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    Made you look, now go find something better to do with your time.
  1. :nice: Gotta love that meme.
  2. Thanks for an interesting reply. Before I quit the forum -- just to say I've found this random article useful in unravelling things for me;

  3. Those were hilarious

  4. accurate analysis. 10000 points.

  5. Then I'd ignore his text. Sounds like your romantic aversion to him is stronger than your platonic attraction. This logically-derived solution has been provided for you by INTJforum.
  6. I believe the terms are used almost interchangeably nowadays but I suppose I would be more correctly said to hold republican values because of the utilitarian implications of pure democracy. I don't think material equivalence is an aim of welfare and neo-liberal economics can be said to be just as important to democracy so I think it would be 'cleaner' to separate democracy from both and concede that it's overlap with communism lies in its utilitarian implications. I think that focusing on the specific feature of collectivism to draw an association between the two systems is questionable because in its concern with the shared primacy of the state it overlooks important moral distinctions: I think fascism is rooted in social hierarchy and 'ethno-histories' while communism is egalitarian and international and I think fascism glorifies the 'right of might', in contrast to 'from each according to his abilities....'I disagree with both: communism for its utilitarianism and forced commitment to an idea and fascism because it's repugnant on every count.
  7. Democracy embodies liberal values so I can't see it as communism-lite. One is about equivalence of moral worth and individualism, and the other is about material equivalence and collectivism. It relies a lot more on punitive authoritarianism, embodying social homogeneity, hierarchy, ethnocentricity and an abstract, 'mystical' idea of destiny and purpose for the in-group - but it's not necessarily a 'bastard child' of conservativism either.
  8. etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum...... I've more than once thought that the culture wars in America are sort of coming to resemble the intensity of the sectarian bigotry in Ulster and the Scottish central belt that I've had some degree of experience of. It's not there yet, but it already sounds as intractably idiotic. For a great power in decline it's actually pretty fitting: both sides claiming that the other represents the rot without recognising that they are both the rot; it looks mutually indulgent and wasteful.
  9. Hey peter, can you give me a link to the thread?

  10. Good deal Deliberator.

    Why is this (and several other comments) more pertinent to the topic than my comments was?

    I'm waiting for your explanation.

  11. To whoever mentioned the matter, I personally couldn't give a fuck if all my traditions went up in smoke.