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  1. It's 2017, and science allows us to detect a plethora of serious genetic diseases in the womb, such as down syndrome. Further, most developed nations allow you to abort a fetus for any reason. Should we encourage mothers to abort genetically-ill fetuses? Can we justify the time and cost of raising children with severe genetic illnesses?
  2. What is your gut reaction to seeing two men kissing? Don't overthink it, just tell us what chemicals your brain dumps when you first see two men kissing. Why do you react this way?
  3. It's actually a product-demo photo from an electrophoresis kit. I haven't manually run a gel in years. How strongly? Literature about the costs of the disease? Funding the abortion on-the-spot? Cutting government funding from parents who refuse to abort? --- Should society be forced to bear the costs of genetically-ill children parents refused to abort? Something like Maple-Syrup-Urine Disease (MSUD), where the child will require intense lifelong medical interventions including organ transplant?
  4. While India has strong positive-eugenic systems (I work with a number of wealthy Indians), it utterly fails at negative-eugenics. Witness the landfill-living women who have a dozen children, all spending their lives in squalor. No government social-programs can keep up with their rate of reproduction, and the combination of density and squalor makes these slums an epidemiology nightmare: several pandemics originate from Indian slums.
  5. You seem to think eugenics must be some giant government conspiracy run by a Mengele-like character. On the contrary, just like you can have a public pension that isn't run by Stalin, you can have eugenic policies without a Mengele. Your government spends millions, even billions, manipulating the reproductive choices of your population. Why does it do so? Eugenics Are Alive and Well In the United States HuffPo: Let’s (Cautiously) Celebrate the “New Eugenics” Do you seriously believe these policies were just randomly chosen because they sound nice? Do you not realize that eugenic population control is one of the primary reasons countries like France and Japan are overwhelming wealthy, while countries like India and Nigeria suffer in poverty? Do you not know that the wealthy elites of the Western world strongly advocate eugenic policies, policies you fail to see as eugenic, specifically because it protects their amassed wealth? Why is it outrageous? Because eugenics is so stigmatized? Sanger, Rockefeller et al would be ecstatic at the current state of reproductive technology around the world, and the Rockefeller Foundation continues to be a major donor to said research. Why isn't eugenics a good thing? Can you not be happy that you are contributing to a better future for humanity?
  6. The prize of my collection: I found it at a used game shop for $10 back in the 1990s. It's the Suikoden II of the SNES.
  7. Virginity is good to lose. For those with a sexual orientation (non-asexuals), letting your sexuality blossom is one of the most fulfilling parts of life.
  8. Be sure to get your Kung Pao chicken grilled, not fried. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Scary thing: that nastiness in the Chinese sewers is recycled and used to cook in cheap Chinese restaurants/food stalls. An entire black-market industry has sprung-up to reuse the cooking oil found in open sewage. China's government keeps trying to crack down on it, but with little success. Why I don't trust any food-oil imports from mainland China. Once they clean it, the only way to distinguish the sewer oil from fresh oil is when you get sick.
  9. Little Bio 101 here. Eugenics is improving the human population through controlled reproduction. This can be positive eugenics, ie encouraging the healthy and wealthy to reproduce through fertility clinics. This can be negative eugenics, ie encouraging the poor and sick to sterilize/abort/use contraception. This can be extremely negative eugenics, ie Nazism. --- Much like how most developed nations have adopted tenants of socialism without going full-on communist, most developed nations now practice tenants of eugenics...even if they don't officially call it that anymore. Does your country provide "free" birth control and abortion to the poor? Do they institutionalize the mentally ill and criminal, such that they cannot easily reproduce? That's negative eugenics in action. Does your country provide sexual education and fertility treatments to healthy couples? That's positive eugenics in action. We don't *call* it that dirty stigmatized word anymore, but the scientific advisers to the world's richest governments recommend the same policies they did back in the 1920s, only with better technology to implement said principles. --- Even Wikipedia acknowledges that the widespread use of surrogacy (in the OP) has led to a rapid rise of positive eugenics across the world. Current Sociology: Global reproductive inequalities, neo-eugenics and commercial surrogacy in India
  10. Eugenics ≠ Nazism Eugenics ≠ White Supremacy --- Much like how homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia, eugenics has nothing to do with white supremacism. You can't see past the stigma. Eugenics ≠ Satan
