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  1. Half of my cooking are just ways to use up cheap food in the pantry, which I picked up as a college student. Most recently did a Mexican scallion pancake: five eggs beaten into leftover Mexican rice-and-beans with scallion and cheddar cheese, cooked into a giant omelette.
  2. Hillary Clinton 2116!
  3. We're still tightly bound to our biological needs. We'll still need to eat, poo, and fuck.
  4. I often need to think in my job, so the last thing I want to do is come home to more arguments. It is exhausting, especially coming from a SO. Maybe he doesn't want a sparring partner, but a pillar of support. He's burned-out constantly fighting you.
  5. Not rape, but there should still be a criminal penalty. Rather like how spitting on someone and shooting them in the leg are both technically assault, but they will have very different punishments.
  6. I'm a generalist medical scientist, which means I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It means I can move almost anywhere in the world and find stable work, but I won't be making as much as my peers who spent additional years focusing on just one aspect of medical diagnostics (say, mycology). I'm planning on further generalization by picking up business-skills, so I'm not just limited to clinical roles.
  7. Most young children have an intense fear of parental abandonment/death, so it's not nice to mess with said fears for fun. "We're going to die soon, and when that happens, we're sending you to New York." "What? Why Daddy?" *sniffles* "Because your Daddy is stupid and life isn't fair, son. We're both going to die, you can dump me in the lake, and then you'll move to New York with your Uncle! Don't you like your Uncle?" "But I don't want you and mommy to die. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!" *laughing* "You'll grow strong, son! Leave your Daddy to his whiskey, okay?" *whaaaaaaaaaaa* ...nightmares ensue. He apologized years later, didn't realize the intense negative impact it had upon young me.
  8. I grew up in a household of heavy smokers, yet somehow managed to be a babyfaced giant. They did feed me a ton of healthy food, as is our tradition. As @AesSedai just said, you'll soon be glad you look young. Now I get all excited when, at 28, I get ID'd at bars! Or when people think I'm still a college student!
  9. It's just a fashion-choice actors on TV wear.
  10. It fell-through because the sellers hid a serious foundation problem. On a bright note, closing on a similar ranch with two-car garage down the street in about a week! Passed inspection, and appraisal was 7% above our bid.
  11. Just as an FYI: if your son is still rather young (say <12), the above can be quite traumatic. I had nightmares for years after my Dad drunkenly decided this was a good idea.
  12. Should I start a new religion? Would you believe that I can lead you to true paradise? That what I say can manifest nirvana today? Do you realize that you are your biggest obstacle to reaching nirvana with me? And you can begin this journey with one small step? Join us at Eagleseven Ministries.
  13. Torn on this. On one hand, I like the flexibility this offers, and also enjoyed working around the Tokyo and London opens when I traded Forex. On the other hand, I watched as my father's irregular job requiring constant flying (before modern communications) grew to consume his life. We were lucky to see him once a month, yet I'm the sort of guy who wants to see his family daily. My Dad loved it. I take comfort in my schedule, one less thing for me to think about, I get enough decision-fatigue at work. --- When I'm posting here, either work is slow, I'm on break, I can't sleep, or I'm drinking morning coffee while reading the paper.
  14. P.S. Just FYI I'm a generalist medical scientist, meaning I do a little of everything, getting around. With regards to psychiatry, we monitor lithium levels as it is highly toxic (a second-line anti-psychotic), occasionally do minor procedures on batshit crazy patients, and annoy the nurses in the ED psych-wing by ordering redraws on their craziest patients. So yes, we do bill outpatient psych clinics and deal with broke schizos who haven't showered in weeks. I'm the sort of guy your private practice will hire to legally CYA. ...... added to this post 7 minutes later: I'm happily working eights again. Get up at 6AM, get home from work by 4PM, then have six hours to do whatever before bed at 10PM. I get so much shit down in the evenings it is fantastic. 16 hours in front of a textbook doesn't really compare to 16 hours on your feet doing procedure after procedure on patients. 10x4 is probably my ideal schedule, but that's fairly rare. --- Let's say you work 12x4, my old schedule. Leave for work at 9AM, get home by 10PM, then you have 3 hours to sleep and relax before bed. You got a nice 3-day weekend, but one of those days is completely shot just catching up on sleep. Course, some folks prefer 16 or even 20 hour shifts, like ER doc I worked with. I think he was working himself into an early grave.
  15. 12-hour shifts four days a week is not an easy schedule, friend. Not as bad as, say, a surgeon in a trauma unit...but I've pulled those hours before. It's brutal. If you don't mind being a pill-pusher to desperate housewives, it's not a bad life. You could do much worse. --- If you end up spending 12 hours a day with the real crazies, well damn. My ex's Dad did that in prison, Criminal Psychiatrist, and it traumatized both him and his daughter. His patients loved to stalk him. Worst I've seen was a man who alternated between crying for his dead mother and hissing at us like a snake. CNA's swore he was possesed by the devil. They couldn't lock him up tight enough. Those folks need serious help, and I sure as hell don't want to deal with them. Course, most people say that about my job too.
