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  1. When I plan my entire week to maximize the amount of time spent with my love interest.
  2. Um...I'm interested primarily in dudes, but still...duh. Life isn't an ABC sitcom. To paraphrase my partner, I'm a vindictive asshole who thinks about sex and fighting far too much, yet paradoxically that seems to have caused a number of people to fall in-love with me. I don't see that as some special philosophy, just that if you want anything in you life you must fight for it. If you wait around for good things to happen because you're a nice/kind/gentle person, you'll be waiting for a long time. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: You're overthinking things above. If you like what she has to offer, be proactive and take it. Gratitude or dislike doesn't factor in. A funny thing I've discovered: if you tell someone that you would fuck them, and want to fuck them...you'll end up fucking them. Most of the time, at least.
  3. +1000 I didn't learn the extent of my partner's skeletons until we started experimenting with D/S. When you trust someone at your most physically vulnerable... Your mental and emotional walls come down.
  4. 1. Initial deal was fine, kids should learn to negotiate early. 2. Changing the terms repeatedly confused him, and worse, made *you* appear as an unreliable parent. If your kid doesn't trust you to be honest, he'll resist you. 3. He's 8, so is both dependant upon you for his survival and has a very undeveloped brain. There should be no such thing as a stand off, that's just ludicrous. You are the adult here, his life is in your hands.
  5. I ended my last relationship in 2013, and didn't start seriously dating again until 2015...So is perfectly natural. Assuming you're looking for a "forever" relationship, each break up is the death of a happy future you once had. Much like losing an old friend, losing a lover is tough.
  6. Looks like Ryzen 5 will drop next month, their 6-core mainstream chips. Given what you've said about app support, I think I'll be building a Ryzen 5 1600x rig this Spring. 6 cores at 4.0 ghz sounds pretty good to me, for just $250. Especially since it comes unlocked, hoping I can push them towards 5.0 on my giant air cooler. The bf will get my old i5 3570k rig so we can finally play Civ6 together.
  7. As has been said, nobody fights for peace. You fight when you'd rather lose peace than some other alternative outcome. Like being enslaved/conquered/oppressed or (in the case of imperial powers) becoming poor. Most of the British colonial armies were ex-prisoners and poor who had no "peace" in their old lives back home, led by minor nobility trying to prove themselves abroad. For them, regularly fighting the natives abroad was preferable to rotting back in London.
  8. Touche!
  9. Dudes a coprophiliac which makes you...
  10. An INTJ who understands networking? Go figure.
  11. The pro gaming circuit is like the pro sports circuit: millions of amateurs will never make a cent, while a tiny select few make all the money (yet sacrifice themselves to do so). It's no longer something one attempts casually. You need time, money, and coaching. --- You could try to make money streaming, but then face the same problem most YouTubers face: only the top few make any real money. And that's a different skill set altogether: being a funny performer. One of the most popular streamers had a technical issue last week, and instead of losing his viewers, he and his wife played truth-or-dare on camera, during which he confessed to his college sexual activity, crawled around like a cat, and painted his wife like a clown. He had lots of fun...but he's a theater performer by education, who just happens to play games now. His daily streaming show is his own stage.
  12. Last I was to a Brooks Brothers, I busted in with a skullcap and construction jacket. The older staff acted like I was going to rob the place. An astute younger clerk greeted me...and a few hours later made the commission on my $1000 sale. All those old farts started tripping over themselves to help me. --- Ditto when I first met my realtor. She assumed I would need a 3% down FHA mortgage.
  13. Pro tip: the people who most aggressively try to appear to have money...don't. "Dressing well" is a trait of the aspirational class, i.e. workers who hope to make it big one day. The already-rich don't give a fuck because there is no need to impress anyone. Do do you know the most popular vehicle among America's millionaires? Ford F-150 pickup, followed by the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. When you already have millions, there is little need to broadcast that to everyone you meet.
  14. Focus your attention outside of yourself, onto those around you, and the emptiness will go away.