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  1. Hello

    Where are you?

    1. toki


      hopefully he's on vacay to the new year!~ :heart: 

    2. Sarea


      thank you for your reply, Toki. 

      i hope he's fine. 



  2. Good work by the police up in your neighborhood.

  3. There's no war like a family war!
  4. I forgot to mention the pleasure of leading a witchhunt.
  5. It's all the guilt-tripping and public shaming, but none of the holidays or fun afterlife. Nor do they ever address life's big questions. Pretty shitty religion, imo. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Nobody is created equal: this country was founded on a fantasy.
  6. Logging off for now. Have a good day at work, or whatever you've got lined up today. ;)

  7. Thanks for reinforcing my point.
  8. "Reversible" hormone therapy strong enough to halt puberty...would probably, in my professional opinion, dramatically increase the risk of cancers later in life. Any time you alter the body's growth and regeneration systems, you increase cancer risk. Of course, since this is a new treatment methodology, we have no idea what the long-term repercussions of pediatric use of these drugs are. They're guinea pigs. Perhaps you should run the longitudinal study: dose a few hundred kids and see how many survive versus a control group? --- I'm all for supporting LGBT youth, believe me, they need the support. But I oppose the effort to throw pharmaceuticals at every condition out there, especially in children far too young to understand the risks.
  9. +1 It seems very wrong to start radically altering a child's biochemistry based upon what clothing an 8-year-old wants to wear, especially considering that we do not know the long-term effects of such radical treatment at a young age. It's not like otherwise healthy children routinely get complicated genetics and hormone testing. --- At that age they cannot even give informed consent, because they lack the basic education necessary to understand what the treatments involve. They're glorified guinea pigs.
  10. You're probably too young to realize that human memory sucks. Really sucks. If you don't document what you've done, where you've been, it won't be long before you forget your own past. Hell, I take lots of photos during the funnest times of my life, and even now I have a hard time remembering what they were from just five years ago. We don't know what happened before the invention of writing, pre-history, because nobody can remember. If it wasn't documented, it was forgotten. --- When did I graduate college? Who was my first crush? Where did I live? Who did I hang out with? What cities did I see? When and how did I meet my SO? So much is now just a foggy blur. My collection of photos helps jog my memory, enabling me to relive my forgotten past, at least in my imagination.
  11. Loneliness is painful, and gets worse the older you grow. Solitary confinement is a form of torture they use on prisoners, after all.
  12. My, aren't we an entitled princess? ...... added to this post 1 minute later: In Korea, people pay to listen to people slurping noodles loudly on youtube.
  13. I can see why all the other urologists recommended him...he's pioneering organ-sparing techniques to remove tumors from the male urogenital tract. He didn't mince words: my procedure was the urology version of brain surgery, and my family should expect it to take 5-12 hours. They don't have surgeries more complicated and risky than RPLND, but he laughed off the risk. You're lucky to have 1-2 doctors per state who are familiar with the procedure. --- Are you saying I still have a decade to make a splash in my field? I better get cracking!
  14. My body is pretty flexible, seeing everything as potential mating material. Very distracting: during college I was the guy who alternated between uncontrollable fantasies about the middle-aged professor, then those three hotties in the front row, then the person serving fries in the cafeteria, then that Russian down the hall...just continually unless I masturbated heavily to drain the hormones. It's not as bad now that I'm older, but I've pretty much unwittingly imagined myself pounding roughly 95% of my co-workers during long shifts. Basically if it's got two legs, a butt I can grab with both hands, and a usable hole...my body wants to go there. Of course, just because my body wants to...my brain and emotions often say otherwise. Not doing that 50-year-old professor, not doing the co-workers, not doing my bosses, not doing the grocery cashier.
  15. The crack surgeon who helped save my life, flawlessly pulling off an extremely difficult 5-hour procedure against my aorta and spine, was barely 40 and already the Director of Urology Residency at my university. I expected I might lose a kidney, or need my aorta reconstructed. I didn't even need a blood transfusion, despite half of my organs being lifted out of my body. --- Half of my bone marrow team, who routinely cut bone marrow out of patients, are not even 30 (myself included). It's the future. Our patients often question if we're still students, we're way too young to be doing this, until they realize we've done it hundreds of times.