  11. Still have my working Red Version in an original grey Game Boy, and Top Gear for SNES.
  12. Then you are using an incorrect definition of Eugenics. You at least correctly note that Eugenic philosophy, though only labeled as such in the 20th-century, is an ancient principle exercised by most early civilizations (most notably the Greeks and Romans). Eugenicists everywhere cheer when a woman aborts because she is low-class, doesn't want to parent, or because her body is unsuited for reproduction. *You* don't have to call yourself a eugenicist when you do those things, but you're still fulfilling the wishes of our eugenic forefathers. It's rather like how many "agnostic" Americans still judge themselves and their relationships using Christian values (monogamous protestant work ethic) just because they live in a culture saturated by Christianity. We may publicly disavow it, but Eugenics have become ingrained in the value-systems of virtually all developed countries...from Europe to Asia.
  13. Perhaps you are simply using an incorrect definition of Eugenics. What does Eugenics mean to you? The philosophy of Eugenics dates back to Ancient Greece, though it wasn't called that at the time. And what do you think the purpose of abortion is, since you disagree that abortion is meant to eliminate unwanted children?
  14. #UncomfortableTruths Prior to the Nazi-stigma, Eugenics was a popular movement among the upper-classes in the US. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, pioneered reproductive control across the US...writing extensively on the benefits of restricting lower-class reproduction. She founded the American Birth Control League to that end, which later changed it's name to Planned Parenthood (as "Birth Control" was stigmatized). Sanger was effectively Marine Le Pen: supported closed borders, planned parenthood for citizens, and compulsory sterilization for the genetically ill. Modern Planned Parenthood has scrubbed their history of their Eugenic origins, yet their activity remains unchanged: improving the human population through restricting reproduction. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Now you're just arguing semantics: would a rose by any other name smell just as sweet? Eugenicists sought to improve society by eliminating unwanted, malformed children in the womb. Abortion is eliminating unwanted, malformed children in the womb. --- IMO, I would rather you abort because you don't want a malformed fetus (eugenics), instead of aborting an otherwise healthy fetus because you mistakenly got pregnant (reckless). Abortion is a medical procedure: eugenics is why we use that procedure. You're just not allowed to admit so publicly. ...... added to this post 13 minutes later: P.S. While he cannot call it "eugenics," Bill Gates' quest to develop better birth-control for the developing world is no different from the Rockefeller eugenic obsession with the same a century ago: rich people wanting to stop the unwashed masses from reproducing. Bill Gates says progress made on new super-thin condom
  15. Maybe it's that shitty Chinese sewer oil.
  16. Have a Frank discussion of the nature of the relationship, prepared to walk away. Then stay or leave based upon their response.
  17. Since we've already involved Godwin, we don't ignore Nazi medical science just because it was developed under Hitler. Or nuclear technology, for that matter. Eugenics was originally a noble cause, the true purpose behind Planned Parenthood and abortion (both of which you still support). If we can prevent all manner of genetic disease, and further, grow stronger humans...Why shouldn't we? Just because a madman murdered millions a century ago? Stalin's purges haven't stopped you from advocating socialism... We already dose newborn infants with a dozen different vaccines so their survival odds are better than nature normally allows...What makes it so controversial to do so in the womb? Is "God's Creation" so precious that we cannot touch it in the womb, even to give it a much better life? --- The "all natural" "life is pure" fallacy particularly offends me, because without extreme medical interventions I would've died in the womb with my mother, and again I would've died last year of cancer. Nature is brutally cruel, and we should use every tool we have to improve our survival odds against it. There is nothing sacred about childhood leukemia or down syndrome, just nature fucking us over.
