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  1. [Mailbox full]. Yeah I am!

  2. If you've found yourself in love with a close friend that happens to be another INTJ, how should you approach the situation? Both of us are gay males and were good friends for several years, sharing many deep and intimate secrets with each other and sometimes having conversations that can last as long as 13 hours. We recently rekindled our friendship and have spent a lot of time with each other over the past month. I really want to tell him how strongly I feel, but I'm afraid that this might scare him off and maybe jeopardize our really strong friendship. Any advice?
  3. 'I Know My First Name is Steven' is a movie that had me thinking about it for days, especially since it was based on a true story AND the brother of the main character, who was portrayed as a wholesome all-american teenager in the film ended up being a prominent serial killer about 10 years after the movie came out. Terminator 2 is also pretty thought provoking if you think about it.
  4. I like to listen to Enigma whenever I need to relax, especially (Sadeness pt. 1)
  5. Being an introvert doesn't preclude someone from being aggressive and competitive toward making their visions come true. MBTI says that INTJs are comfortable remaining in the background unless they think no one else is qualified to be a leader. If Bill Gates really is arrogant and believes he's smarter than everyone around him it would make sense for him to behave in a more extroverted way. I for one have led organizations and activities where I behaved in an authoritarian, take-no-prisoners way. Sometimes when I tell people that I'm introverted and shy they don't believe me because of it. My vote is for INTJ.
  6. If you read the comments on the linked page one of the posters (a black male) actually tried an experiment where he made two identical profiles, where all of the stats and other stuff were exactly the same, with the exception of race. On one he used a picture of a white man with a good build, the other was a black man with an identical body type. Surely enough, the white profile got far more responses, indicating that race (which can't be controlled, unlike musculature or education level) was the only variable that was a deal breaker. Are there any white gay men on this forum who can chime in? It seems like there's a thin line between having a "preference" and outright discrimination.
  7. http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/same-sex-data-race-reply/ I stumbled across this report from OKcupid and found it fascinating. Both here on the forum and elsewhere I've heard about the strong "preferences" within the gay community for whites (and where blacks or Asians are objectified and fetishized). I'd suggest skimming through the report for some actual evidence from this popular dating site that supports the bullshit discussed here before.
  8. Thanks for the advice! My only reservation is that my career is very important to me and I want to get an MBA and rapidly advance to VP level by my mid-30s. Being an olympic athlete would obviously make for a very unique application essay, but I don't know if taking up to a year off of work would completely derail my career trajectory. On the other hand, I'm passionate about rowing (my sport) and plan on still doing it for the next few years semi-competitively just so that I don't get rusty. Even being considered for the Olympic boat would be a huge honor in itself.
  9. What are your opinions on postponing your career for potentially a year or two to try out for the national team in your sport? I just graduated from college and my coach suggested that I try out for the national team. I'm going to be starting my career and definitely want to work for a few years but would definitely consider taking time off in 2015 to try out. 1. What are some of the potential career risks for doing something like this? 2. Would employers typically look down on someone leaving work for up to a year in order to be on a national team? Even though this is a few years from now I am an INTJ and like to plan these things out :-)
  10. African-American. I've exhibited I,N and J traits since very early childhood and was probably an INFJ until age 14. An awful middle school experience and a lot of family drama around this time "solidified" me into a strong T. I don't think my race has anything to do with me being an INTJ, but I do think that certain circumstances in my childhood contributed to establishing these preferences.
  11. I'm a soon to be college grad that has accomplished all of my major goals as an undergrad and will be starting my career in August at a large corporation that I have interned for and really liked. That being said, I find that I cannot stop researching/brainstorming/worrying about my career, both in the short and long-term. Whenever I'm stressed or overwhelmed with present realities (like studying or schoolwork) I resort to doing research on MBA admissions or updating my resume. I have been diagnosed with NLD (which is similar to Asperger's Syndrome) and I wonder if this is one of those things that autistic people tend to be singlemindedly fixated on. Like, instead of obsessing over memorizing historical facts I obsess over career planning? Does this make sense? Does anyone else have this problem?
  12. I'm not looking to get married right now, but I would like to have the experience of dating someone. It feels kind of weird that I'm about to embark on my professional career and have no romantic experience whatsoever. As with most gay INTJs (I'd assume) I absolutely HATE gay mainstream culture and unfortunately, most of the guys that actually do approach me are repulsive and are only interested in mindless sex.