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  1. How come you don't have a werewolf as your avatar? Not saying the present one isn't cool.

  2. A wolf, or a snake.
  3. Kylesa - Running Red
  4. River of Darkness - Rennie Airth
  5. You could call me a geek, for sure...
  6. That actually made me laugh hard ! (Geek spotted :p)
  7. I agree with this. The perception of a genius can vary greatly and cannot be pinned down to one specific definition.
  8. Talked about universe subjects to other students at age of 10/11, the teacher would let me speak for the last 10 minutes of the class occasionally. Had mostly 'A's and continue to do so in university.
  9. I can get very aggressive sometimes, letting my anger control me. However, most of the time I am able to overcome it and I have been trying to learn how to channel it into better things :)
  10. I use it but it really follows how I am in reality, introverted and not really talkative. Usually use it for updates and seeing how my old "friends" are doing, it also sometimes amuse me when I see people my age with their "feelings/love/over-expressing" attitudes.
  11. The only thing that would make me really cry would be the loss of a very close family member.
  12. A great man...RIP
  13. Yeah, amazing animals, that is why I have one on my desktop wallpaper :p Aye, sorry about that, just bad old habit. I am fixing it right away ! :) Nay, sorry :p
  14. I get this too, can sometimes become annoying though.