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  1. Turkey is healthy yet bland, so you need to layer other flavors on it to make it tasty. White bread/gravy/potatoes is just layering bland on the bland. Yesterday I made a sandwich with Boar's Head Cajun Turkey, which added just enough kick imo.
  2. I find open-faced turkey sandwiches to be bland and a little gross, though I won't say no if someone gave me one.
  3. Our corporate policy is to toot our own horn as often as possible. During a procedure, I'll talk up the patient's oncologist and the other people doing the procedure. My NP, likewise, will talk up my performance. Telling your patient "I'm not very good at this procedure and the last one I did went poorly" while you're drilling into them will freak them out. Further, the team-leader will not request you if they do not know your accomplishments. In large organizations like hospitals, it is impossible for managers to know the actions of each of their many underlings, and there are always vultures ready to claim credit for you achievements. Imagine you're a department lead, with 36 people across three shifts under you. There's a promotion opportunity. You physically can't watch them all, so your decision will be based upon whomever you are the most familiar with. The brilliant night-shift worker you see once a month won't even be considered. Quietly working in the corner, hoping somebody, anybody, will recognize their hard work...is why many INTJ never climb the corporate ladder. You gotta sell yourself.
  4. True: my partner dramatically reduced my drinking, even at parties where drinking is expected. He rarely drinks, so would rather share a tea with me.
  5. Adultery is still illegal in half of the country, now that you mention it. Ah, Christianity. Our society would be much more honest if we decriminalized nudity. Wrapping a turd in an expensive suit won't stop its smell.
  6. I would be concerned if you joined the movement to re-criminalize homosexuality. Or not wearing a shirt in public.
  7. So is beheading, if you need more useless comparisons.
  8. Is homosexuality no different from adultery in your mind?
  9. Homosexuality was a felony in my lifetime.
  10. I'm here now after fapping. It's something to read less annoying than the news, I guess. I should probably play a video game instead.
  11. As long as you don't take said personal preference to your local legislature.
  12. Between student loans and babyboomers refusing to retire, I think everything for our generation will be delayed. Except death, of course. We're the biggest part of the workforce, the biggest homebuyers, and soon the biggest consumers. In ten years we'll dominate politics too. Sheer demographics.
  13. Muse and I are in the same boat, both graduating into the great recession. Since I've had to fight for everything since day 1, I've always lived with the assumption that money is precious and my job is temporary. I also know the joy that is being passed-over for promotion because your rivals have 30+ years of experience. I've reached the level where I'm now competing against babyboomers for positions, and I can't win. "My Dad is willing to do my job for less money? Well, fuck." I own a small house (1000sqft), frequently travel domestically, and have a weak spot for fancy electronics. iPhone plus, iPad, two gaming computers, half-a-dozen consoles, and most recently a 65" 4k HDR TV. I also spend way too much on eating out, usually at the workplace cafeteria. That said...during my last vacation, I split the hotel with 3 other Millennial couples who have similar jobs. We just snuck in lots of air-mattresses. 4-day vacation for two cost us about $600.
  14. Just got this guy: https://www.vizio.com/m65e0.html. 65" 4k HDR, 120hz. Full LED Array backlighting, wide color gamut, 36 dimming zones, 793 cd/m2 peak localized brightness. It's the holy-grail of living room screens: compatible with all the current HDR standards, 4k, buttery-smooth refresh, enough brightness and dimming to make HDR matter...all for a reasonable price ($1150 on sale). You can pay triple the price for a small upgrade, but I think 2017 is the year that 4k HDR has become mainstream.
  15. Do you think a pride parade is too much for you and your children to mentally handle? Does the sight of a man wearing a speedo give you a mini-stroke? Do you lock up, like a deer-in-the-headlights, when little Billy asks you why Fred and Steve are kissing?
  16. I've got a small circle of close friends who function as my extended-family, in addition to a loving partner who has stuck with me through hell. ...... added to this post 7 minutes later: It's actually simpler than that. Single people take terrible care of themselves, and thus are much less likely to deal with a major health issue before it kills them. Men are especially prone to this. Only reason I'm alive right now is that a friend noticed I looked off, suggesting I go to the ER. Boom, undiagnosed cancer. Again, during my cancer treatments, I wasn't feeling well during my third round of chemo. I just wanted to eat some crackers and go to sleep. My Dad, who was alternating-shifts with my partner at my bedside, forced me back to the ER. Where I collapsed, and the ER team brought me back from the brink of death. --- My grandmother would be dead right now, had her husband not found her collapsed in the bathroom from undiagnosed pneumonia.
