i would say that it fluctuates between 70-90% of nominal state....i know that 90% should be enough, but it fluctuates so it´s not..... Interesting idea about using the dildo....if next time won´t be ok, then i think we´ll buy it.
  6. thod: Being nervous is probably big part of the problem, and of course i stop masturbation....maybe being really horny would solve the problem....but I´w probably get of too soon....and that´s that anxiety part. But it´s a good sugestion. And we are willing to try almost anything.... Maybe we´ll try all of the suggestions here simultaneously....that should probably do the trick:)
  7. Storm: No i don´t think that i need to see a doctor when i don´t have this problem with masturbation.... I think this is very true(with that cognitive drift)....I´ll sugest that to gf. About the morning: The second time we tried it in the morning(but not immediately-hour after waking up, and it didn´t help). And it´s not like i can´t get solid erection all the time....it´s just not completely solid when we want the penetration to start:(...
  8. Hi, I´m 21 and I´ve already got this problem. Because when we "tried" having sex with my gf for the first and second time it couldn´t be done. Even that i think that i was exited enough in my mind, i couldn´t get my erection hard enough for penetration, i don´t usually have this problem with myself, and i think that most of the time my sexual drive is strong enough, but with my gf it´s another story:(. At least she was understanding and didn´t want to pressure me, but i think that it´s my duty to figure this out. Maybe i was trying too hard to please her because before she said that she loves sex(and when i was trying at least pleasuring her with oral sex, she said that she especialy likes penetration-she can´t get of with just the oral sex, so that wasn´t a good news). I think that the problem is in my head, maybe i think about pleasuring her too much(but i don´t know how to stop this), maybe it´s because i was and still am a virgin, maybe because i´m INTJ i have tendency to overthinking the entire thing. And I fear that this could bring frustration into our relationship(she loves sex so she wouldn´t be satisfied and like the whole idea of sex too) and it could potentialy destroy our relationship....which is something i don´t want, because in other ways we are very good couple. Do somebody know what we could do about this? Maybe somebody who had this problem too and overcomed it somehow? I hope this thread isn´t too much for this forum. And I´m sorry for my english, but i would really use some advice.
  9. Or you can try something from psycho cybernetics book: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psycho-Cybernetics . I have it and it´s very intriguing read. Much about your potencial and self image, but it´s not really focused on dating....it´s more a life thing....which is also pretty good:-). That´s just my input....also a different world and life view would probably help. Did you ever heard about Buddhism views on life?
  10. Thanks Rohsiph. Thats probably what i´m after, but maybe i would like something that could separate from the crowd, but i can´t think of anything what could attract someone compatible with an INTJ in 500 letters.....i try, but i probably leave it like that. Sorry to hear about the rurality.....I live in rural area myself, but study at uni at a quite large city(350000p)...not much for american cityes:-). Everybody would say that you have to move somewhere else, but i don´t think that it´s easy and even wise to move out only because of women.....
  11. Many things on this thread are quite usefull even for a male who wants to be a "happy single" - ready for a right relationship and also ok with being single. But there are surely some differences between male and female "happy singles".....Are there? In another words, what would you say to a male who wants to be a "HS" and what is at least slightly different from what would you say to a female "HS"? I hope that i´m not hijacking this thread by this question. Thanks.
  12. Hi, after some thought, i decided that i won´t pursue being a PUA, it´s really better being yourself(but i studyed PUAs ways, so maybe i´ll use at least something someday) and also i think that being PUA is conveying that you want sex more than something meaningfull, which i want, so i would probably put off girls i would be really interested.... This forum helped me a lot in realizing it.....So thank you all. Now i´m trying online dating(you can comment my ad at:http://intjforum.com/showthread.php?t=20838&page=6) and also trying to just talk to strange girls without trying to pick up them....it´s just to train myself to be talkative, so it´s quite easy if you have something to start a conversation(some situation, not just saying "hi!"). My only regret is that i did go to university of technology(electrotechnics) and not somewhere where i would get to meet some new girls and not only guys from my uni....
  13. Hi, I just wanna ask what you would think about this personals ad I posted on one site(it´s a normal site so nothing intelectual). I´m not posting anything here because probability of a girl from Czech Rep. being here is about the same as that i´ll spontaniously quantum teleport myself to school today.... Keep in mind that I´m now trying to translate it to english....so it´s maybe not that accurate. I´m looking for a positive woman/girl, which doesn´t want to be alone throught those long winter evenings. Are you a non-smoker, do you believe in yourself, are you honest, you´re not a "teenager" */i put it there because i´m only 21/* but you still don´t take everything too seriously, are you from */areas/*? If you are not just a figment of my imagination, then you should look at my profile and write me back. In relationship I look for love, understanding and compatibility. At least I can try to look for that last thing in this way*/i mean the site/*, so discretion is advised....foto is appreciated, because mutual attraction is also important. I would write it longer but it has to be only 500 characters(text in Czech has exactly 500letters:-). Informations about me are in my profile(quite a lot, but normal for this type of thing) and I have it posted with my headshot-i mean photo of my face, not somebody i´ve shot to the head, that doesn´t happen to me that often these days:-). So what do you think of my personal? Could i write it even better? Thanks.
  14. Yes, thats logical, but how should i know if they are really intersted(i could only thought they could be intersted-I was really intersted, so naturaly i thought they were too)?....But since i read so much about it i think that next i´m going to know if they are intersted.
  15. Yea, that´s funny because it´s true. Everybody here who has been to US or UK or some other english speaking contry said that people are just more open, more friendly in general that in our country. It´s common knowlege that Chzechs are more stuck up and quite "introverted" than many other nations. So it´s harder to just walk up to somebody and ask them for a date or just talk with strangers.....that´s something i hate about CZ:-(. But everybody(even most foreigners) says that czech girls are amongs the prettyest in the caucasian part of the world, so they are worth the effort:-).