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  1. We had baked chicken tonight.
  2. What does it mean to be "good" at dating?
  3. I agree with this. It's awkward at the very best and totally inappropriate at the worst. Best to stay clear of that type of humor with kids.
  4. A cup of coffee.
  5. Watching a video.
  6. We have been in our house about 15 years, but there's a story . . . . When the inspector went through, he found, among a couple other things, bird nests in the attic. These were not just any bird nests. Birds had been getting in (apparently) since the house was built in 1995 and just kept adding to the nests each year. There were six or seven nests, each one about six feet in diameter at the base and about that tall. Well, we asked them to be removed before the closing, but they weren't, so we had to deal with it. We got a guy to come out and he starts bringing down nesting material and then he says to me . . . "We have a problem. I found some bird eggs." Not knowing why this was a problem, the conversation went something like: Me: "Okay. Do you want those scrambled?" Him: "Well, they are meadowlark eggs." Me: "Oh. So . . . are those better fried?" He went on to explain that since the meadowlark is the state bird, he has to seal the attic up, contact the Department of Agriculture (I think that was it), and let them "die naturally" before he can remove any more. Me: "So, if you come back tomorrow and find that they have "died naturally", you can keep going, right?" Him (laughing): "Unfortunately not. I'll have to come back in a couple weeks." He came back in a couple weeks and took out the rest of the bird nests. There was over 1000 pounds of nesting material (mostly small sticks and dry grass) removed from our attic.
  7. Discussing a potential problem.
  8. Rogue One I took the kids to see it today.
  9. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Welcome to the forum.
  11. Looking over some old notes.
  12. The source of ethics is an agreement. My company has an ethics code. I agreed to it as a condition of my employment. If I quit, our agreement is dissolved. If we agree not to drink diet Coke, I have entered into an ethical agreement and drinking diet Coke just became unethical for me. My morality always takes precedent, although ethics can often be more limited, which doesn't usually pose a problem. It's always a good idea to think very carefully about entering into those agreements, though.
  13. Eating breakfast.
  14. I use morality to mean someone's own beliefs or distinctions between right and wrong. Morals can have different sources and be influenced by many things. Ethics involve agreements between individuals, groups, entities, or combinations of these. Actions can be ethical, unethical, neither, or even both at the same time and they can be moral or not (and even moral for some individuals and not for others). Someone is only bound by ethics if they choose to be, although once bound, there is often some enforcement or punishment for breaking an ethical code. Often people can formally unbind themselves, too. While other definitions exist, these tend to be the most practical and the ones in common use across business, even if they aren't exactly spelled out.
  15. School smart usually has the connotation of formal or informal schooling, but little hands-on experience. Street smart, in contrast, usually has the connotation of practical experience. That's the way I typically distinguish between the two as well.
  16. I have experienced the paralysis a couple times, but I have never had the sensation or hullicination of someone else in the room.
  17. Watching a show on Netflix.
  18. Ice melt for the massive winter storm we had this weekend, which turned out to be a complete flop.
  19. The point of my post was to share my bias against large cities in favor of other aspects of the culture of the country.
  20. Cleaning up a little.
  21. Obviously. Pointing out those biases was the entire point of the post. I don't care about any art or architecture. Every city is pretty much the same from my perspective.
  22. A diet Mountain Dew.
  23. Looking for a show on Netflix.