  18. Thanks for this response: the kind of debate this thread was meant for. --- That was my reaction the first time I found gay porn, too. Didn't even know homosexuality was a thing, just knew that it didn't look like anything I knew, two "dads" kissing eachother. Just like my gut reaction to brussel sprouts. I was so grossed-out that I had to look away. But it felt oddly good below-the-belt. Better than I had ever felt before. So it wasn't long before I was kissing the boy down the street, had a secret folder filled with hardcore gay porn, and started my lifelong quest to intensify that below-the-belt feeling. Lo-and-behold...homosexuality and bisexuality runs in my family. And I now love brussel sprouts. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Just like Playboy emboldened the religious-right to ban pornography in the US? Men kissing in public is common here in Columbus, as it is in most large Western cities.
  19. Welfare of the child. If we want to raise children in the best possible households, I can think of no better family than where a child is *so* wanted that said family is willing to raise $10k+ to have said child. Indeed. On the contrary, in a world where selecting the best fetal traits is both easy and common, cursing your child with below-average intelligence/stamina/strength/longevity in the name of "purity" could be considered criminal neglect. It's like refusing to send your child to school because literacy is for impure science-types. I'd support the establishment of a "National Surrogacy Registry" akin to the one we already maintain for organ-donation, with rules established by the appropriate medical boards. ...... added to this post 10 minutes later: I'm guessing you didn't walk down to the nearest mental hospital to impregnate yourself with one of their patients, even though that would be free and 100% natural? No, odds are you spent years attending good schools, hundreds of thousands living in the "right" neighborhoods, and thousands on cosmetics to attract a quality mate who could give you much better offspring than you would get banging half of the psyche ward. And then...you'll spend hundreds of thousands more controlling the first 18 years of your children's lives, to give them an edge against the rest of humanity. --- In comparison to the immense effort to find an appropriate mate, and the colossal effort that is modern parenting...spending $10k to engineer your child in the womb is child's play.
  20. Insurance fraud is a felony. With the boards investigating, he'll probably lose his license and win some jail time. It's a form of grand theft. Don't accept any apology, don't respond to the doctor at all, and save everything he sends you to submit to the investigation. This is very common, and you're likely not his only victim. P.S. There are thousands of diagnosis codes: one does not "accidentally" choose just the code for chronic pain. Especially given how that vague diagnosis is normally used for insurance fraud or painkiller dealing.
  21. I support the practice. When two 13-year-olds without an income between them can mistakingly make a baby, I have no problem with two grown adults planning and paying for a kid. I'd rather be the result of a surrogacy than an unfortunate mistake. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: P.S. I also have no issues with selling your body, having been with active porn stars. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: And I fully support genetically engineering babies. Down Syndrome et all should be cured in the womb. ...... added to this post 10 minutes later: Do you feel bad for the contractor who risks lung cancer when he insulates your attic? We routinely take health risks for money: it's why most governments regulate workplace safety.
  22. Tiger balm.
  23. Maybe I've just been lucky, but thus far they've done me the favor of meeting me in their hotel rooms. Where we have a good shower. I wouldn't know about that
  24. If I had a nickle for every American vblogger teaching English in Korea/Japan/China that I've followed If you love language enough to make it your career, there's an endless need for translators in our super-connected world. If the gibberish that passes for English in modern made-in-China instruction manuals is any indication... More than that: if you know the most common syntax, you can quickly pick up the basics of whatever is being spoken where you are. My Moroccan friend used his grasp of French to learn English (he still uses French words instead of English equivalents mid-sentence), while I used my understanding of Spanish to fumble my way through Quebec. Ditto...if you know Japanese kanji, odds are you can learn the simplified Chinese hanzi you'll need to survive. If you make it over to Asia someday, serious kudos: it's still on my bucket list. Those flights are expensive.
  25. That's pretty much the only/best use of a language degree. Like my friend from Morocco...while natively speaking French and Arabic, he learned English in school after he decided he wanted to move to the US. It's funny speaking with him because there's always a delay: he's translating from English to French to Arabic and back. Been working and living here for...six years now?