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    Faithful Analyst
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    Originally from NWT/northern PQ, former accountant (govt FI), workaholic, BB jiu-jitsu (retired)
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    Ottawa, ON
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    Grunt programmer for Nav Canada, (C/C++/Java, radar data processing system)
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    Home org/improvmts, gardening, VW Bugs, natural bodybuilding, stained glass
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    I think my human is crazy...
  1. Of course you are remembered....nice to see you back, even for a quick "hello".

  2. Thank you! / waves Hi, Cooper! Always amazed to be remembered. Need to wander through more than weekly...ferociously caught up this past month in buying and upgrading one house and selling another (tonight, i hope) but looking forward to a nose-around as things slow down.
  3. Thank you. Jiu-jitsu, much compromised in recent years by frozen shoulders.
  4. Wandering around bored and exhausted by house-moving, waves. Best wishes all. Not expecting to have any more to say than in the past, but a brief delurk seems civilized. /relurks
  5. Always stuffed animals. Still have a soft white seal named Friend, who I slept with in my teens, a spice Snuffles bear, three much cuddled polar bears (Gareth, Mike, and Paul), George the Ikea gorilla with the soulful red eyes, and currently my family of 15 stuffed bedbugs.
  6. Not if I had any damn choice. Not absolutely-never impossible, but it would have to be in a situation with, at a minimum, closed stalls very, very clearly understood social rules for behaviour when sharing the facilities a population highly motivated to play by those rules as part of using the larger facilities the bathroom was part of (eg., sure, I could see the spa case mentioned above working just fine) ...and for preference a whole cultural background saner and calmer than I can imagine ours ever being.
  7. Not deeply into MBTI theory either, but I'd say I'm most likely to find myself in conflict with strongly expressed extroverts (vibrantly certain of their own excellence, and aware of having the whole damn culture backing them up as the superior life form) who also express strong enough feeling, that they basically don't think at all--the ones who run most swifly and violently on emotional prejudice (again, usually culturally conditioned) are most likely to make my enemies list at speed.
  8. Thank you! Of all the things I never planned to do, surely the least likely...

  9. NANOWRIMO!! If I ever try that it will be in background mode. :curtain: Good for you!!

  10. No, not yet. {{{WoodsWoman}}} Just been spending most of my time over at fanfiction.net the past few months, and lately prepping for my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month (2 days to go...)

  11. !!! Not dead! {{{plushbug}}}

  12. Yes! I want to hug it, even I don't like bugs. :nice: