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  1. socialize it to the utmost. nix standardized testing. elevate the status of the teacher, and hire more of them. reduce class size by about half. de-emphasize college preparation - not everyone can or should go to college - and emphasize life preparation instead. re-introduce mandatory home-economics, humanities, foreign language, and physical education classes for at least one semester per year, every year of k-12. introduce mandatory professional development classes that develop skills like resume-writing, interviewing, job searching, etc. reform school lunch programs to eliminate junk food. make school lunches completely free. mandate comprehensive women's history, black history, and native american history classes. same for the world's major religions. designate funding based on student body size, and increase it considerably. shorten the school day by about 2 hours - starting later for older students and ending earlier for younger students, who can then play at recess before going home. basically, take about half of what we've been pouring into our military budget, invest it in proper comprehensive public education for everyone that actually prepares them for life, reduce the demand for college before that godawful bubble bursts and drags our economy down any further, and hopefully in about 10 year's time maybe we won't be a nation growing ever-poorer and more stupid. maybe.
  2. if you're at the point where you feel you need go to full-Ambra, it's already too late. let the girl go. maybe she'll actually be useful somewhere else.
  3. equality does not mean "lack of differentiation." equality refers to the equity of opportunity, treatment, and rights. equality does not suppress one's identity. i sincerely hope you can see the difference.
  4. i don't know how many points there are TO dock, but i'd stick to about 5% off the total - because, yes, effective writing can and should be done concisely. i'm sure you could have made your point just as well with half as many words - if not better, because long-winded fluff can distract readers from your central focus.
  5. sorry to burst your manly bubble, but these are all bullshit metrics invented to pigeonhole masculinity. we know now that the basis for their formation (eg. the animal kingdom, namely wolves) don't operate this way, as was previously thought. wolves, certainly, are far less socially complex than human beings. move on and just be your own person.
  6. this forum doesn't do much to heighten their appeal.
  7. update: I've successfully rigged our router, an external drive, and OneDrive to create precisely the budget NAS system I had in mind WITH automatic cloud backup. total cost was about $80 in the end. read about the cloud backup bit here, because that was moderately challenging. you can't directly link OneDrive to a network or remote drive for backups. edit: OneDrive also provides remote access.
  8. who said it's ok? it happens. this is the internet and a lot of things happen that don't happen in the real world, because there are no social regulations in place like getting punched in the face, verbally argued with, or spat on when you're doing dumb or shitty stuff. easy to tell someone you're going to cut off their head and rape their neck hole when you don't have to look them in the eye or see the real effect your words may be having. that's got nothing to do with ageism, just my larger point that shit happening on the internet doesn't confer some kind of moral transience.
  9. i have noticed a trend of people who make a habit out of looking for things that piss them off - or, at least rile their stronger emotions, which for most of us includes anger. SJWs have a lot to choose from, because there's a lot of injustice and generally terrible shit going on all around the world. like anyone looking for an outlet, they need to be heard, and may seek out listeners. but please, preach more from your moral high ground as if you're any different.
  10. a complex host of reasons depending on the person's psychology and their motivation. i know, i know, we all want simple answers. too bad.
  11. your micriobiome is much more important to your mental well-being than probably anything else about your physiology (barring tumors, brain damage, or other physical abnormalities that would give rise to mental health problems). you've got an entire universe living inside your gut that can dictate everything from food cravings to mood swings. that being said, because your entire body works as a system, there is not a lone cause < effect relationship that can be established for many of the body's (and in turn, the mind's) problems. in our often simplistic view of the world it may seem that way, but that's not how complex systems like the human body actually work. the link between your gut health and psychological health is therefor not unilateral.
  12. I'm trying to parse together a solution which will allow me to (somehow) achieve a few things: 1. backup folders from a network mapped drive (external hard drive) to a computer or computers (not the other way around) 2. back up either THAT drive or the computer-linked folders from it to cloud storage (OneDrive) 3. all behave as live or direct links, meaning that when changes are made to a file in one location it syncs across all locations (this might be an automatic process, i dunno) the best solution I've come across to achieve this is with using symbolic links, but i'm not familiar with their use or how to link to my network drive. it's mapped as a G drive. now what? I also welcome any suggestions that might improve upon my "scattered link" method to achieve the same end result. edit: It seems I've achieved the correct directory link, i just need to figure out how to route around this "local volumes" requirement. yes, i've tried running command as admin. C:\Users\Dru> mklink /J "C:\Users\Dru\OneDrive" G: Local volumes are required to complete the operation. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: success! i used the command prompt below to create a kind of shortcut for the drive in the OneDrive folder that OneDrive is reading as a folder. a nice workaround since you can't apparently directly sync OneDrive and network or remote drives. it's been tested, all the links are live / automatically update when i make changes to folders and files on the remote drive. mklink /D "C:\Users\Dru\OneDrive\BackUp" G:\ this is an extension of the solution i was trying to work out in a previous thread. i recognized a need for secure remote storage of electronic documents that can be accessed much like you would from a server, but of course, we are a tiny office and don't have the means to pay for pricey software or hardware to make that happen. my solution was to connect an external drive to the router and map it to each computer with permissions. external drive-based NAS with automatic cloud backup: $80, including the cost of a quality 2TB external drive that was on sale and Office 365, which we already paid for. shazayum, y'all. i'm totally doing this on all my home computers forever.
  13. I'm gonna need some sources to back of this host of what I sense is utter bullshit.
  14. that's a pretty horrific model from an operational (and environmental) standpoint. I'll pass.
  15. i won't be using photoshop, so... oh well? ---------- Post added 10-10-2016 at 01:39 PM ---------- that is a feature that would get almost no use whatsoever. i don't consider this an important factor. ---------- Post added 10-10-2016 at 01:44 PM ---------- basically: 1) no real downside 2) but get a support plan incase something goes wrong