  17. The Netherlands legalized gay marriage in 2001. Back in 2001, homosexuality was a felony in 14 US states. It's deviated heavily from the UK miniseries. Which is why I find it hilarious that some heterosexuals have a problem with one weekend for the gays. Hollywood hates white guys, too. They hate American society in general these days, tbh. Most Hollywood-types wish that California could break-off and join the EU. Not to be rude, but are you an aspie? You're an intelligent dude, yet you oddly focused on what wasn't the issue in question. Missing the context-cues. 300 did very well at the box-office (half a billion in revenue), despite being softcore porn. No, no it's not. We're a violent society obsessed with money, fame, and power, born in a brutal war. Look to our President: a fucking rich asshole. ...... added to this post 8 minutes later: That's the problem. It's like saying that your show is black-friendly because your characters eat watermelon while rapping badly. I live in a heavily gay region, and most of the gay men here are *not* effeminate. On the contrary, if you see a guy here with a beard, large muscles, and sleeve tattoos...he's probably gay. You *really* missed the point here: I don't want to hear *you* bitching to me about a goddamn pride parade when *I* don't bitch to you about the blatant in-your-face heterosexuality everywhere. Painting your face black and trying to get a cop to shoot you doesn't help anyone, it just makes you infamous. Again, I didn't bring up Friends, Scorpiomaker did. If you *really* want me to launch in a hyper-heterosexuality rant, I can give you a dozen examples much more meaningful than Friends.
  18. Hope doesn't pay the mortgage. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later:
  19. Indeed. There is just one recent sitcom that features a gay couple (Modern Family) but even they are played by straight comedians for laughs. We could even do a class on it: the only time we see homosexuality in American television and Cinema is to establish the evil-ness of a villain. For instance, they made Frank Underwood in House of Cards gay...as he attempts to overthrow the US government. You never see the superhero save the boy. Or a super spy get the man. Or the doctor have marital struggles with his husband. If we see it at all, it's either a joke, or the villain threatening to rape an innocent. "Gee E7, it seems that heterosexuality has flooded our culture. I just didn't realize it." You did, lol. Have you ever seen "Dante's Cove"? It's one if the few shows from the "Friends" period where the protagonists are openly gay. It's also terrible and low-budget because broadcasters wouldn't touch it.
  20. I was saying that gays are almost never represented in media. Heterosexuality is everywhere, especially in your show Friends. You retorted that Friends is not an accurate portrayal of straight relationships. That's tangential to the point: Friends is a comedy about straight relationships. There is no gay equivalent, even today.
  21. HDR is about color and brightness of both signal and display: HDR screens can both show a much wider range of colors, and dramatically brighten and darken parts of the same image using the latest full-array backlighting or OLEDs. The net effect makes images pop, like looking out a window. SDR looks faded in contrast, like an old photo. My mouth dropped the first time I saw true HDR content. 4k is nice, but is only noticeable if you sit really close to the screen, or have a massive screen (75"+). 1080p or 1440p will be indistinguishable from 4k for the average person. --- 144hz is it's own thing. My monitor is 144hz free sync, and the result is that games are as a smooth as butter. 60hz looks choppy to me now.
  22. Smile a lot and always ask people about themselves.
  23. If you don't toot your own horn, nobody else will. Shall we go through the long list of brilliant minds who died poor and alone? Are you willing to hope somebody will discover the quality of your work a century after you're dead?
  24. Kinda just makes my point: in a decade of episodes, there have been more straight hookups than you can count, yet the only "gay-like" behavior is a joke about guys trying to kiss. Why I spent the first 20 years of my life thinking I was a mutant freak going to hell. Yeah, that anecdote just scratches the surface. My history teacher, who beat me in class, was arrested for pedophilia. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: @scorpiomover If he thinks Bruno is anything but an insulting mockery of gay life, he's delusional.