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  1. Day 1: I look around in total confusion and see others, some I know and some I don't, looking around as well to various degrees of confusion, angst, and anger. Some are very unattractive individuals. I hear @Nemesis screech, 'it worked! I knew it would work! You owe me that bottle of rum @Cak!' then he proceeds to skip along the white sands of the beach, cackling into the sunset. I had heard of Nemesis' secret Canadian military research project that involved instant teleportation but I never thought it would be possible, even with his advanced mushroom induced trances. @mieu must have been at a con cause she was dressed up as a pony. She looked at us, realized what happened, and ran into the sea. She drowned. Looking back, she was probably the wisest among us. @Mattandsuch makes a big sigh. "Whelp, better start getting some wood for a fire. Gonna get cold soon. Who knows whats in them forests. Maybe some bears. But you'd probably like to see a bear huh, @eagleseven" He chuckles to himself, knuckles e7 in the shoulder, then starts picking up driftwood. Then, behind us we hear, 'Guess who's back, bitches.' We turn and see @LadySpock, smirking. "who wants to talk about race and the white man?" In the distance we hear screams.
  2. I'm 27 and went out somewhere past 18,500 on warriors. That was not fun at all.
  3. I'm sure they're all incredibly enlightening.
  4. Beer wise - IPAs, APAs, red ales, anything hoppy. I also like just straight bourbon, rum, or tequila though. I'm fine with that in a glass and just chilling with it.
  5. No, no, I think tea is Distance's purview.
  6. I love when Lounge threads start spilling the tea from other subforums.
  7. How does your 7.5/10 dapper zone line up with your context reading skills? ...... added to this post 1 minute later: I asked my grandmother if I was pretty and she responded, "well, hon, you're real healthy!"
  8. Just finished Left Hand of Darkness. Le Guinn is probably my favorite sci fi author.
  9. Has anyone else been listening to it? I'm on episode 4/6 now. I knew it was from the makers of Serial, but I'm happy its still a bit different.
  10. I love it, but stopped playing a while ago when i got a full PC desktop and moved on to some bigger games. I need to get back into it though.
  11. mieu, forever and always.
  12. I've put in a few dozen hours. Pros: - The games looks gorgeous. I have a pretty good PC but the game plays like I spent a ton more money on my rig. - Voice acting has improved. - The crew grew on me pretty quickly. - The massiveness of the world, the (somewhat) freedom. - After I changed my perception that this game is more like Firefly than a dark, serious Sci-fi game my opinion lifted somewhat. Mehs/lost potential: - The storyline. Its so... :/ what a great premise and a failure to capture the potential. - Romances felt shallow. Either make them good or just remove them. - The aliens. - The whole crew spilling their whole life story the first time you talk to them. - Having family involved in the game was a massive loss of potential to create indepth characters, histories, and emotional connections. - The combat. - The whole game. Cons: - The character creator is really, really bad. - The animations are not good but I don't think as near as bad as has been reviewed. People need to calm down. - The flippant, minor pandering with scraps of medoircre storylines to LGBT gamers and expecting praise. 7/10. Its a good game, but I have higher expectations for Bioware. They failed me on this one. I'll still enjoy the game though and hope they fix it as time goes on.
  13. I love the whole Dragon Age series, actually. All three art different. I just replayed Inquisition (with the new DLCs like Trespasser) and I am continually impressed with how real the interactions seem. The revelation of the lore is well paced throughout the three games. Morrowind is still probably the most impactful game to me, but most likely because I was young. I can still replay it time and time again. I haven't finished The Witcher III yet but I like it so far.
  14. We have a list of everyone's favorite forum members then we spin a bottle and whichever name it lands on we ban them. Just to be spiteful.
  15. Black mamba. So far a snake every test from this website. Hm...