  16. Then why the fuck do you think you will clear $150k working a 24-hour workweek? General surgeons working on-call don't even make much.
  17. Says the teen who is an *expert* on running a medical practice after pouring a doc's coffee for an hour. Never even heard of goddamn CMS, but he *knows* he's on easy street. Why am I even wasting my time on you? Maybe it's because I like your avatar. --- As I've said three times now, you can have a wonderful life prescribing Kim Kardashian's benzos. It'd be a great waste of your talents, but it pays the bills. People with serious mental illness, who really need your help, are broke because they are mentally ill.
  18. Changing the subject? I'm sorry, are you *not* intending to become a psychiatrist who works three days a week? Nor are you aware of the use of lithium in psychiatric patients? I honestly don't give a fuck what you do with your life. Nor do I care what you think of my life. But when I see someone with delusions about my industry, I will correct said delusions. Try not taking everything as a personal attack, jack.
  19. Do you know anything about lithium? But I digress. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-ronald-ricker-and-dr-venus-nicolino/psychiatry-how-low-can-we_b_852893.html You can deny the state of your target industry all day long; you will be facing it eventually. --- From the above link: "As the New York Times article states, “Dr. Levin’s initial efforts to get insurers to reimburse him and persuade his clients to make their co-payments were less than successful. His office assistants were so sympathetic to his tearful patients that they often failed to collect.” In 2004, Laura Levin, M.S.W., a licensed talk therapist, took over the business end of the practice. With admirable zeal, “Ms. Levin created accounting systems, bought two powerful computers, licensed a computer scheduling program from a nearby hospital and hired independent contractors to haggle with insurers and call patients to remind them of appointments.” She also imposed a variety of extra fees on patients: $50 for a missed appointment, $25 for a faxed prescription refill and $10 extra for a missed co-payment and who knows how much for writing or calling in a prescription. Dr. Levin’s practice is based on the approximately 11- to 12-minute “hour,” seeing 40 patients each day for approximately 11 minutes each. The remaining four minutes allow for social niceties, ushering a patient in and out, offering them the chair, and getting the next chart, all of which adds up to 15 minutes."
  20. Clearly your handful of discussions with a few docs is far more relevant than my six years of working in the industry. Anyone with an MD after their name can just put up a sign and start prescribing psychotropics, after all. Who cares about laws and money anyways? It's all just over-dramatic hogwash.
  21. When? And did you actually ask them about the business, or did you just watch them see a few patients over a few hours? It's funny the transition you'll see: for a doe-eyed undergrad none of this matters, and by the end of residency it will be all that matters.
  22. Over half of healthcare funding in this country comes from Medicare and Medicaid patients, which means you must be CMS-compliant. Maybe not if you only choose wealthy patients who pay for all services in cash. Unless your medical school starts teaching corporate compliance and CMS billing, you will need a billing team and a CMS-compliance team. And someone with the medical understanding plus legal knowledge to fight with insurance reps continually, unless intend to stay on-the-phone continuously to fight for payment of services rendered. We, as a country, have just switched to ICD-10-CM, which has ~69000 codes. Use the wrong one...and you won't get paid, you'll lose your CMS certfication, and you might even be arrested for fraud. I still haven't figured it out after going through a few training courses, so just forward that all to our coding department. Your little practice will need an army of employees to stay operational, and your only revenue are those patients you'll be seeing during 3 (chuckle) working days. I doubt an MBA is in your future, but somehow you'll just magically know how to keep the entire operation afloat while never working. Hell, that MD means you're both a crack businessman and a sharp HR professional who can hire smart, dedicated workers who won't fuck up, right? Especially since your medical license is on the line, if they do fuck up in your name. --- ...and we haven't even started talking about malpractice insurance for your growing team of healthcare professionals in your "little" private practice.
  23. It's a New-York-Jew term, and if anything, Trump has it in spades.
  24. Large healthcare organizations, such as my employer, are buying up private practices across the country because an individual doctor cannot afford to be compliant with federal regulation. And once we own you, you cannot determine your hours. You have no economy-of-scale and modern healthcare is big-business. It's no different from Walmart now hiring most pharmacists. --- I suppose you could just become the personal doctor of several rich patrons, but then you won't be solving many problems nor helping many people, just a few Donald-Trump-clones. My best friend thought similarly when he enlisted to fight in Iraq about your age. Since then, all of his Iraqi friends were beheaded by ISIS in Mosul, and he had a bad case of PTSD. Maybe that silly bureaucracy does matter, particularly when your career involves life-and-death decision making.
  25. Assuming you intend to do so in the US, you better pray Trump fixes our healthcare system, or your dream will be dead by the time you pass boards. The private-practice MD is dying as we speak, under the growing burden of the ACA.