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  1. A Powerade Zero.
  2. Eating dinner.
  3. I am sitting here with my kids and saw this thread and it reminded me to ask them about this. In middle school, unlike elementary school, they say the pledge only on Monday mornings.
  4. A diet Mountain Dew.
  5. I had four eggs and a protein shake.
  6. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Welcome to the forum.
  8. I am goIng to grill steak tonight.
  9. Most are useless enough to qualify as art.
  10. Helping my father-in-law with some landscaping.
  11. Sure, which may or may not be useful to you. Would you want your doctor treating you based on unbiased statistics or would you like him to bias things a little toward your particular illness? Data collected feom a lot of situations that aren't like my situation may or may not be particularly helpful to me. Statistics often provide a good starting point, but many times they are not the end.
  12. Packing some for our trip.
  13. To the extent that anecdotes apply to you, then they can be useful. Context is important. Statistics are just collections of many anecdotes, so if you are going to reject anecdotes, then you are in trouble relying on statistics.
  14. Mowing the yard and putting down weed killer.
  15. You may want a second opinion on that. Exercises like crunches, situps, planks, etc. can make the condition worse, although under supervision variations of these exercises or some pilates movements, often with some supportive equipment at first, might be used as treatment. Surgery is sometimes used, too. If the condition isn't too bad, I think you can choose to live with it as long as it is not causing other complications.
  16. Welcome to the forum.
  17. Yes - North Dakota and Minnesota.
  18. Welcome to the forum.
  19. My wife's entire family doesn't season anything. The only reason we have any spices at all is because I buy and use them. The closest they come is dumping BBQ sauce on chicken, baking it, and calling it BBQ chicken.
  20. Yes. That is typical of the frequency response of the human ear. If you found tones around 2500Hz to 3000Hz to appear louder than others, it's for the same reason.
  21. Yes, every morning - one of the first things done after the bell rang.
  22. This video steps through the general range of human hearing.
  23. In the US, this varies somewhat by state and school district, but I have not heard of a state that requires signing the national anthem. I think my kids did say the pledge of allegiance when they were in elementary school, but I don't think they do that in middle school.