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  1. The phone company to cancel my service. No sense paying a phone bill if I am dead and nothing disturbs a good dead more than the phone ringing.
  2. Left over meat loaf tonight.
  3. I don't think anyone will know better than you for your particular situation. You're correct - change can be slow coming and maybe not all it was envisioned to be at the outset. I am careful not to promise any change I can't immediately control. Going to far in the other direction doesn't help though. Companies that change on a dime often do, so if you like the situation you have today, you may not like it next week. In a similar situation, I have established a specific time - it was two months if I recall correctly - by which I wanted to see a couple very specific things in order for me to stay. I didn't see them, so I moved to a different position. In my case, it was to another group within the same company, but I think the same approach can be used in deciding whether to move between companies as well. It may be harder in your case, though, because it sounds like you have a specific position you would move to which may not be available in another few months or even weeks.
  4. Possibly, but it could be any number of other things including allergic reaction to something she ate, eating too little, dehydration, or some other medical condition.
  5. Listening to a vendor go on and on about all the software issues they have found and yet getting no real information from them.
  6. The shows I watch are on Netflix or Amazon prime - either as original content or as an older series available there. I enjoy most of the Marvel shows on Netflix (I just watched the whole first season of Iron Fist the day after it came out) and my wife and I are working our way through Army Wives as examples. I like that show, too. I have been to one of their stores and met Mike and Frank.
  7. A diet Coke.
  8. I have read a couple Krav books, The Lord of the Rings, and the Bible several times. Probably more than any other books.
  9. Going through the morning email.
  10. I don't care to much for parties and crowds. I do go out from time to time (maybe three or four times a year) with a smaller group after work. I also enjoy going out with my wife, which we try to do every week. I talk to a lot of other parents at my kids' activities, too.
  11. I don't think you mentioned how old your son is, but don't forget that young children can have a difficult time putting together things in the (for them) distant past, even a few days, and extrapolating that to the future. It may be very clear to you that you play with him every weekend and he should expect you will play with him this weekend, but he may not make that connection and is just frustrated because you haven't played with him today. This is part of the reason that quality time does make up for quantity time with young children. No amount of explaining is going to fix this in their mind. Also, unless bedtime is immediately after dinner, he probably is hungry at bedtime if he didn't eat dinner.
  12. I had meat loaf (heavy on the meat, light on the loaf) and a small sweet potato. I remember now why I don't really like sweet potatoes.
  13. The free market does not rule out coordination on infrastructure.
  14. You would reset a dog for trying to "read you"? Really?
  15. I bought a new holster. I have been trying out a new version from the company I like, but I am not a fan of the design. I am getting one like I already have, just made specifically for one of my other guns.
  16. We had turkey bacon and eggs tonight.
  17. Jason Bourne We rented it over the weekend.
  18. Figuring out who on my team was going to travel for a project. When does the movie come out?
  19. I have been in once or twice, but we don't shop there on a regular basis. They are pretty expensive for no added benefit that I can tell and there doesn't seem to be anything we need there that we can't get anywhere else.
  20. There is a time and a place and a manner in which to give feedback. Doing so in a way that makes your boss look bad or that alienates people you need to have working relationships with is almost never the appropriate way to go about it. Being effective with your communication includes finding the right forum and the right manner in which to express your ideas. I don't know if you are choosing the wrong time or format or tone with your feedback, but it sounds like something needs to be addressed. At the very least, maybe you could talk to your boss about particular issues and come to agreement on how you should present ideas.
  21. A cup of coffee.
  22. I have heard this many times from a variety of people looking for different types of child care. My wife even excluded any men and mostly male facilities that we considered.
  23. There are numerous times when my wife and kids aren't around - in the gym, at the gun range (usually), when I am doing yard work, etc. The situation is easy enough to manage that it hardly even requires managing. There are periods in life when there is more time and some when there is less, but I didn't get married just to keep things the way they were.
  24. A protein shake.