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  1. You're welcome.
  2. Fuck it, I'll come back home. Stray Cat Blues - Stones ...... added to this post 17 minutes later: ...... added to this post 20 minutes later: ...... added to this post 22 minutes later:
  3. Because most ladies don't actually want to see what they're fucking. Turn the lights out and hey, The Rock can be plowing you.
  4. We can pretend you had a meltdown and deleted all your friends, but you came back cause you need some d in your life. I like minor cords far more anyway.
  5. I'd buy that landscape. If you want to sell it, pm me.
  6. Well, INTJs are used to masturbation as engagement, so, *shrug*.
  7. You're undeniably talented, and I love how loose you are with your strokes while still maintaining technical integrity. Would love to see you branch out with your topics. Like I wonder what you'd make a landscape look like.
  8. I'm just trying to be the new Jonathan Brewer.
  9. Not really understanding why people aren't responding to this. Dudes...I write like the best content ever plus you get to make fun of my micro penis.
  10. Not enough info to make a decision. Maybe they're Es and don't get you. Maybe you're 29 and live with your parents and play video games all day. Learning social skills is incredibly important as your career progresses so just know that. You have to work, which means you have to deal with a wide range of other people, which means you need to master social skills if you want to even survive. Not easy, but doable. Put that sweet mind to use!
  11. Hey all, want to apologize for my part in getting messy in a good thread. To OP: have used YouTube to pick up shit here and there. Mostly I like to make a "musical project", learn all the things associated with it, go wherever i need to mine data, and then put my personal stamp on it. Whatever works well works well!
  12. I've decided to go in a completely different direction and get a fender bassman. The P90s sound fucking amazing through it, and I can clean up and play blues, go heavy and play kyuss, and roll off and do Neil Young.
  13. You are trying SO hard to discredit me, but I have documentation smh. I have like 3 PMs from you (I'll screenshot the query), and since you sent me your work via PM, NO ONE ELSE HAS THE LINK. You've never posted a link on the public side of the forum, and you have NEVER posted yourself playing. I'm fucking done with your bullshit. I'll send you links to the stuff I've posted here, and then I can be done with a fake ass clown.
  14. The publicly accessible site you linked me too is only accessible when you send me a link to it. It's not like you posted it openly here. You do, hopefully, understand this. Also, you have forever refused to post your playing. That's why i initially ignored you-i asked for piano, and you sent me other shit i didn't ask for. Here is the new deal, bruh. I will, in this thread, post links to everything I've painted and shared on the forum, will post Soundcloud links to all the music I've shared here, and will make a new Soundcloud entry of my present playing, all by this weekend. In exchange, i want a camera on your hands, and audio on your playing, choose your own piece. I also require a sign that legitimizes everything. Ball is in your court.