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  1. It means rejecting the fashion standards of your ethnicity in favor of the middle-class fashion preferred by white folks. Most societies have derogatory names for people who don't conform to their native culture.
  2. I recently reached a level of maturity to admit I didn't use 90% of the amenitied offered in the large cities I kept living in. I'd much rather drink coffee at home in my pajamas, then drag my laptop to the nearest coffeehouse. My ideal weekend involves lots of cuddling at home and maybe getting food at a single dive bar. It's why I moved from a 800k person city to a 40k person suburb. Don't really miss the urban lifestyle. IMO, both of your towns seem similarly tiny to me.
  3. In our particular case, we're the best-ranked hospital in the region, and so they're not going to find better short of flying to another state. Straight-up, we have fewer mistakes, fewer nosocomial infections, and better outcomes than our nearest rival. Given the insane wait times for routine and even emergency procedures these days, the public seems to know this already. What would you recommend be said when your patient asks you about their doctor? If you badmouth your employer directly to their customers, any employer, you won't be an employee for very long. Yes, some of our oncologists suck at certain procedures, and I've internally written them up for it...but publicly bad-mouthing your boss is career suicide.
  4. Turkey is healthy yet bland, so you need to layer other flavors on it to make it tasty. White bread/gravy/potatoes is just layering bland on the bland. Yesterday I made a sandwich with Boar's Head Cajun Turkey, which added just enough kick imo.
  5. I find open-faced turkey sandwiches to be bland and a little gross, though I won't say no if someone gave me one.
  6. Our corporate policy is to toot our own horn as often as possible. During a procedure, I'll talk up the patient's oncologist and the other people doing the procedure. My NP, likewise, will talk up my performance. Telling your patient "I'm not very good at this procedure and the last one I did went poorly" while you're drilling into them will freak them out. Further, the team-leader will not request you if they do not know your accomplishments. In large organizations like hospitals, it is impossible for managers to know the actions of each of their many underlings, and there are always vultures ready to claim credit for you achievements. Imagine you're a department lead, with 36 people across three shifts under you. There's a promotion opportunity. You physically can't watch them all, so your decision will be based upon whomever you are the most familiar with. The brilliant night-shift worker you see once a month won't even be considered. Quietly working in the corner, hoping somebody, anybody, will recognize their hard work...is why many INTJ never climb the corporate ladder. You gotta sell yourself.
  7. True: my partner dramatically reduced my drinking, even at parties where drinking is expected. He rarely drinks, so would rather share a tea with me.
  8. Adultery is still illegal in half of the country, now that you mention it. Ah, Christianity. Our society would be much more honest if we decriminalized nudity. Wrapping a turd in an expensive suit won't stop its smell.
  9. I would be concerned if you joined the movement to re-criminalize homosexuality. Or not wearing a shirt in public.
  10. So is beheading, if you need more useless comparisons.
  11. Is homosexuality no different from adultery in your mind?
  12. Homosexuality was a felony in my lifetime.
  13. I'm here now after fapping. It's something to read less annoying than the news, I guess. I should probably play a video game instead.
  14. As long as you don't take said personal preference to your local legislature.