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  1. Oh! I'm laughing out loud, for real. Not the first time I have counted, and got it wrong. I published senryus and short verse (no more than 10 lines); that's all I had to get right: 10 lines or less! And not often, because I didn't usually publish 'specifics' like haiku, senryu. Sorry!

  2. It depends on what your specs are but I played the Witcher on a 6 year old Thinkpad and it had some slowdown in some parts but otherwise was very playable. Looked great.

  3. Fair points. I think building on the tv show helped it tremendously for me, so they didn't have to spend too much time setting up the background. Felt immersed almost from the get-go. There were 3-4 protagonists at any one time but I enjoyed that, gave quite a varied perspective of one house's troubles so each scenario never got stale. The lack of control is pretty much par for the course in that universe, they don't have much to bargain with after all. Tyrion is awesome but not in the game sadly, he doesn't do much. I played the demo of episode 1, liked it but will probably wait for more episodes (or all) to come out before starting. Couple of months between each one is just too long and I'll have forgotten the story by then. Isn't replayability kind of the crux of the entire game? Thinking of playing The Witcher but I have a Mac so it'll look pretty shit. I'll probably try Tales from the Borderlands next.
  4. All according to plan.

  5. Look what you made me do!

  6. Finished Dragon Age: Inquisition about two weeks ago, after around 100 hours of playtime. Completed it on Nightmare, god that was a bitch in the earlier levels. Such satisfaction though after defeating that final high dragon solo with Vivienne. Didn't like previous DA games but this one really hooked me. Played Telltale's Game of Thrones. I was quite sceptical initially but tried it because I loved The Walking Dead. Surprisingly good, seems like it managed to capture the GoT-ness of the show. I only wish each episode wasn't so short, burned through them rather quickly. That led to playing The Wolf Among Us. Again I enjoyed myself thoroughly, the story and characters were enjoyable, though the ending fight was a little subpar. Telltale doesn't do action sequences that well, it seems. Nothing new to play now while Telltale makes GoT Episode 4 (and hopefully TWD Season 3), so I'm just replaying Bastion for fun.
  7. That's the only reason I came back.

  8. I got a thrill, mild but a thrill when I saw it was you, really you, and not some newer kid running around in a similar suit with a cigar. :)

  9. How are you treating life, GD?

  10. Finished The Walking Dead S2E1. Ok start and some nice little twists but felt a bit weak. Clem still makes basic mistakes even after all she's been through with Lee. Still looking forward to the rest though. Played Shadowrun Returns on a friend's recommendation, really liked the atmosphere and Fallouty combat. Finished Dead Man's Switch, looking forward to try some user-created stuff, maybe even make my own.
  11. There is probably more truth in that rumor than you realize. I'm sure I frustrate the actuaries at work.

  12. I would submit that it is not a choice, but rather a strong inclination that can be altered with substantial effort.