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  1. Accomplishment. Small accomplishments can be as addictive as any drug. Most modern crafting games (Minecraft et al) exploit this for profit.
  2. I've played and loved everything in this thread...so yah! Going off my steam played hours, I have an unhealthy love of the Civilization series.
  3. Room-scale apps and games don't have any motion sickness because your movements are represented in the world. If I duck, I duck in the world...making my brain happy. If I take a step, I take a step in-world. There are a few room-scale games where you "teleport" between locations too distant to walk, but my brain has no problem making that transition. I've played some games that are cross-platform using an Xbox controller (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR) where you play sitting while running around in-game. The dissonance between me physically sitting down yet feeling like I'm rapidly moving in-game caused nausea within 20 minutes. I didn't get very far in Ethan Carter before the nausea was too much, so my BF tried it. He lasted 10 minutes before getting sick? --- IMO, if you want VR...either shell out for room-scale or don't bother.
  4. Vanishing Realms is the best adventure-RPG I've played yet. Will take you about 6-10 hours to complete, and it amps up the difficulty. The climax is a combat-gauntlet requiring swordplay, archery, and effective use of AOE magic. It's very intense, you'll be fighting monsters larger than you up-close and personal. Legend of Luca takes the gameplay of Vanishing Realms and puts it in a randomly-generated roguelike. Harder but less complete. Haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I'm told Island 359 is amazing. A picture is worth a thousand words? If you prefer Zombies, the Brookhaven Experiment continues to scare me. This one has you defending a small location from zombies/monsters attacking you from all directions...in the dark.
  5. Fun fact: the only lesbians on Grindr here are MTF.
  6. A saying around here: "You know you're in a Lesbian bar when you see groups of women sneering at eachother."
  7. Vive here. I bought it and played the hell out of it for a few months, always a crowd-pleaser when friends came over. The full room-scale was amazing, I could lose myself in other worlds for hours. Actually dodging incoming attacks and ducking behind cover in Hover Junkers is incredible. That said...I haven't set up the system in my new house since I moved in February. I intend to, but it's less-than-pressing because VR still does not have the system-selling title. I've bought a few dozen VR titles, but most have enough content for an hour or two and then you're done. There's also a problem I didn't expect to have: for the uber-fun adventure-RPGs I really enjoy (my 70-year-old Dad lost himself in one for over an hour)...they're exhausting. After a hard day at work, spending a few hours jumping/swinging/ducking/crawling will wear you out if you're not already a crossfitter. It is great for exercise because of this, but it also means you can't keep playing for very long. --- I'll probably setup the system again when Fallout 4 VR comes out, I'm very excited for it.
  8. This just happened to us. I dropped a plaid shirt in the aisle at goodwill. The boyfriend and I both went down to pick it up, proceeding to headbutt eachother at the perfect angle. We both just started laughing, like a bad romantic comedy. It hurt quite a bit, and I was dazed...but not aroused. Hmm.
  9. Others have already covered it well, but... 1. Unless you've scored a killer fellowship, you have the added stress of living as a poor SOB, which most undergraduates never experience. Or you're doing it part-time while working in your career, which is a whole different animal. 2. Non-professional graduate school is training to be a researcher. Research is not easy, and the most brilliant researchers will face failure routinely. Living grant-to-grant is a brutal lifestyle.
  10. What is your gut reaction to seeing two men kissing? Don't overthink it, just tell us what chemicals your brain dumps when you first see two men kissing. Why do you react this way?
  11. The divorce in the US hovers around 50%, so we as a society are phenomenally bad at relationships. This manifests here routinely.
  12. Do it right. https://m.soundcloud.com/royalty-free-audio-loops
  13. Or the 30th time...
  14. I live with a man. We're in love. We have sex almost daily. I don't need *you* to speak for me. And I would enjoy hearing about my "high horse" and "pedestal" I've allegedly enjoyed. I'm tired of upper-middle-class white women and their pussy-whipped boyfriends pretending they give a damn about me via Tumblr crusades. As are my friends.