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    Nothing says "Christmas" like cannibalistic light-up reindeer.
  1. Hey long time no see hope you're doing well, thinking about you!

  2. d'awww =^_^= *huggles back*

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  5. Happy Birthday Beautiful! Don't make me hug you!!


    Ha! (happens)

  6. :wideeyed: Happy birthday! I know I already said it but now it is on the wall!
  7. Have you ever considered that perhaps they have priorities different from yours? What you consider important and pressing, they might find to be irrelevant and vise versa. It also sounds like you're dismissing the "there are some things you don't talk about in mixed company" philosophy. The fact that they're not willing to discuss them with you doesn't at all mean that they don't care or don't think about it. I hold fairly strong views on things like politics, but I choose not to discuss it because a) you never get anywhere, and b) it really only creates unnecessary problems to talk about, and what I believe will never be carried out, so what's the point in getting worked up about it? There is so much else I can do with my time and energy. Also, the ability to think does not in any way mean that even if 90% of the society really started focusing time and energy on the same topics that they would come to the same conclusions. I think you're underestimating the people around you and assuming that they're failing to see what's right in front of them when, for a lot of them, they probably saw it ages ago and chose a path that would let them achieve their personal goals keeping this problem in mind because they either arrived at the conclusion that it didn't need solving right now, that they were incapable of solving it / lacking the tools to do something about it, or that right now it's not pressing enough of an issue that it needs to be at the top of the priority list at the moment, so it's let ride. Not everyone is going to care about solving the same problem, sometimes they really only care about them and theirs and everyone else can pretty much sink or swim. Preferably sink because that means fewer people are going to be fighting for the same resources. Lastly, for societal change to happen, there must be a consensus of which direction to go and how to accomplish that. The people in the country I live in can't even seem to agree on what makes its people one of the most obese populations on the planet, much less what to do about it. What makes anyone think that they as a people could get together and work towards a single cause?
  8. haha it happens, no worries :)

  9. Sorry! I didn't notice the time stamps.

  10. If you're ok with being judged based on your type (which does happen here, and often) then go for it if you feel INTP is a better fit.
  11. I love your post. Every word. Thats what I would have said if roles were reversed. LOL Nailed it

  12. um... Tell your wife you'd rather take up something more pleasant like lightbulb eating, lying on beds of nails, suspension piercing or cobra charming than going to these boring as fuck couples things? This isn't really about 'male' or 'female' socializing, it's about you being bored with people you probably don't really like to begin with, probably feeling like you're pressured to go simply because you're in a couple and it sounds like you haven't really expressed to your wife that you don't actually want to go, and if you have, you probably haven't said "Look... I fantasize the whole time about how many times I could bash my face into my plate before I was either unconscious or not invited back. I hate going to these things. The whole thing's forced and looks forced and is more mentally painful for me than I try to let on. Can we do something other than this pageantry, because seriously... if I have to listen to any more stupid ass dad jokes, I might be left with no choice other than to force-feed him a seat cushion just to shut him up. I don't want to go." and see what she says. You could also do a few drawings of increasingly violent things to do to these people to use as a visual aid. and if she does the "I thought you liked going..." you could come back with something along the lines of "I tried to. I really did. I want to like going because you always look so happy at these things, but the whole time, I'm biting my tongue and mentally going elsewhere because I'm so bored and I hate the entire evening. Oh, and Mrs. / Mr. _____ ruins every damned thing she / he cooks, and I just can't do that again. He / she destroyed a perfectly good _____, which should be punishable by death... but that's besides the point. I just really don't want to go."
  13. I was thinking the same thing, and perhaps a bit in the law about how if no such contract is signed by both parties, both parents are responsible for the child by default, so people are aware that if they don't get their shit in order, they're legally responsible, and there's none of this "well, she didn't tell me she was pregnant until like a month before the kid was born" or "she said she was on birth control / sterile" stuff. This is one of the many reasons I love paperwork. When things are put in black and white, it eliminates people weaseling out of being responsible for their decisions. If you have sex, no matter how careful you think you're being, there's almost always a slim chance somewhere of repercussions. On the down side, unless they have some strange fetish, most of the time going "yeah, I have a legal document for you to sign before we fuck" would pretty much be a mood killer for a lot of people... but then again, children can be mood killers, too, so... I guess it depends on whether you'd rather have the mood killed now or later.